Veins – [Victor Internet]

In little over a year, Victor Internet (formerly VICTOR!) has gone from underground Chicago favorite to nationally recognized musician, and his buzz only continues to grow after opening for Cuco on tour earlier this year. The rising artist keeps his momentum going today with a new song and music video titled “Veins”. From the moment it starts, it’s clear that “Veins” resembles a step forward for Victor in terms of production, ushering in a more polished sound than he’s played with before. Amid the more refined production quality, though, the core characteristics of Victor’s music remain consistent. The heartfelt lyrics seem to resemble a moment of reflection on how far he’s come up to this point and the transient period he’s in now as his surroundings start to shift. The same layered harmonies, pitch shifts, and dreamy melodies that marked his earlier songs still land on “Veins”—a reassurance that his sound has only grown stronger as his popularity increases. Using the track’s emotional range as inspiration, director Matthew Castellanos and Victor give “Veins” a striking visual treatment. See the video for yourself below:

Honest -[Victor!] x [Family Reunion]

Chicago native Victor! has been making a name for himself within the city and beyond, so I was more than excited when I saw that he released a brand new song titled “Honest” featuring Family Reunion. This record is off of his this year’s CD exclusive titled “Glitter98”, and it just might be my favorite record from him to date, the way that Victor and Family Reunion complimented each other on this track was admirable. Check out this new offering below and if you like it be sure t follow Victor! on Soundcloud here.

Portra 400 – [VICTOR!]

It’s been a minute since we last heard from VICTOR!—the 17-year-old songwriter out of Chicago’s been busy headlining shows and working on his forthcoming project ‘2000’ for the past few months. This weekend, though, VICTOR! decided to gift fans with a new single released via Urban Outfitters’ new music arm. “Portra 400” encapsulates a moment of teenage nostalgia; as VICTOR! puts it, it’s “a song about wanting someone back that can only be found in old photographs”. The title itself pays homage to the longstanding color film by Kodak, getting at the ability of photographs to freeze people and emotions in time for us to revisit later on. On the production side of things, VICTOR! shows glimpses of a new direction and sound he’s been working on, incorporating Michael Jackson-inspired drums that drive the track into a steady bop. Stream “Portra 400” below, and look out for more from VICTOR! soon:


Time and again over the past year, 17-year-old VICTOR INTERNET (formerly VICTOR!] has proven his ear for bubblegum melodies that stick to the bare walls of self-produced beats. Victor follows suit on his new single “U Got My” while also delivering one of his most upbeat tracks to date. As steady, punchy drums build, he sings about watching someone he loves be with someone else, leading up to an addicting, falsetto hook. A quick survey into Victor’s Soundcloud reveals a little more about the Chicago artist’s influences, citing Childish Gambino in this song’s hashtags. The vibe is no doubt reminiscent of Gambino’s earlier work, and especially some of the more poppy tracks of his “Kauai” project. “U Got My” fits in the same sonic space as Victor’s other tracks so far, but it also shows signs of an exciting direction of his music that we will hopefully get to see more of in the future.

LL Presents: The Ric Wilson Q&A

Ric Wilson has been a frequently featured artist on our platform for quite some time now, so it was a matter of time before we brought him in for a Q&A! About a week ago Ric blessed his growing fan base with an impressive new EP titled “BANBA”, and it has been in rotation in my headphones nonstop since the drop & for good reason too. He has been putting out some good music for quite some time now but this new tape was on another level, and I picture Ric continuing to prosper & becoming one of the new faces of Chicago in the years to come. Learn a thing a two about Ric below & if you’re in the city be sure to come out to his show at Lincoln Hall this Saturday by copping a ticket here!     — EM: Before we dive into the questions, give our readers who may not be familiar with you a brief introduction of yourself.   RW: I’m Ric Wilson, I make rap music & I fake sing. — EM: What is your earliest memory of music? RW: One of my earliest memories is seeing Alicia Key’s Fallen video on MTV where …

Boy – [VICTOR!]

