AYEEE – [Netherfriends]

Netherfriends has bene releasing an album every couple of weeks for as long as I can remember, and today he is back with his latest project titled “AYEEE”. Netherfriends never fails to find funny and witty concepts to create albums with, and from the title you just might be able to see where he was going with this, it was literally ten tracks of aye adlibs over and over haha. Stream this brand new album below and be sure to follow Netherfriends on Soundcloud here to keep up with his future releases! features from Blake Rules, the Teeta, Chris Crack, Mike Melinoe, VantaBlac SOL, Rebel Legato, Mathien, Max Wells and the Dutchmaster

Cyclones – [Mike Melinoe] ft. [The Teeta]

Two of Austin, TX’s most promising rappers link up for the visual pairing to their track Cyclones released earlier this year. Mike Melinoe continues to flex his artistry with the impressive video. The simple, yet effective visual mirrors the energy of the track perfectly. Having already conquered the local hip-hop scene in Austin, these two have plans of going global. Get familiar now before the masses catch on. Peep the visual below:


Out of Austin, Texas comes The Teeta with his brand new visual for “CHARGEITTOTHEGAME.” This one premiered via Elevator earlier today and caught my eye immediately. The director for this one brought some skill to the table as they combined some unique camera movements with slick animations that maximized the viewer’s attention. The song itself is great too, with a mesmerizing beat that flowed well with Teeta’s anthem-like style. Be sure to give this one a look, it’s available down below.