Watch Curren$y’s brand new interview with Drink Champs

Curren$y is one of my favorite rappers out and an OG in the music community, so I always tend to watch his new interviews, but his new interview with Drink Champs might be his best interview to date. NORE & DJ EFN asked Curren$y about plenty of topics including his Jet Life label, how he created his own strain of marijuana, the new generation of rappers, New Orleans, No Limit Records, Kanye West, Cash Money Records, Dame Dash, his cult-like fan base, independent versus working with major label, when he first met Smoke DZA, starting a podcast of his own, YBN Cordae & Shoreline Mafia, New Orleans, owning a burger restaurant, psychedelics, his friendship with Wiz Khalifa, funny stories from Jamaica and so much more. Watch this awesome new interview below!    

Something Else – [Famous Dex]

Famous Dex seems to be slowly but surely returning to the spotlight with all of his most recent releases. The Chicago hitmaker is back once again with an entertaining visual for his track “Something Else”. This video has a sort of record on the run look, with a few different backdrop changes and some excellent color manipulation throughout. The song itself is without a doubt an absolute bop and brings me back to the days when I first got into Dex. The simple beat, full of distorted 808’s and simple synths give Dex room to do what he does best and bring the energy like no one else in the music industry can. His world play, although not super intricate, is a spectacle in itself considering the talents he brings to the table that other people couldn’t replicate even if they tried. With this being the first follow up release to his track “Proofread” featuring Wiz Khalifa that he dropped last week, I think some of the questions I posed in that article have been answered. He wasn’t necessarily changing his entire image and sound; he was just experimenting with it. “Something Else” takes him back to his roots, I’m …

Billie Jean – [G Perico] x [Wiz Khalifa]

G Perico is certainly no stranger to our website, and tonight he is back with arguably his best release to date, a brand new record titled “Billie Jean” featuring the legend Wiz Khalifa! I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I pressed play but I was quickly greeted with a familiar classic melody from Michael Jackson, but taken to another level to create a glorious overall instrumental, and G Perico damn near made my jaw drop when he was cruising through his contribution. The feature verse from the Pittsburgh OG toward the back end of this track complimented what Perico was able to do perfectly, together they displayed great chemistry + made a memorable record that is sure to get stuck in your head for the remainder of the night. Stream this brand new tune below! Produced by CBeatz

Proofread – [Famous Dex] ft. [Wiz Khalifa]

Famous Dex is back with a new sound on his new single entitled “Proofread”. He recruited the calm, cool, and collected legend Wiz Khalifa to accompany him on this new track, and let me just say, he fits the vibe without a doubt. The smooth and melodic production allows Dex to effortlessly slide his way through the hook and first verse. He just has a calmness to him in this song that I’ve never heard before as he manipulates the autotune on his vocals to perfection. It’s almost like he wanted to match Wiz’s persona but give it his own twist, which only Dex could do. Wiz comes in for the second verse, delivering care-free yet calculated lyrics as good as he has been for years. If this is a single off of his highly anticipated upcoming album, I’m excited. Whether it’s a one-off track and the rest on the project return to his off-the-walls characteristics, or the whole album will fit this vibe, I’m here for it. At some point in every artist’s career, they face a point where a change is inevitable. Is this the new Famous Dex that has been somewhat quiet in recent months, or is …

Paid For It – [Wiz Khalifa] x [Chevy Woods]

Just a couple days ago when I covered Wiz Khalifa’s last release I ended the article saying that I expected him to drop more music soon, and sure enough today he is back with his brand new offering titled “Paid For It” featuring his right-hand man Chevy Woods. Wiz started this one off of the right note with a killer verse leading into a super melodic hook, before getting right back to the raps, paving the way for Chevy! By the time that Chevy Woods jumped on the beat I was on the edge of my seat eager to see what he would do, he casually stepped up to the plate and hit a home run to close out a great song! Wiz isn’t going to stop applying the pressure it seems, so if you weren’t already, make sure you follow him here to keep up with his future content.

I Can’t Stay – [Wiz Khalifa]

Wiz Khalifa is one of my favorite artists of all time, so when you consider that he has been releasing massive amounts of music these past two months, you already know that I have been in heaven! The latest record comes in the form of “I Can’t Stay”, an atmospheric + soothing track that finds Wiz singing an addicting hook, and then spitting at rapid speeds during his first verse, before slowing it down toward the back end of this one. I would consider this joint yet another great listen from Wiz, he has been putting out bangers one after another, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put another song out this week at his rate. Stream this brand new song on Soundcloud below!

Reevaluate – [Wiz Khalifa] Ft. [Kris Hollis]

Another day, another brand new record from Pittsburgh’s pride & joy, Wiz Khalifa! At this point, I am just expecting new heat from him daily because he has delivered a whopping nearly thirty new records in the past month, and this new release titled “Reevaluate” is the latest of the bunch. This song was produced by the legend Sledgren who has had a hand in arguably some of Wiz’s biggest releases to date, and they re-created some of that magic on this new joint, with some help from the talented Kris Hollis, of course. You can stream this new track via Soundcloud below, and keep an eye out for more new material from Wiz, we all can guess that more is coming soon.

Hardly Ever Home – [Wiz Khalifa]

Can we please talk about how Wiz Khalifa has been applying some major pressure the past month? I thought it was impressive a couple weeks ago that he had been dropping track after track, but it’s clear that he has no intention in slowing down, he has been steadily releasing more heat + today he is back with his latest of the bunch titled “Hardly Ever Home”. From the title you can probably assume what this one was about, it’s a laid back + chill beat from DP beats and Wiz just ate it up, talking his shit for three minutes straight! I enjoyed this new joint and I believe that you will too, press play below!

Everything’s Everything – [Wiz Khalifa]

Wiz Khalifa has been super generous to his fans this week by blessing them with a handful of new records nad just today he returned with the lastest of the bunch, a smooth track called “Everything’s Everything” featuring Deji. Once I heard this spacey instrumental from Jerm I liked where this one was heading, and then when Wiz jumped on the beat with a somewhat quiet yet melodic & effective flow, leading perfectly into a killer verse from his close homie Deji. Stream this brand new joint below and if you enjoy it then visit Wiz’s Soundcloud to peep all of the rest of the music he has recently dropped.

Genesis – [Young Deji]

If you’ve read any of my writing over the past few months, it’d be no secret that I am a big fan of the music coming out of Houston, Texas. With such a deep history of producing some of the genre’s most unique talent, they always seem to be new artists popping up all time that redefine the culture in a major way. An artist that fits that description perfectly is Young Deji, the creator of The Woah. His music might not be what you expect with that on his resume, he has an insanely smooth voice that is able to create both iconic R&B and intricate wordplay. Young Deji released his sophomore project Genesis the other week, the Houston artist has truly leveled up in terms of sound. This project is the perfect evolution from his FunPlex mixtape that dropped earlier this year. From the intro track “Sar”, Deji’s soulful sound can almost be compared to Steve Lacy with a heavy 808. Wiz Khalifa has heavily cosigned Deji, appearing on four out of twelve tracks on the project. Finding talented voices like Ty$, its no surprise Wiz would tap into Deji’s massive potential. Deji also shows his ability to switch things up and spit …