Purple Emoji – [Ty Dolla $ign] ft. [J. Cole]

If I’m being honest, my first introduction to Ty Dolla $ign was through the slew of legendary features that he’s blessed us with over the years. Not until recently have I really delved far into his solo output, but now, after doing so, I must say that Ty and his silky-smooth vocals is a gift to the music and something that we certainly shouldn’t take for granted. Today, the star himself forwards this idea with a magical new offering, “Purple Emoji,” alongside none other than J. Cole. Backed by an atmospheric, passionate instrumental, this song takes on the connectivity and widespread applicability of lasting love using the purple devil emoji — a sure sign and something I’m sure we all recognize as, in some way, a part of every relationship. Ty’s velvety vocals wash over the lush sound at hand, and just as I expected him to do, J. Cole lets loose a strong verse that adds the cherry on top to an already great song, both sonically and even visually, if we’re mentioning the standout music video here. Needless to say, “Purple Emoji” is an indicator of great music to come as we await Ty Dolla $ign’s forthcoming third …

Taylor Bennett Speaks on The American Reject, the Cover Art, TBE + more!

Taylor Bennett has been one of the biggest pieces in the puzzle that makes up Chicago’s music community. He has been rapping and creating music for damn near a decade and has become not only one of Chicago’s best rappers, but more importantly one of the brightest business minds that the city has to offer. The growth of his company Taylor Bennett Entertainment has been amazing to watch to say the least: he has built up a still small yet unbelievably talented roster with Bianca Shaw who has blossomed into one of the best talents that the city has to offer, as well as Zxxk who is one of the most talented producers & creatives in the game. When we look back ten years from now, these two will be far along in their careers under the guidance of Taylor & TBE. Next week Taylor is releasing his forthcoming album The American Reject, and when I saw him tease the cover I knew I had to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain about the project, the cover and so much more. As we gear up for the project that appears to be Taylor’s biggest and most …

Our 50 Favorite Wiz Khalifa Songs

In the music world, influence manifests itself in many different ways. Whether it be sonically — changing the sounds that artists use and often creating some sort of new trend and/or subgenre in the process — or aesthetically — changing the “cool” styles in music and the lifestyles that artists speak about in their songs — influence can arrive packaged as a quick viral moment or a lasting flame, both of which hold value in their own rights.  Pittsburgh’s own, the Taylor Gang representative himself, Wiz Khalifa, is one of the rare talents who comes around and entirely shifts the culture in both of the aforementioned ways. Especially when he first came out, Wiz’s lanky, tattooed build and effortlessly cool stoner lifestyle made him a genuinely alluring artist, and while his personal style (snapbacks, the dyed patch of hair, etc.) was worthy of mention, the music was there to back it all up. Simply put, Wiz’s style, both on the mic and off, quickly set a standard for creatives and other artists to congregate toward, marking him as one of music’s most underrated culture-shifters of the last decade or so. Even further, beyond the influence that Wiz has had on a …

Of Course – [Tray 5], [Braz The Muscle] and [Ka Reef]

Tray 5, Braz The Muscle and Ka Reef link up for their new video and song, “Of Course.” Production from OG Parker, sets the bass-rattling tone for which the three MC’s showcase their individual and collective abilities. Tray 5 steps into the spotlight first delivering the song’s infectious hook leading in Braz The Muscle’s grittier verse who is followed by the technical stylings of Ka Reef. The song’s closing verse belongs to Tray 5 who steps back in to reiterate viewers of his rapping ability. The Georgia natives deliver in every way possible with the directorial help of Dollar$ignDz who captures the electric energy and chemistry between the three friends. Watch the new video from Tray 5, Braz The Muscle and Ka Reef below and make sure to keep an eye on each of their individual careers as well as collective efforts.

Nights Like This – [Kehlani] x [Ty Dolla $ign]

A couple of hours ago Kehlani blessed her massive fan base with a brand new offering titled “Nights Like This” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. 2019 is looking to be a huge year for Kehlani because many of us are expecting her to release her first album since her debut project SweetSexySavage that dropped back in 2017, and this new single is a promising start for the fans! I don’t think it’s possible for Kehlani to make a bad record, she’s constantly whipping up solid jams one after another and this new joint is certainly no disappointment! Check out her brand new single below via Soundcloud and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend.