If you’re a diehard fan of Chicago singer-songwriter VICTOR!, it’s possible you’ve heard his new single before. Whether you’ve heard “Boy” at one of VICTOR!’s local shows or maybe off his CD-exclusive “GLITTER98” project, the song is now available in all of its glory on your favorite streaming platform. This track is undoubtedly banger material, with its minimal of production, immediately sticky melody and charming rawness. Split into two parts, the more upbeat first half basks in the light of new love as VICTOR! pens verses in awe of the girl who’s fallen into his life. The second half takes a more downtempo turn, recounting the moment the initial butterflies fade or a relationship starts to flicker away. As always, the 17-year-old self-produced musician wears his heart on his sleeve, letting his vulnerability be the driving force behind his music. VICTOR! shared that this may be the last we hear from him for a little while, as he plans on taking a hiatus to move to LA. Don’t fret though, he still has multiple shows coming up this summer which you can check out here, and he’s definitely got more on the way after this summer.

Zoned Out – [Family Reunion]

After dropping her single “Vision” last month, Jackie Carlson (a.k.a. Family Reunion) keeps the momentum going with yet another new track. “Zoned Out” offers more of the hazy sound Family Reunion has carefully crafted over the past year, but it also carries a more stadium-like vibe that complements Jackie’s vocals. The song comes complete with a drum beat that unexpectedly knocks and some hyper-distorted production courtesy of Family Reunion’s right-hand executive producer Tombo, who just dropped a project of their own. Lyrically, Jackie turns a scarred heart into inspiration, cooing out delicate harmonies that reflect the feeling of jadedness after getting your heart broken. “I’m so tired watching my friends all fall in love” she repeats as the song fades out, leaving listeners with one last relatable, love-sick aphorism. It feels like Jackie’s pen grows sharper with each song she drops as Family Reunion, and her songwriting skills are what make “Zoned Out” hit extra hard. Stream the new song below, and if you like what you hear, catch Family Reunion along with fellow Chicago artists VICTOR! and Ric Wilson at Lincoln Hall on June 2.

Vision – [Family Reunion]

Family Reunion has been featured on our platform a number of times in the past, and this morning she is back with her brand new offering titled “Vision”. This one has more of an alternative or pop vibe to it rather than rap, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of a spin or ten. She connected with Tombo who was the master mind behind this glorious instrumental, and she blessed the track with her soothing vocals as well as her unmatched ability to use her voice as something like an instrument itself, pitching it up and down as she pleases in order to make this record all it could be. Check out this new tune below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Family Reunion by giving her a follow here! art by VICTOR! photo by Iridian

Attention – [VICTOR!]

17-year-old Chicago artist VICTOR! is back today with a brand new track. The singer, songwriter and producer has been building buzz for his forthcoming album “2000”, recently releasing an exclusive CD-only EP titled “GLITTER98”. “Attention” is the only single from that EP to be released digitally so far, and it’s one of VICTOR!’s most versatile yet as he flexes his rap abilities over lo-fi drums and shoegaze guitar strums. The track’s hook ties everything together, as VICTOR! expresses his feelings for someone who he wants to be more than friends with. VICTOR!’s discography to date (he hasn’t even been dropping songs for a year yet) thrives off his ability to be vulnerable on the mic and complement his intimate songwriting with bedroom-made beats that feel both youthful and nostalgic. “Attention” is a prime example of that, and continues to escalate anticipation for the promising talent’s debut LP which is expected this year.

Each Other – [VICTOR!] ft. [Billy Lemos]

17-year-old songwriter VICTOR! has been making waves in the Chicago underground scene with his growing catalog of bedroom-produced love ballads. Today, that catalog grows bigger with the release of his latest single, “Each Other.” The Chicago native teams up with West Coast producer Billy Lemos for this track, no doubt a natural pairing given both artists’ lo-fi styles. Lemos’ array of twinkling bells and crisp drums make for an extremely fuzzy and warm vibe that VICTOR!’s vocals hover on top of. Layer upon layer, VICTOR!’s harmonies mesmerize a listener as he builds upon melancholy lyrics. He pleads with a lover, questions their intentions and contemplates the realness of their feelings. Stuck in this limbo of unrequited emotions, VICTOR! has penned one of his best songs to date which leaves us wanting more from him and Lemos in the future. With the release of “Each Other,” VICTOR! also continues to grow anticipation for his debut album, “2000.” Be on the look out for that project and upcoming tour dates soon.