Watch Action Bronson’s brand new interview with Sway

Action Bronson is one of my favorite people not only because his great music but just his all around energy & outlook on life, and he recently stopped by Sway In The Morning for a dope new conversation. You will find Sway, Heather and Tracy asking him about tons of stuff including his brand new book Stoned Beyond Belief, being a multifaceted individual, his new tattoos, favorite cartoon characters, his musical endeavors, his last album White Bronco, his relationship with Vice coming to an end, his favorite type of chef knife, DMT and he even answers some questions about cooking and making edibles. Take a few minutes of your day to dive into this awesome new interview below.

Action Bronson: An Independent Soul

Photography // Tom Gould And just to clarify what you might have heard, I never left these dice I throw ‘em until there’s nothin’ left in life. Penned in the opening lines of his brand new album, White Bronco, Action Bronson’s latest full-length effort is an untamed return to independence. It’s ferocious in spirit, and, by the metric of Bronson’s back catalog, a delivery of cheeky, raw character that roams free in the mind of a true renaissance man. Blow after blow, Bronson draws upon undeterred charisma to set the tone of the album’s slow-burning heartbeat, and the end result is a testament to the unhindered vision of a man who never has, and never will, let business take precedence over soul. In lyrical moments such as the aforementioned, an excerpt from the album’s opener, “Dr. Kimble” — Bronson quickly solidifies his stature as one of today’s master showmen simply by leaving it all on the court. Start to finish, the album captures the energy of a glorious entrance and enchanting exit, and in such a manner, it finds an eccentric voice in the art of communicating identity through music. Accordingly, Bronson is restless and unapologetic when voicing his definition …

Watch Action Bronson’s New Interview on Power 106

Fresh off of the release of his stellar, true-to-self, hyper-creative new project, White Bronco, Action Bronson is free as ever and making some of the best music of his career. In order to provide some context for the project and show how he’s been living as of late, the Queens native is here on our pages today with a brand new interview alongside Power 106. Bronson really lets it out in this one, speaking on the process of creating his new album, his relationship with Viceland, changing his diet, food, Queens, his more recent artistic ventures outside of music, and much, much more. As always, the natural charisma of the White Bronco artist makes this an entertaining watch for new and old fans alike, so be sure to show some love and watch the video below. Lastly, if you haven’t already, make sure you give Bronson’s latest full-length a listen and stream the album here!

Watch Action Bronson’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Action Bronson has been one of my favorite rappers for the past few years, and today he is making his way back on our pages with his brand new interview with Hot 97! You will find Ebro, Peter, Laura and Action speaking about plenty of interesting subjects such as New York sports, his single “White Bronco”, his forthcoming album, Vice, looking forward to a new chapter in his life, working on movies, what movies he has been watching on flights, his head tattoo, being a parent, considering himself to be a lowkey quincy jones and more. Check out this awesome new conversation below!

Prince Charming – [Action Bronson]

Mr. Wonderful himself has returned with the second single from his upcoming independent album, White Bronco. His newest single, “Prince Charming,” exudes the charisma and style Bronson has become renowned for. The new single comes off the heels of his previously released single “White Bronco.” A soul sample propels the Knxwledge produced track forward creating an airy pocket for Action to creatively maneuver through. In two verses Action delivers savage raps about his lavish lifestyle, foreign cars and his self-discovered sixth sense. The closing verse features subtle call-backs to his previous track, “Descendant of the Stars” as Bronson raps about reincarnation and his intergalactic capabilities. This track was made to be listened to while in the whip with the windows down. Listen to Action Bronson’s new song “Prince Charming” below and tell us what you hope to hear from his new album in the comment section!

White Bronco – [Action Bronson]

Newly independent and ready to take on the world with his new album, White Bronco, Action Bronson is a hot topic at the moment, recently dropping off the album’s lead single and title track. Today, he’s here to punctuate this momentum with a complementary visual offering for the song, taking to a trippy approach to illustrate the jazz-inspired melodies and deeply soulful deliveries. Full of ever-changing colors and mesmerizing imagery, this video seems to place a direct focus on the ability of “White Bronco” to transport listeners into an entirely new world. Per usual, Bronson communicates captivating personality through the eyes of the song’s graceful presence, and the visual companion arrives just in time to magnify this impact. White Bronco is about to be a standout project of 2018, so get ready by clicking play on the brand new set of visuals from Queens’ own at the link below! Created by Rik Cordero & Action Bronson Produced by Daringer & The Special Victims Unit

White Bronco – [Action Bronson]

Mr. Wonderful himself, Action Bronson, took to Instagram last night to announce the release of his first single from his upcoming independent album, White Bronco. The last we heard from Bronson was back in 2017 when he released, Blue Chips 7000 which marked the end of his deal with Atlantic Records. Now an independent artist, Action is eager to release new music more frequently beginning with the title track from his upcoming project. His new song embodies everything we love about the multitalented MC, witty punch-lines, pop culture references and braggadocios bars. Daringer and The Special Victims Unit provide a smoked-out jazz infused production for Action Bronson’s classic cadence. This is an exciting, cinematic first debut into Bronson’s upcoming project. Needless to say, I am beyond ready for whatever he offers up next. Give Action Bronson’s new song a listen below and share your thoughts in the comments!

The Hopeless Romantic – [Action Bronson]

Few producer-artist duos compare to the soulful nature that Alchemist and Action Bronson bring to the table, and today, they’re here to remind fans of their chemistry with a new track titled “The Hopeless Romantic”. The song actually comes off of the Alchemists’ new Lunch Meat EP, setting the tone off on a powerful tone with its tremendous bouts of brass and pure soul as the two blend with ease. Once complemented with Bronson’s recognizable vocals, obscure references, and illustrative lyrics, “The Hopeless Romantic” is taken to new heights. Aside from the song itself, just recently, Action Bronson also announced his departure from Atlantic Records as well as a forthcoming mixtape entitled White Bronco, and with this, the stocks are continuing to rise for the Queens native, he and Alchemist are still on fire together, and “The Hopeless Romantic” is a masterpiece. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!