Big Brain Man – [Whu Else]

Whu Else is an artist who I have had the pleasure of discovering on Spotify today, and because of that, he is making his initial appearance on our platform with his new project titled “Big Brain Man”. This project is nine songs in length and it contains plenty of interesting sounds from Whu Else, he jumped on a variety of different beats + used his unique voice to create ear-pleasing songs that make him stand out from anyone else. The best way that I would try to explain Whu Else, is it sounds like hip-hop elements + pop music + some alternative indie sounds just ran right into each other at 1000 miles per hour, and his sound is the outcome. Stream this new tape below and if you enjoy it then tell a friend about Whu Else, he’s still a rising act so he can use all of the exposure that he can get!

Fox 5 – [Lil Keed] ft. [Gunna]

At this point, it’s almost obsessive how often I write about new Lil Keed offerings. Ever since I was put onto him a couple years ago, he’s been one of my favorite rising talents to listen to and just the fact that he can make both trap anthems and love ballads brings a heavy-hitting dynamic that most artists just simply don’t possess. I’m not shocked at his success in the slightest of course because when you have someone as legendary as Young Thug as your mentor to guide you through the industry, you pretty much have nowhere to go but up. This is as obvious as ever when looking at the trajectory his career has taken, as he took the scene by storm a few years back and has just became more successful with every single move he has made. When it comes to Gunna, his dominance within the Rap scene is on another level than pretty much everyone else and although it doesn’t seem to be too difficult to come across a Gunna feature no matter how big or small you might be, he manages to shut things down and stop the show with every new verse he drops. …

Nothing To Lose – [Black Fortune]

When I think of Black Fortune I tend to think of high-energy, brash bangers a la his last LL feature “Keith Sweat” or my personal favorite “Katrina.” His latest release, “Nothing To Lose,” caught me off guard. The DMV emcee showcases a different style, but has, nonetheless, earned more than a few replays. On the first single off his forthcoming album, OSSHLORD, Fortune trades in his boisterous approach for a more melodic style. With a sung rapped style, he floats atop a whurring backdrop from Lil Rich. Even with a more melodic, pillowed sound, Fortune keeps it gritty with his dark, vivid wordplay. It may be a different pace, but it’s equally as potent. Excited to see what else he has lined up for OSSHLORD.