Hannaford – [Bird Language] ft. [Sebastian Ade]

When it comes to Hip-Hop music, I think unless you’ve got a name like Murda Beats or Metro Boomin, for instance, producers go grossly unappreciated which is a shame considering they’re the ones forming the much-needed foundation for artists to display their talents and without a good instrumental, that artist will typically go unnoticed. As for Brooklyn-based production duo Bird Language, they take their job seriously while also having fun, coming onto the scene without of the box sounds that merge all sorts of music genres, not allowing for their artistry to be boxed in or confined. While I wasn’t aware of them until recently, my ignorance is unforgivable considering they not only executive produced Trapo’s magnificent 2016 album Shade Trees, but they’ve also worked with other acts I’ve long been familiar with such as Chicago’s very own Alex Wiley. As they make a push to get their name out there in the midst of the rollout of their debut project Insider Art in October, they dropped off a brand-new single entitled “Hannaford” a few weeks back, now breathing new life into it with a Devan Marz-shot music video. As the song begins, the production tag team provides some deep, …

Trapo: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Madison, Wisconsin artist Trapo is somebody who I have been a fan of for some years now. I first got familiar with Trapo in 2016 when I was put onto him by (I think) my older brother Eric, and I instantly was a fan of his unique sound + style. I met Trapo not too long after that and he eventually would crash at my apartment from time to time when he would record in Chicago, so we inevitably became better friends. Aside from that though, I was a huge fan of Trapo’s music for quite some time, he was easily one of my favorite artists out of the midwest. At some point a year or two ago, Trapo abruptly announced that he would be retiring from hip-hop, and he seemingly disappeared for about a year. He was off of social media platforms, a lot of his music was taken off of Soundcloud + other platforms, and plenty of Trapo fans like me were just left, confused. Earlier this summer, Trapo came to Chicago + I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new interview, his first interview in years. Obviously I had plenty of questions for …

In This Car – [Trapo]

Madison, Wisconsin native Trapo has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, so I was happy yesterday when he dropped his brand new visual for “In This Car”. One thing that I wish more artists did is revisit their past music + drop music videos for it after the fact, I feel as if most artists won’t release a music video for a song if it isn’t within six months to a year of the release date, but Trapo went back in time a little bit to drop this. The music video itself was shot a few years ago, while the song was dropped in 2018, and now here halfway through 2020, Trapo decided it was the perfect time to bless his fans with the visual. Watch this brand new visual below, and if you are a Trapo fan, keep an eye out for the new interview we have with him dropping within the next 2-3 weeks!

Hardly Know You Freestyle – [Trapo]

It’s been a minute since we have heard from Madison, Wisconsin based talent Trapo, a few months ago he actually hinted that he might be retiring from music, but luckily that didn’t happen + today Trapo is back with a brand new freestyle track titled “Hardly Know You”. I have loved Trapo’s music for some years now and I have heard him master plenty of different sounds, but hearing him sing on the hook of this song has me stunned + impressed, I have heard Trapo sing before but not in this upper register that he reached on this one. On the verses, Trapo did what I have known him to do, absolutely go crazy with the bars + flows as he showed why he is the hottest artist coming out of Wisconsin. I am so happy to see that Trapo is back and I can’t wait to hear the full-length project that he seems to be piecing together, but for now, go ahead & stream this brand new record below!

In This Car – [Trapo]

Wisconsin superstar Trapo is making his way back on our platform this afternoon with his latest release titled “In This Car”.  I apologize because I am a few weeks late on this, but once I noticed that he released this joint I ran it back in my speakers at least ten times through, no exaggeration. Trapo is by far one of my favorite upcoming artists in the midwest right now and I see nothing but positive things for him in his future, and this new joint is a straight banger. Press play on the link play to stream this joint via Spotify and if you like what you hear be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

