Take It Or Leave It – [Kierra Luv]

Kierra Luv, a young prodigy known for her dazzling internet freestyles, recently released her debut mixtape titled Take It Or Leave It. For Kierra, this project’s purpose was to simply make a statement and give people a deeper understanding as to who she really is as an artist. She explained that she “wants people to understand her versatility and how much [she] can really do” as she’s more than just an internet freestyler. The mixtape consists of ten, infectious to say the least, songs and multiple features from superstars such as iann dior and Tory Lanez. When I spoke to Kierra about these collaborations, she noted that both of them came extremely natural. “While working with Taz (Internet Money), iann heard ‘Run Away’ and immediately wanted to jump on it,” Kierra said. For me, I’m never a fan of features that don’t sound authentic and as if the artists made the song for each other. Every feature that Kierra has on Take It Or Leave It does just that and gives you a genuine feeling while listening. For the other records, they take you on a personal journey giving you an extra boost of confidence and self-belief. Based on her thrilling …

What’s Poppin (Remix )- [Jack Harlow] ft. [Lil Wayne] [DaBaby] & [Tory Lanez]

It’s pretty obvious that as soon as Jack Harlow released the original version of “What’s Poppin” back in January, it was a success right off the bat. Although he had been making bangers for a few years, this was the song that really turned some heads and changed the trajectory of his career. As a fan, I can’t say how happy I am that this was the case because ever since he’s been one of the most consistent artists with regards to putting out hit after hit. His smooth, energetic flows mixed with some bouncy instrumentals and just simply the party vibes that exude from within him all come together on almost every single one of his songs to truly show his star power. Back to “What’s Poppin”, though. When a song like that becomes as massively successful as it did, artists big and small want the chance to grace the beat and see if they can come up with their own rendition to join in on the fun. While there are countless unofficial remixes that have been released independently, legends like Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez decided to finally join Jack for the official remix, and I don’t …

It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – [Kehlani]

It’s nothing but amazing when artists really take the time out to perfect their craft and figure themselves out, to the point where they are happy with the product that they are putting out. You can make countless music day in and day out, but it takes time to really hone in and figure out what direction you would like to go in for a certain project, or for the remainder of your career. While Kehlani has always been an artist to deliver music that comes from deep within her soul, she has been tremendously underrated since her initial burst onto the scene with her Cloud 19 mixtape. It often blows my mind that we had not received a full length album from Kehlani since her 2017 album SweetSexySavage. While we have heard a handful of mixtapes and features from her during that time frame, fans were eagerly awaiting her next full body of work. At last, our eardrums are finally being soothed with amazing sounds from her latest offering It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Kehlani first emerged onto the scene at a younger age, so the direction of her earlier music was a lot more pop-ish and aimed towards a younger demographic-which …

Language – [Bryce Hase] Ft. [Tory Lanez]

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to an artist out of Dallas who has leveled up in a major way with the release of his biggest single to date. 18-year-old Bryce Hase has been having an incredibly strong debut year, releasing some incredibly vibe ready R&B music. Last week he dropped a massive song alongside Tory Lanez, the duo pair perfectly with both Bryce and Tory having incredibly smooth verses that cascade on top of the piano-heavy production much like a surfer on a massive wave. With Tory giving Bryce a major cosign on “Language” it would not be surprising if we began to see the name Bryce Hase become a frequent star on choruses all over the charts in no time. Get hip to Bryce Hase and check out the music he has been dropping this year, it would be safe to say he still is only a few releases away from becoming a household name. Listen to “Language” on all platforms here!

W – [Tory Lanez]

As The New Toronto 3 awaits its inevitable release, Tory Lanez continues to be the entertainer, businessman, and savvy entrepreneur that he has solidified himself as over the last decade, with his continuous weekly releases of banging singles to lead up to the album release, which is coming later this week (April 10). Two weeks ago, he released the song and visual to “W,” an introspective and fluid joint that lasts all of only two minutes, but a hearty two minutes it is. A light, key and vocal heavy instrumental provides a loose energy that Tory is able to expound upon however he so chooses, in this instance with soft-spoken lines of how day-to-day operations work for a superstar, and how he came to be that superstar. The visual, created by Tory’s company One Umbrella or Forever Umbrella, depicts the Canadian mogul driving through a dim-lit city in a Rolls Royce, draped in priceless garments and living as lavish as one can only dream of. As the hype continues to build for his upcoming album, Tory has continuously dropped singles, such as “W,” that only has increased his stock price and legend status. Watch Tory Lanez – W below!  

