Premiere: Dottin Up – [Jaah SLT]

Jaah SLT is an artist out of Charlotte, North Carolina that’s been making a lot of noise a of late. Today we premiere Jaah’s intense video for ”Dottin Up.” Jaah is another artist that’s hit the TikTok lottery and has seen his stock skyrocket within the last couple of months. His single ”Tuff” has amassed over 17,000 videos on TikTok which has resulted in the single accumulating over 6 million streams on Spotify. This new single ”Dottin Up” is the first song and video release with his new home under Alamo Records. Alamo has seen success recently breaking new stars such as Rod Wave and Trevor Daniel. Jaah looks to be the next act on deck to take the leap into superstardom. “Dottin Up” is an aggressive upbeat record similar to “Tuff” so if you need to up the ante today you should give this single a spin. Watch Jaah SLT’s video for ”Dottin Up” for yourself after the break.

Day by Day – [Fiji Blue]

Today, making it onto our Lyrical Lemonade pages for the first time is a duo that goes by the name of Fiji Blue. If you’ve heard of them before then you’re among the lucky ones, but if you haven’t yet, then you’re in the right place. The two artists behind this amazing project are Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering. Valentin takes care all of the production, which makes sense since he’s worked with the likes of Trevor Daniel, Baby Jake and UMI. Trevor Dering rounds out this perfectly cohesive bond by adding his amazing vocal talents to the music. Fiji Blue is making their debut today for the release of their brand new track entitled “Day by Day”. After listening, I’ve concluded that you honestly couldn’t ask for a better track than this one. The stellar production from Valentin is extremely well done as it sets an infectious ambience that will captivate you instantly. Trevor Dering’s vocals and impressive melodies take this whole thing to a new level as well. Their genre is a very interesting combination of chill house, indie pop and alternative; a genre they’ve self proclaimed as “sad boy chill house”. The coolest part about their style is …


Back in February, LOVEONFRIDAY, made his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his Selfish EP, where we highlighted his work ethic. The Houston native hasn’t slowed down either, keeping a steady stream of music coming by releasing his new EP, Get Well Soon, track by track. Now that it’s complete (and on the streaming platform of your choice) it seems like a great time to highlight his fresh, pop-splashed style. Produced in full by Michael Bao, Get Well Soon, has a cohesive feel that allows you to really get caught up in the flow of the project and the upbeat, bouncing production brings out the best in LOVEONFRIDAY’s melodic approach. The swirling, melodic combination of Bao’s boardwork and LOVEONFRIDAY crooning serves as a nice juxtaposition to the emotionally-charged songwriting. With 6 songs and clocking in at 15 minutes, Get Well Soon hits quick, but hits hard. In a short time, LOVEONFRIDAY creates an atmosphere, makes his style and personality known, and makes you wanna set it on repeat. Definitely give this a listen (or ten). Standout cuts: “1000 Miles,” “Fall,” & “Anxiety (ft. Trevor Daniel)”

Paranoid – [Trevor Daniel]

Premiering his new visual for standout record “Paranoid”, rising superstar Trevor Daniel makes yet another appearance on our pages today. As he recently released his second project titled Restless earlier last week, he also announced that he would be embarking on his first headline tour later this month. Out of the six songs that formulate the Restless EP, “Paranoid” is by far the most touching and consumed track thus far. One of the reasons that Trevor is finding so much success in such a quick period of time has a direct correlation to how relatable and engaging his lyrics are. From lines such as “say you love me no more, no reason to come home” to “you’re better off if I stay gone”, the emotion and sentiment in Trevor’s voice imprints an everlasting feeling within fans. Directed by familiar face Logan Meis, this visual flawlessly represents Trevor’s paranoia, taking viewers on a rollercoaster through Trevor’s deep thoughts and feelings of loneliness. Beyond fitting, while Trevor is centered around a dark and stormy night, he’s left alone with nothing but his own thoughts while the girl he’s referencing throughout is found burning the last pictures and memories that she has of …

Restless – [Trevor Daniel]

Houston native and rising superstar Trevor Daniel is back today with his latest EP titled Restless. Over the past few months, Trevor has released multiple records, visuals, and teasers as for what’s to come, but today he gave us some of his best work yet. Restless is by far my favorite release thus far, as Trevor takes listeners on a emotional rollercoaster into the depths of his talents and abilities. Starting with “Closure”, the passion in Trevor’s voice leaves fans in awe and wanting more. Then followed by “Paranoid”, “Come Over”, and “Empty”, the relatable lyrics and exceptionally clear imagery used by Trevor will be sure to grab any new listener’s undivided attention. To conclude Restless, “Body Bag” and “Go On” showcase Trevor’s natural ability to create an everlasting and easily recognizable melody, making these two songs very hard to forget. As the Internet Money artist continues to develop and climb towards the top, be sure to stream Restless below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

Paranoid – [Trevor Daniel]

Texas native and personal favorite Trevor Daniel is back today with his latest offering titled “Paranoid”. Over the months, Trevor has continued to keep his fans engaged and beyond happy with the way he delivers his work. From his debut EP Homesick to the video for hit single “Falling”, Trevor and his team consistently deliver with purpose and precision. After asking his fans a few days ago if they wanted a new song, he fulfilled their wishes once again with “Paranoid”. Through his remarkable melodies and favorable tone, Trevor expresses his internal feelings with lyrics that fans will without a doubt relate to. From lines such as “I can’t sleep at night, can’t get you off my mind” to “maybe it’s all in my head, wouldn’t be the first time it played tricks on me”, imagery and memories of some past relationship come to mind for most. Furthermore, “Paranoid” has the potential to be a fan favorite as he prepares his next move. Be sure to stream “Paranoid” on Soundcloud below and follow Trevor on Instagram and Twitter!

Trouble – [Trevor Daniel]

Trevor Daniel returns with his first single of the new year titled, “Trouble”. The Houston-native singer-songwriter looks to continue to build on his growing success with his new single that finds him at his best. Over a set of electronic infused production, Daniel provides his signature melodic vocals to a set of relatable lyrics about love. Daniel openly addresses the fact that despite being heart-broken multiple times by the song’s love interest he will always return. His overwhelming need to please finds Daniel professing his lack of care for his own emotional well being, giving us the foresight to know this love interest is nothing but trouble. Trevor Daniel just wrapped up a major tour with Yung Pinch performing his debut EP, Homesick, to a barrage of screaming fans. Listen to Trevor Daniel’s newest single, “Trouble,” below and make sure to show the Houston Texan some love on social media by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Mess – [Trevor Daniel]

Over the past year, Trevor Daniel has been known to do nothing less than release high quality content. After releasing his debut EP titled Homesick last year, Trevor and his team play no games coming into the new year. Recognized for having stunning visuals, Trevor keeps his reputation alive by teaming up with video director Logan Meis to create a new visual for Homesick record titled “Mess”. As if the song itself wasn’t already relatable enough, Logan enhanced the emotional tension found within the record by capturing intense cinematic moments between Trevor and his lover. Furthermore, the colorful lights and aged look give “Mess” an image to remember. Be sure to watch Trevor’s newest visual below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more!

Falling (Blackbear Remix) – [Trevor Daniel] [Blackbear]

After signing to Internet Money Records in June of this year, Trevor Daniel released one of the most cohesive and impressive projects of 2018: his debut EP Homesick. Since then, the rising talent has been crafting a remix for the EP’s lead single titled “Falling”. With the help of Blackbear, the two were able to fabricate an emotional rollercoaster between their incredible vocals and nostalgic lyrics, breathing new life into a fantastic song. Also notable, Blackbear claimed via Instagram that this is “one of the best songs I’ve gotten to rework and feature on”, showcasing the power and movement behind Trevor’s musical abilities. We are excited to watch Trevor and the Internet Money team as they continue to grow and develop various pathways to success throughout 2019. Be sure to stream this special remix below and follow Trevor Daniel on Instagram and Twitter!

Falling – [Trevor Daniel]

Houston’s own, Trevor Daniel has released his cinematic new visual for his breakout song, “Falling.” The R&B ballad is filled with ominous undertones that display the heartache reflected in Daniel’s lyrics, and the heartache soaked track is executed perfectly in the cinematic visuals that follows Daniel through a tragic night, fluctuating between reality and fantasy. This song is from Daniel’s recently released debut EP, Homesick, which has already garnered attention from Internet Money CEO Taz Taylor, who also lends his hand on the production side to create the dark melodic foundation for Trevor Daniel to serenade. Hopefully we get to see more captivating visuals from the talented vocalist in the future. Watch Trevor Daniels’ latest below and make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!