Trippie Redd Showcases All Sides Of Him On ‘A Love Letter To You 4’

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain” – Trippie Redd on “Leray” Having been an avid fan of Trippie Redd’s music since his debut project, A Love Letter To You, released back in 2017, his musical journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Not only speaking on behalf of the emotions that he puts into the craft, but for the fans, as well. While the first project in this series is what many fans will call a classic, the second project, A Love Letter To You 2 was a big disappointment for many fans including myself due to the fact that it seemed rushed, coming just five short months after his first project. Taking almost a year off, Trippie took time to perfect his craft for his debut album Life’s A Trip in 2018 which ushered him back in the great graces of fans and really showed his growth as an artist. On top of that, we also received the third installment in the Love Letter series which fans grew to love. 2019 was a year where it seems like everyone was releasing so much music, and in the midst of it all, Trippie came with his second album titled ! (exclamation mark) and the fans …

Death – [Trippie Redd] ft. [DaBaby]

By Danny Adams Renowned hitmaker Trippie Redd is gearing up for a huge end of the year. With the past couple singles he has recently dropped off of his upcoming project A Love Letter To You 4, he’s back with another banger called “Death”. DJ Paul produced this joint with some clear Three-Six Mafia as well as other southern trap influences, giving Trippie the opportunity to get a bit morbid which isn’t necessarily uncharacteristic of the young artist. He also brought on DaBaby, one of the brightest young talents in rap today, for an incredible verse. When it comes to DaBaby, it seems like he has an entire archive of different flows that he has perfected and just closes his eyes and picks one because it’s evident that he’ll destroy any verse on any beat. I really enjoyed Trippie in this song because the aggression he used in his lyrics could really be felt, and although he rapped a bit more than sang, it was a welcome and refreshing change of pace. If “Death” and the rest of the singles he’s been releasing having any say in the way Trippie’s year is going to end, then he might just come …

Japan – [Te Aly 4300]

Broward County, Flordia rapper Te Aly 4300 makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a new hard-hitting single entitled “Japan.” The most interesting thing for me in finding new music and artists is probably only half of the music. The other half for me is if they have an interesting backstory to go along with their music or movement. Te Aly 4300 was in drumline throughout high school but she inspires to make music with people such as Young Thug, Trippie Redd and even international artists like Celine Dion. “Japan” doesn’t necessarily reinvent the music wheel, for me, I just think it’s a banger. One thing that does make her stand out is that she isn’t rapping about the same content that a lot of women rappers touch on. So if you’re looking for a small switch up from that content and something to turn up to then “Japan” is a record for you. Stream Te Aly 4300’s new single “Japan” after the break.

Snake Skin – [Trippie Redd]

A few hours ago Trippie Redd blessed his massive fan base with a brand new music video for “Snake Skin” directed by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, and considering this was a fan favorite on his album you already knew it went up. Trippe Redd and Cole have made magic multiple times in the past so I expected this one to be special, but I was instantly blown away after watching this one, and I clearly wasn’t the only one because this video has accumulated well over 500,000 views in just a few hours. Take a few minutes of your Friday to watch this brand new visual below and if you like what you see then don’t forget to subscribe to Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel.

Light Blue – [Ryahn]

‘Light Blue’, the debut EP from Ryahn, marks the latest milestone in the songwriter’s own process of healing. “The EP is about starting at zero in a very dark space and overcoming great obstacles to reach a point of harmony within yourself,” described the Broward County, Florida native. Blending elements of alt-rock, grunge, and soul, ‘Light Blue’ showcases the 21-year-old artist honing her versatility to find a signature sound—one that befits her wide range of musical influences and talents. Ryahn’s voice is the focal point at all times, whether it’s in the form of yearning howls on tracks like “SAD BOY” or embodying a more delicate soul on “NINETEEN”. Above all else, Ryahn proves herself as an adept songwriter, capable of flipping a song on its head at just the right moment or adding in a spoken-word interlude to push the narrative of the EP forward. But, that’s enough about the EP from me. Hear from Ryahn herself in our Q&A and check out ‘Light Blue’ for yourself below: — What is your songwriting process like? It differs! There are times when I pick up my guitar and something flows out of me. I just take a back seat while …

Gone Girl – [iann dior] ft. [Trippie Redd]

There’s no singular definition of what makes a hit song, but every once in a while, a track will come around that gives you that inexplicable gut feeling of “okay, this is the one.” Here to provide this exact feeling is one of music’s most rapidly-rising names, Iann Dior, with his brand new single, “Gone Girl,” featuring Trippie Redd. Equal parts emotive and energetic, this offering blends Dior’s masterful songwriting with some of the catchiest melodies that I’ve heard in recent memory. The concept of heartbreak is making for some of the biggest hits in the world right now, and Dior perfectly plays this line without losing sight of his personal style and animated deliveries. In addition, as if this wasn’t enough to make the song a hit, the Trippie Redd feature pushes this one over the edge, giving it the added star power to take over the charts in due time. With this in mind, something about “Gone Girl” reaches both the heart and the ear at the same time, making for an undeniable hit that you’ll be hearing everywhere soon. Dior has been buzzing for a minute, but “Gone Girl” feels like the song that pushes him to …

Watch Blac Youngsta’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

Nardwuar has been on a roll this week, hasn’t he? First he gave us interview from Trippie Redd, Lil Nas X and Lil Uzi Vert, and this morning he is back with his latest interview featuring Blac Youngsta. This interview was a long time in the making as this was the third attempt of them trying it, and trust me when I say it’s really entertaining. You will find Blac Youngsta being asked about everything such as his first rap being over Destiny Child, his come up, someone once trying to cut off his hand, Memphis rap and some of the OG’s, Gangsta Boo, 3 6 Mafia, GMB Studios, his football career, his favorite spots in Tennessee and more! Check out this amazing new interview below.

Watch Trippie Redd’s brand new interview with Nardwuar

Trippie Redd was the latest guest on Nardwuar’s fantastic platform, as they caught up for a new ten minute interview when they were both recently in Miami, Florida. You will find Nardwuar asking Trippie Redd about plenty of things such as MF Doom, Slim Jesus, Kiss, XXYYXX, Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett, Drake’s record “Shot For Me”, his tattoos, RSO, new artists he has signed, Ghostbusters, Eric Andre, why people should care about him and more! Check out this awesome new conversation below.

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Time To Die – [Trippie Redd]

Earlier today Lyrical Lemonade favorite Trippie Redd blessed his massive fan base with a brand new music video for “Time To Die” featuring FreeMoney800. I have been a huge fan of Trippie’s music for a minute now but this is easily one of my favorites offerings from him to date, and the excellent visual that was directed by LouieKnows made it that much more satisfying. People don’t give Trippie enough credit for being an elite lyricist, it often gets overlooked probably because his melodies are so extraordinary, but we need to start putting him in a different tier considering his immense talent. Check out this brand new visual below and if you enjoy it be sure to give it a like on YouTube!