Bad Trip – [Lil Blessin]

In my own opinion, if you’re from Chicago making music, it doesn’t matter if you’re world-renown, locally recognized, or even just making music for your own enjoyment. I just feel like there’s something in the air here that makes these talents built different, and while there are certain styles that seem to get much more recognition than others, there are just way too many creative individuals here that make this place one of the most diverse music destinations in the history of the industry. The massive stars we all know and love are great, obviously, but it’s the local artists who are really innovating and making this city’s music scene as vibrant as it is, and as exciting as it has been since the awe-inspiring renaissance that Chicago music seemed to go through over a decade ago. One of the most popular names in the city is Lil Blessin, a spitter who shows his Westside roots through and through within everything he drops, and he is literally the poster child for what the Windy City represents in terms of diverse soundscapes and genre-bending offerings. Back in April, Blessin dropped his track “Bad Trip” which appears to be his first release …

The Daniel Price Interview: Part 2

If you’re reading this, congratulations; You’ve made it to the second and final part of the Daniel Price Interview. On Tuesday, we left off chatting with Daniel about his upbringing and today, we dive back in to the conversation. Just a week ago, Daniel released his highly anticipated project called, “Peaking”, which has been met with nothing but positive reviews. A body of work this good though doesn’t just appear out of thin air, which is why for part two, we are going to uncover what makes Daniel the artist and musical mind that he is. The Daniel Price Interview Part two is now live, enjoy! — Sam: So tell me this…What do you make music for? In part one, we left off and you alluded to the importance of being able to share your perspective with others, but what do you truly make music for? Daniel: This recent music is more so storytelling, some of it is autobiographical, some of it features things that never happened, but it’s just a good story that I think people need to hear. Overall, just trying to implement what my mom implemented in me. Self belief…thinking for yourself and just not having any …

Feelings – [Jay45]

The sample-drill movement heads across the Hudson River from NYC into Jersey City as Jay45 debuts in our pages today with his new video for his track “Feelings” that flips a classic 2010’s pop-hit into the raucous backdrop for Jay45 to skate over with his rabid flow and confrontational energy. His lyrics are motivational and menacing, equal parts ambitious and ambivalent, making it easy for his music to resonate with the youth in his community and beyond who are feeling energized and driven without healthy means to confront these feelings and instead lash-out against real or perceived obstacles. Jay45 has been one of the most notable rappers in Jersey City for years now, having made his name throughout a number of different music videos, giving his city something to be proud of and hold on to as Jersey City finishes its transition from being a gritty, industrial zone of tight-knit neighborhoods to a bona-fide major city with skyscrapers and gentrification to boot. I look froward to hearing more from Jay45 and if you liked this track I would also recommend checking out his song and video for “Peter Pan.”

Rio Otis – [YSN Bario]

Dallas, Texas’s sample-king YSN Bario lands in our pages again today with his latest Otis Redding infused visual for the aptly titled “Rio Otis” brought to life with the help of DamnBenn who handled the direction of the video. This follows his Rio Prescott mixtape that first landed him in our pages this past March and Bario has remained consistent in the meantime as well, stoking his fans with a series of videos to keep engagement high between projects. Bario snaps from start to finish, offering different glimpses into his personality between bits of menacing, flexing, and shit-talking, making for quite an engaging visual. I look forward to hearing what sample Bario takes on next and I hope we get another project from him before 2022 comes to a close.

AMG TAPES – [pradaplz]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is Pradaplz with their new project AMG TAPES which is a comprehensive experience at fifteen-tracks which gives Prada ample opportunity to show-off his versatility and take on a variety of instrumental styles. His beat selection is quite impressive, creating a coherent but assorted grouping of sounds that vary in pace but all allow Prada to float nonchalantly over them. My favorite tracks from AMG TAPES are “Saks Fifth” “AMG High” and “My Omen” but honestly from top-to-bottom this project is quite consistent and I look forward to seeing Prada bring some of these songs to life with videos. Hopefully AMG TAPES is not the last project we get from pradaplz before the year’s end and I hope he continues the consistency he has been approaching his craft with.