While Chicago has been known as a reputable city in hip-hop for numerous years now, this revered position has not arrived without the constant innovation and hard work of the artists that so faithfully represent the prowess of their home city. It is these artists that we have to credit for this respected reputation, and we here at Lyrical Lemonade try to honor this in every way possible by constantly bringing new Chicago acts into our headlines here on our website. That said, 2018 has been yet another fantastic year for Chicago music, so we went ahead and compiled a list of our “Top 50 Chicago Projects” of the year. This now marks the third year that we have been putting out this list, and we believe that it’s safe to say this year’s list might just be the most solid one from top to bottom that we’ve seen yet. Thank you to our terrific writing staff for all of the hard work they have put in this year, I will be linking their socials below so be sure to contact them about getting featured on the website in the future. Seamus Fay • Mike Del Ro • Sam Morrison • …


One of the most distinguishable producers today, KAYTRANADA, has released a five-track EP titled NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES, featuring guest verses from Ty Dolla $ign and Shay Lia. The new EP comes as a surprise to many KAYTRANADA fans who were reveling in his remixes of A Tribe Called Quest, Sade, and Kelela in recent months. Thankfully, KAYTRA was not going to let 2018 close without releasing any original music and for that we are thankful. His new EP offers two vocal tracks and the three instrumental cuts that seamlessly blend into one another, marking the 18-minute EP as an easy listen for fans old and new alike. Let us hope that this new EP is an appetizer leading to a larger entree in the form of a full-length album from the skilled producer, and as we wait, listen to KAYTRANADA’s new EP, NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

Climate – [Johnny Yukon]

Los Angeles based rapper and crooner Johnny Yukon is still in a giving mood from the holidays. Yukon drops off his second loosie of the month today with a new single entitled “Climate.” After popping up on my radar in 2017 with songs such as “Laptop” and “Snooze”, I was left wanting to hear more from Johnny. The Pennsylvania born emcee was busy going back and forth between penning songs for other artists and working on his own album, garnering songwriting credits including the likes of Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd, Ty Dolla $ign, Camila Cabello and more. Early this May we finally got his album Installation I, which lead to his single “Lies” gaining some serious traction. With tracks like “Climate”, it’s easy to see how talented of a writer Johnny Yukon is, pointing to his ability to piece together great songs. With these last couple of drops, he’s gearing up to make some huge statements in 2019. As we await new music, in the meantime, stream his new single “Climate” below.

Hot Wings Are A Girl’s Best Friend – [2 Chainz]

Tity Boi himself has followed through on his promise of new music which he made on Twitter Thursday morning. 2 Chainz returned with a two-pack of singles titled, Hot Wings Are A Girl’s Best Friend featuring a single feature from Ty Dolla $ign. This is the first offering we receive from the College Park rapper since his collaborative single, “Bigger Than You,” with Drake and Quavo released back in July. The two-pack delivers on both ends of  2 Chainz artistic ability; “Hot Wings” is trap heavy, filled with braggadocios bars and an infectious hook, “Girl’s Best Friend” finds Chainz adding his flavor to a low-tempo track with an angelic Ty Dolla feature. The two-pack is set to hold us over until 2 Chainz releases his fifth, highly anticipated album, Rap Or Go To The League. Listen to the two new songs below and tell us what you think in the comment section!

FM! – [Vince Staples]

It feels like it’s been forever since Vince Staples’ ‘Big Fish Theory’ dropped, even though it came out just last year. Don’t fret, though—the long beach native has been busy working on his next official album, and in the midst of that process, he’s cooked up an entirely separate project which comes to us today. Vince teased ‘FM!’ earlier this week on Instagram, touting it as a project dedicated to, well, himself: “He said he needed something that represented him and where he comes from so here it is.” All jokes aside, it becomes clear what Vince is referring to as soon as you hit play on ‘FM’. Delivering flows that echo his West Coast predecessors over beats that conjure up the heat of his home climate, he sounds undoubtedly in his bag. Vince makes sure to pack as much as he can in the 22-minute runtime, keeping things interesting with moments of volatility contrasted with his untouched levels of cool. He doesn’t go it alone, either, recruiting a circle of friends and collaborators including Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, Earl Sweatshirt, and E-40. Peep ‘FM!’ and also check out the video for “FUN!” below: