On Me – [DCG Brothers]

I hope the music community has been paying close attention to what’s been going on in Chicago because we are having a massive amount of talented artists popping up left and right. There are several young acts who I believe have the potential to be superstars such as Serena Isioma and OG Stevo, but two of the acts that I am most excited about are DCG Bsavv and DCG Shun. These two brothers might as well be twins because they are so close in age, but they are two of the most energetic + superior rappers to come out of the city in recent memory. Their music videos are always top tier while their music never seems to disappoint, they are a promising young duo who I believe will be superstars someday soon. We also have the DCG Brothers performing at our Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash music festival in a few months here in Chicago, you can purchase tickets to that here.

Be Right Back – [Piwa]

The other day my brother Eric was telling me about an artist named Piwa, he suggested I listened to her catalog, and this morning I spent a solid thirty minutes listening to her records on Spotify. Today, Piwa is making her debut on our website with her latest offering titled, “Be Right Back”. Out of the handful of songs that she has available on her Spotify, this record was the standout track, in my opinion, it’s unbelievably smooth + sonically pleasing. Piwa is an artist that I am going to be keeping a tab on moving forward, she possesses a ton of potential, and I am excited to see her thrive musically. Hopefully at some point this summer I can bring her by the Lyrical Lemonade office for a Lemonade Stand interview, but until that point, get familiar with her by pressing play below!

A Beginner’s Guide To NYC Sample Drill

Sampling isn’t a new thing, and it surely isn’t new to hip-hop. In the 90s, during what some would consider the “golden age” of hip-hop, producers were flipping the soul records they grew up with into cutting edge rap records. But as time went on and hip-hop grew, the laws surrounding the use of other artists’ music for sampling grew increasingly restrictive, and the connections and money needed to successfully clear samples partially closed that window for smaller, independent artists. As a result, some producers even made it a point to make sample-free music, reflective of the general attitude toward the arduous process and legal implications of sample-clearing. There’s a new sound taking over New York right now, though, unconcerned with any of this. A wave of sample-based production is happening all over the city, pairing classic songs of all genres with NYC’s omnipresent drill sound – a lethal combination of hard-nosed drum patterns and soaring 808s with colorful arrays of samples, from rock songs to soul songs and everything in between. Artists are ignoring the “red tape” of sample clearance and releasing new music at breakneck speed, encouraging others to do the same. As a result, an entire world of sound …

Ski (Remix) – [DC the Don]

Just a few weeks ago Young Thug’s 300 entertainment imprint Young Stoner Life dropped off their highly anticipated collaborative album entitled Slime Language 2. With some absolutely massive features and some even more unbelievable verses from the label’s stand-out stars, it’s hard to choose a number one highlight, however, it’s pretty clear that with Thugger’s “Ski” challenge dance going viral, that might just be able to take the cake. While all of these other rappers, artists, and fans are making videos dancing along to the song in their own unique and creative ways, LA by way of Milwaukee artist DC the Don decided to kick things up a notch and create an entire remix of the record, completely outdoing anyone else’s efforts thus far. Although his sound is much more rock/punk-like than the original song, it adds an awesome differentiation to the track while DC also shows off his unbelievable musical skills. Let’s just say, just when you thought the song was being overplayed due to the fact that you saw it and heard it everywhere you looked, DC put such a spin on it that it almost sounds like an entirely new record, and that’s something I’m beyond grateful …

Behind The Scenes of SoFaygo’s “Knock Knock” Video

Late last night we released SoFaygo’s amazing new music video for “Knock Knock”, it’s one of the most special projects we have worked on all year long. In my seven years at Lyrical Lemonade, I have witnessed a lot of good music videos get created by Cole, but this video was easily some of his best work yet. This was a very intricate and detailed music video, it took a lot of hard work from Cole + the LL video production crew, and it made for a hell of a visual. Today, we released the behind-the-scenes footage of the music video on our Lyrical Lemonade 2 YouTube channel, and it gave an in-depth look as to how this masterpiece was created. There’s a reason why this series is the fastest-growing one on LL2, get in-tune with how some of your favorite videos get pieced together by pressing play below!

Knock Knock – [SoFaygo]

We are now five months into 2021, and we here at Lyrical Lemonade have released some music videos that we are extremely proud of since January, but today we are releasing arguably our favorite visual that Cole has shot this year. Cole + SoFaygo have been teasing the fact that they worked together on social media for a few weeks now, and just a few moments ago, this all-star duo unleashed the new music video for “Knock Knock”. This song is obviously SoFaygo’s hit record so far, it’s already accumulated thirty-two million streams on Spotify alone, and this sensational visual is only going to help this song reach more + more ears around the world. The concept of this music video is insane, shout out to the LL video production crew for making this masterpiece. When I think about the future generation of hip-hop, it appears as if SoFaygo is going to be one of the leaders of this new class, he’s unbelievably creative + talented, not to mention that he’s not even twenty years old. Take some time out of your Monday to watch this brand new visual below, and if you like what you see, then share this …

Action Baby – [Action Pack] x [NeekoBaby]

In the midst of Memphis becoming arguably the biggest rap city on the planet right now, several artists have been excluded from receiving the national attention and mainstream flowers that others have gotten and unfortunately several of the rappers who helped heat the Memphis underground up over the past few years are still searching for their breakthrough moment, and someone who has been right on the verge of this for two years now is Action Pack who has continually released a prolific amount of music and coupled it with many videos and without question is the owner of several regional hits at this point. He is looking poised to take over now and just dropped probably my second favorite track ever from him titled “Action Baby”, only behind the Pooh Shiesty assisted “Steppin‘” that dropped last year, but instead of going the melodic route as he did on the song with Shiesty, he instead has pulled yet another flow out of his hat and skated all over the NeekoBaby production. Action Pack’s charisma is undeniable and he certainly has a fairly tight grip on his hometown and is truly only one song away from really taking his career to the …

Premiere: HAKEEM – [2219 Lee] ft. [Mali Smith] [Cash Cobain]

In accordance with the rise of social media as the predominant way for artists to promote their work, the snippet game has become crucial in building an audience. Post 20 seconds of an unreleased song – the most quotable part, the part when the beat drops, etc. – and if it’s captivating and brief enough, people will want to hear more. When done right, snippets create demand, which was exactly the case when this snippet from 2219 Lee, Mali Smith, and Cash Cobain caught my ear on Instagram. Hailing from New York, all three artists are part of a collective called MHPG SOUND, which is characterized by its “SOUND OR DROWN” slogan. The group has built out a style that’s buzzing around New York right now, especially seen in Cash Cobain’s recent growth with cosigns from Drake via IG live and Lil Yachty, to name a few. MHPG’s latest release, “HAKEEM,” is the group’s best work to date. Built on the simple-yet-effective foundation of an ominous melody and hard-nosed drill percussion, “HAKEEM” is the kind of straight-forward release, packed with signature New York charisma and quotable lyrics, that cements the excitement around such a promising collective of talent. With lines like “Cash Cobain …

An Endless Cycle – [Mon Rovia]

Mon Rovia is an artist that I have been getting to know more and more throughout the past few months, and today he is finding himself back on our website with his latest music video for “An Endless Cycle”. I can’t stress enough how important good music videos are for new upcoming artists, it’s a crucial way to make yourself stand out from the mass amount of other artists that are coming out with new material on a day to day basis, and from the visuals that I’ve watched of his so far as well as this new joint, Mon Rovia excels in this space. Not that he needed to stand out any more than he does already, he’s a unique + gifted creative whose music puts him in a class of his own, the visuals are just a nice cherry on top. Mon Rovia is someone that I am going to be keeping a close tab on throughout these next few years, I am eager to hear the music that awaits us. Watch this new music video below!

On N’ On – [Vince Ash]

Just a couple of weeks ago, the homie put me onto an artist by the name of Vince Ash, and after doing a little digging, I realized that he was from Hammond, Indiana which isn’t far from Chicago at all. This surprised me because he was so close, yet I do feel like there are so many talents hailing from Indiana that are overshadowed by their big-city neighbor, but that doesn’t mean that Vince and any other artist should go unnoticed because he’s making some incredible music right across the border. Back in June of last year, Vince released his EP Vito which boasted 8 tracks that lasted just under 15 minutes long, and while this might be a relatively short project, it definitely seems to give you some much-welcomed insight into who he is as a person and all of the skills that he brings to the table. Although I want to give it some more run-throughs before I give an official thought on it, I can tell you without a doubt that it’s worth checking out, and even if you’re late to the party as I am, you don’t want to sleep any longer. When it comes to …