Magnus Mason Drops Debut Album “People Always Told Me”

Born and raised in South Germany, Magnus Mason is becoming a familiar face in the music industry. Since childhood, he has been working on his talents and building a gift for contemporary hip-hop beats and melodic trap melodies. A multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, guitar, and keyboard, Magnus has many skills under his belt. After being introduced to Hip-hop at the age of 12, he found his purpose and decided to pursue his music career. Magnus taught himself the English language by watching Youtube videos until he fully understood the context. Five years later, Magus has gained over 300,000 streams and received co-signs from the likes of Summer Walker and The Game. This summer, he released his latest project “People Always Told Me” with 16 tracks for his fans to enjoy. “My favorite song is weightless and people always tell me,” He stated. “Both beats I had for 3 or 4 years, so I put a lot of time Into writing. After finally recording them after so long I was very happy with how they turned out. Also in case, I forgot what I like. I hope there’s something for everyone on the album.” This album takes a deep dive …

Nah Fr – [RariBoy Spin]

RariBoy Spin is a rapper that may have a similar sound to some of the other rappers in his lane. But visuals like these stand out and catch the eye of people who are looking at music and videos on a daily basis. The visuals for “Nah Fr” take place at the beach of all places. Far away from your typical trappers trap house or city. With RariBoy Spin doing this I’m automatically drawn in by the scenery. I think elements like having his posse behind him and the recording mic at the beach also set the tone for the song and video. “Nah Fr” just the song itself is a solid record, making the hook a catchy saying has me repeating it over and over in my head throughout the day. But, RariBoy Spin can still pop his sh*T with his verses and lyrics without it taking away from the record. Watch RariBoy Spin’s visuals for “Nah Fr” after the break.

The Daniel Price Interview: Part 1

Photo by: India Richert I think people underestimate the power of conversation. The ability to exchange ideas, thoughts and perspectives is a superpower that can often fly under the radar as something that we just do…As I get older though, I have come to the realization that some of the most impactful moments in my life, areas where I experienced the most growth, came from conversations. Whether it was someone sharing some form of wisdom or passing the time laughing about something shown on TV, conversation not only changes us, but shapes us as well. For as long as I’m writing for Lyrical Lemonade, I am going to try and place an emphasis on the importance of conversation; because without it, we are robbing ourselves from experiencing all that this life has to offer. Today, it is my pleasure to document for you all a conversation I had with one of my favorite artists. I’ve written about Daniel Price before, but never like this. The Los Angeles-based talent is coming off of a successful rollout for his most recent EP that culminated in a marvelous live performance on the historic, Love Street (attached below). In this first of its kind …

Sticky – [Drake]

There are some artists that simply transcend normal existence, and no one can really top them. I’m talking about those people who even if the president, the most famous athletes, and any other pop culture icon are in a room together, if this person is in the same room, they are going to steal the attention of anyone else in their vicinity. I feel like although there are a handful of these people, Drake has got to be one of the most dominant figures in the history of music and maybe even the world in general. At the same time, I am not going to sit here and pretend to be the biggest Drake fan cause the fact of the matter is, I’m just not. Sure, he has put out hit after hit and I do listen to a handful of his records, but I feel like he’s at the point where he could literally release a two-minute soundbite of white noise and he’d go number one for it. Which is awesome for him, don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t usually tap in with him, and I feel like that’s something that more people need to understand, but …

Salsa – [Torchh]

One of the most exciting faces in the Newark, New Jersey rap scene that I have not yet profiled is Torchh whose consistency and tenacity that he approaches music with have endeared him greatly to fans in his city who appreciate his taste in unique beats and his menacing baritone flow, not to mention the obvious sense of humor this guy has that shines through his lyrics and charismatic videos that literally show his area behind him. His most recent video incorporates another element of New Jersey and NYC culture which is the massive hispanic influence on their neighborhoods and Torchh acknowledges this by reworking a salsa track into a raucous drill track, walking into his neighborhood deli and opening with the ubiquitous request of “AYO Pop! Lemme get a bacon, egg, and cheese!” before dropping into the trunk-rattling instrumental. Rari Digital and Torchh have an obvious chemistry and every time they link up it ends up being memorable and Rari fully captures the undeniable energy of Torchh and his crew. I am sure that this will not be the last video we get from Torchh this summer and think he will be having a huge next year if he …