LL Presents: The Trapo Q&A

One of my favorite projects to drop in 2018 was Madison, Wisconsin native Trapo’s sensational tape titled “Oil Change“, so when he was in Chicago cooking up some new music recently I thought why not have him by the office for a conversation about everything he has been up to. I have been following Trapo’s music career for a few years now and it has truly been exhilarating as a fan to watch him grow as an artist, and if you go back to his older tapes all the way up to his latest release, you will see the evident growth that I am speaking on. I see Trapo becoming one of the best rappers in the country in just a few years, I know that’s a bold prediction but I believe in his music a tremendous amount and it won’t take more than one listen through Oil Change for you to think the same thing. Learn a thing or two about the rising star below and if you like the new project be sure to keep up with him by giving him a follow on Twitter here! — 2018 proved to be a huge year for you with the …

Oil Change – [Trapo]

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again in the future, but Madison, Wisconsin emcee Trapo is one of my favorite new artists and last week he dropped a brand new project titled “Oil Change”. While I have been sending out the thousands of Lyrical Lemonade merchandise orders over the past week I have had this mixtape on repeat in my headphones, and for good reason too, these twelve records provided really impressed & came together for a cohesive listen. Trapo had plenty of highs on this one but a couple of my favorites were the vibrant intro record “The Red Carpet”, as well as the spacey & bar filled cut “Rain Check” due to their ability to create a catchy melody. I have been listening to Trapo’s music for a couple of years now and he was even crashing on my couch at one point last year while visiting Chicago to record music, and let me just say that it has truly been awesome to see his growth as an artist, this new project a huge level up compared to his prior work, which was impressive as well. Stream this brand new tape below …

Grow Up – [Trapo]

It’s always a good day whenever we get blessed with some new music from Madison native & Lyrical lemonade favorite Trapo, who is making his way back this afternoon with his brand new record titled “Grow Up”. The first thing that caught my attention when I dove into this joint was the silky smooth instrumental that was handled by Immy, before Trapo found the perfect pocket of the beat & went absolutely crazy for two minutes straight, rapping his ass off the whole way through. Trapo has been one of my favorite upcoming emcees for a couple years now, and it’s really satisfying to see him hit this stride artistically, I am eager to see what he does from here. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like it be sure to follow Trapo on Twitter here!

Staff Picks: Top Songs Of The Month (January 2018)

There was an insane amount of new music in January, so what better way to ring-in 2018 then a Staff Picks list? Find out who cracked the list below and check back next month for the Top Songs of February! ALSO, big shoutout to the writing team for all of the help. Appreciate you guys! _ Lil Skies – Big Money One of the obvious highlights from last month was Lil Skies much-anticipated release of his Life Of A Dark Rose project. From the energy in the intro-track Welcome To The Rodeo to our undisputed staff-pick in Big Money, there was really no better way for Skies to kick off 2018. You’d best not let this one slip under the radar. _ YBN Nahmir – Bounce Out With That YBN Nahmir made quite the impression in January with a fiery release in Bounce Out With That, which was also accompanied by a stunning visual courtesy of Cole Bennett. The bouncy production from Hoodzone was right at home for YBN’s unforgettable bars that first grabbed everyone’s attention in his breakthrough track Rubbin In The Paint from last year. Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing song & visual below. _ 6Dogs – Buttcheeks …

Hardball – [Amir Tripp]

Chicago native Amir Tripp is finding himself back on our platform today with the premiere for his sensational new record titled “Hardball”. Perhaps Amir’s most impressive release yet, “Hardball” serves as the follow-up to recent freebie “Slide On Ya” (ft. Saba & Trapo), as he further solidifies his place within Chicago’s buzzing freshman class. Once you press play the first thing that will catch your attention (other than the skit) is definitely the ear grabbing horns that paved the way for Amir, before he jumped on the beat and offered some of his most impressive verses, flows & punchline bars to date. He connected with with a frequent collaborator & go-to production guru in Zay Rock, and this one is the final single ahead of his forthcoming tape PYRO which is set to drop on March 9th. Stream this new record below and let me know what you think about it in the comments!