Just Want You – [YNW BSlime]

YNW BSlime has been taking the hip-hop community by storm this year, seemingly coming with new records + visuals every other week or so, and tonight YNW BSlime is back with his latest effort “Just Want You”. YNW BSlime has been making some unbelievably good music for considering he is still just barely a teenager, he’s paving a way for not only himself but for many others, slowly but surely becoming a voice of the youth for his age bracket. For this new music video BSlime connected with video director Edgar Esteves and together these two made something to be proud of, get in tune with one of Atlanta’s rising artists by pressing play below.

Stop Playing – [YNW BSlime]

I feel like within a matter of weeks I have watched YNW BSlime grow a tremendous amount as an artist, he has kept his foot on the gas when it comes to releasing new material rapidly, and this evening he has returned with his latest record titled “Stop Playing”. YNW BSlime seems to master the ability to create ear pleasing melodies, especially considering how young he is he will have some time to grow both as a person and artist before he fully masters his craft, but you’d be crazy to say the kid doesn’t have potential. Peep this brand new song below and if you like it then go ahead and give it a like on YouTube. produced by Ey3zlowbeatz

Slime Dreams – [YNW BSlime]

YNW BSlime has quickly been becoming a frequently featured artist on our website so far this month, and today he is back with his brand new music video for “Slime Dreams”. The teenage rap sensation has been climbing up the ranks in his short yet promising music career thus far, but with this being his first official music video release, it’s clear that this is going to speed things up for him. It has already racked up over 300,000 views in just five hours, so I can only image that it might hit a million by today or tomorrow, which I don’t believe anyone that young is accomplishing at this point. Check out YNW BSlime’s brand new music video below an if you like what you see then go ahead and follow him on Soundcloud here!

Baby Slime Freestyle – [YNW BSlime]

YNW BSlime has been going crazy so far in 2019, he is making his return to our website with the second great offering this week, this time around it comes in the form of “Baby Slime Freestyle”. For being such a young kid YNW BSlime has some unbelievable talent, it makes sense though since he comes from a family that has platinum plaques, and I’m sure by the time it’s said and done YNW BSlime might even get one himself. He is wise for his years and you can see that in not only his music but in his demeanor as well, this new release is a banger and I am eager to see what else he drops this year, but for now peep this new song below. produced by ey3z low beatz

Hot Sauce – [YNW BSlime]

Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed this morning, I stumbled upon a young artist by the name of YNW BSlime and his new single, “Hot Sauce.” Taken back by the song’s soaring deliveries and melodic vocal runs, I immediately began to ponder why the budding talent had the infamous “YNW” tag in front of his name, but upon doing some research, I soon realized that the BSlime is none other than YNW Melly’s little brother. Needless to say, musical talent clearly runs in the family, as BSlime’s comfortability and charismatic presence on the mic spans far beyond his young age. On “Hot Sauce,” he exudes braggadocio with ease, and even more impressive, his ability to balance the pitch and tone of his deliveries to match the production is something that I’d expect from an artist of far greater experience. With that said, in just about every facet imaginable, BSlime is a character and an artist who refuses to be defined by his young age, but rather, by his broad palette of talents. “Hot Sauce” is sure to attest, so give the new single a listen below and be on the lookout for more from one of rap’s youngest and most impressive …