Itchin’ for a Lick – [Jazz Cartier]

When you think of Canadian music, you might think of Rap considering I’m not really sure what other forms of music have made it big enough to truly travel into the states. The only thing is, you’re most likely thinking of Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tory Lanez, or maybe even Night Lovell, but one of the best artists coming out of the entire country is undoubtedly Jazz Cartier. His slight accent cuts through beats of all kinds, he’s not afraid to switch his style up, and he’s not trying to be someone he’s not. Although I’m not overly familiar with the Toronto phenom, I’ve gained more and more recognition for his craft after diving deeper into his discography recently. What I have noticed since divulging myself in his music is that he’s been quieter than most underground artists like to be for a little more than a year. Normally artists are afraid that they’re going to lose fans or the spotlight if they remain silent for too long of a hiatus, but this isn’t the case for Cartier. Luckily, he’s back with “Itchin’ for a Lick”, a new song that is hopefully a starting point for more new music to come. This …

Broke in a Minute – [Tory Lanez]

Tory Lanez further blurs the borders of his talent spectrum with his latest heat-seeking single, “Broke in a Minute.” The combustable energy that he brings to all of his work is fully expressed in this track, with a vibrant, jazzy but edgy instrumental (produced by Papi Yerr) that seems to form around every bar he delivers. “I ain’t no regular civillian – Red, yellow, green, look like my neck a chameleon,” Tory flexes his lavish, unique lifestyle in not only his lyrics, but the brand-new premiere visual that dropped the same day as the single. The video, directed by Tory himself, focuses on delivery and punch, perfectly tying to the song. He’s depicted in lavish settings with even more exquisite fits, cars, and merch. Tory and his wide-range talent has put him among the top artists in hip-hop, but with his latest work he’s slowly moving into elite company on a level only few can claim. With several recent singles, I expect Tory to be building momentum for a near-future album that is much anticipated by fans and hip-hop connoisseurs alike. Watch Tory Lanez – Broke in a Minute on YouTube below!

The Current State of Rap: Are We In Need Of A New Sound?

As we are approaching the end of not only the year of 2019, but the end of an entire decade–it’s around this time where we sit back and reflect on everything that has been going on in the grand scheme of things. We start to discuss who the hottest new artist is, who had the best run, who was the most consistent–so on and so forth. As of late, there has been a lot of talk in the industry about the current state of hip hop. Everything from where we’ve been, where we’re at currently, and where we will be in the future to come. With all the talk about Grammy nominations and awards show snubs, it sparked a thought in my mind about the current state of hip hop. As I sat and reflected on the industry, it posed the question to me–are we in desperate need of a new sound? Seeing as rap has been the most dominant genre not only on the Billboard charts, but culturally in the past five years or so, there have been a vast array of hot takes and opinions about the current state of rap, and what we need in order to …

Watch Tory Lanez brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

Tory Lanez has been having a great year in 2019 and especially over the past month or so, and he recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to chop it up with Charlamagne Tha God + DJ Envy about everything he has been getting into. The three of them spoke about multiple subjects that included how well received his new project Chixtape 5 was, being inspired by music in the 2000’s, the process of getting his hair back, his relationship with Drake, Tyga, being a confident individual, going on arena tours, working with Ashanti, his fan base, having a moment in time where he was very rebellious, situations he has gone through with labels + feeling confined at one point, when Kash Doll dissed him and more. This was a solid interview that any fan of Tory will love, so check it out below!

Tory Lanez Hits A Major Nostalgic Nerve With ‘Chixtape 5’

“Everything is 2000s-inspired–Everything is inspired by the times when things were golden for us. I think all those pieces and everything that we’ve come out with has been all about nostalgia. I’m about to take you on a whole journey musically.” -Tory Lanez, via Billboard The concept of nostalgia– something that has been a huge conversation as of late. With all the talks about the new Disney Plus streaming service bringing back old shows and movies, this is something that we latch onto and that brings a sort of happiness and excitement. In Tory Lanez perspective, his highly popular Chixtape series has been nothing less than a nostalgic journey through the years of great music. The concept of making an entire project and taking classic R&B records, sampling and flipping them into a modern version seems like something that even Tory himself is “surprised that no one has thought of yet”. Sampling has been dominant in the music industry since it’s inception and without a doubt is one of the most popular production trends in music. Tory may not be the first to sample and reimagine songs, but he may be one of the best yet to make entire projects of the …