Lady London releases “Lady Like: The Boss Tape” with 13 of her most celebrated freestyles

If you have been watching Lady London over the years, you know her craftmanship is finally receiving the recognition she deserves. As a poet since 2018, London grew to fame on social media by flipping and remixing a few of Hip Hop’s most revered tracks from artists like Foxy Brown, and Busta Rhymes. Hip-Hip icon Cardi B praised her bars in “Money Over,” and expressed that London is “the most slept on.” The song has accumulated over 500k views on Youtube thus far. As an artist, London’s versatility sets her apart from her peers. Being an artist is only one part of her puzzle. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Howard University and a Master of Science in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California. Her knowledge and hustle mentality help to develop her into the artist she is today. “There are multiple levels to me,” she explains. “I’m not one-dimensional. I really take my craft seriously. I consider rap to be an artform—not a trend. I’ve studied cadences, timing, breath control, double and triple entendres, and syllables. It almost breaks down to an exact science. I pay attention to verbiage, semantics, and diction. I’m …

The Life Of Lenny: Stormy Garbage

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Internet Money’s Dro Kenji has been absolutely killing it recently, but it doesn’t take me to say that for everyone to understand that. What I can now say is after seeing his performance at the Summer Smash this past weekend is that he’s one of the best performers I’ve seen in recent memory, and he had the entire crowd going crazy from the front to the back on both sides of Lenny’s tent stage. His recently released project Fuck Your Feelings is nothing short of a heater without a doubt in my mind, and I was beyond excited to see that he teamed up with Wavy Lord to direct a brand-new music video for his record “IM RICH NOW BITCH”, the album’s opening track. Although it hasn’t even been a week since he released the animated visual for his song “KILL CUPID” with $NOT, I can never have too many Dro Kenji visuals in my life, so I was definitely pumped for this one. After watching, let’s just say that there is no shortage of beautiful women in this one, and Dro spends his time wisely as he vibes out and recites his lyrics. Sitting on a playset in a …

The Life of Lenny: Vampire Land

The Life of Lenny: Vampire Land.

Lil Yachty Interview: Five Years In & Still Persevering

“When I was like 18, I used to really care about what everybody thought about my music and it used to get to me. I just started to realize that when you do good, people will criticize you, and when you do bad, they still criticize you.” -Lil Yachty Photo Cred: Gunner Stahl If there’s one thing that the roller coaster of a year that was 2020 has showed us, is that time is flying by. It seems like just a couple of years ago we were introduced to Apple Music and transitioning to an all-digital era of music. Some of the favorite songs, albums and mixtapes that existed over the last half of a decade are aging faster than we can count to 10, and  we are even nearing the anniversary of some projects turning 10 this year. It sounds crazy to even say this out loud, but 2021 will be the 5 year anniversary of the amazingly iconic XXL Freshmen class of 2016. Regardless of what good or bad may have happened in peoples lives that year, we can all agree that 2016 was a very important year for music. It sparked the brand new generation of rap–a …

The Life Of Lenny: A Day at the Park (Ep. 3)

Episode 3 of The Life Of Lenny series finds him spending a day at the park, enjoy!

Tony Shhnow and CashCache! tell us how they linked up, their latest joint-project, how CashCache got his tag, and much more in an exclusive new Q&A

2020 has been a year of mass chaos and upheaval that has lead to a great many growing pains within our different communities as dissension increases more and more and on a much more microcosmic level, this has been reflected in many different music trends, specifically within rap, that have begun to take shape over the last twelve months that are certainly challenging sonic status-quos while also inspiring and grabbing the attention of new listeners every day who are tired of hearing the exact same type of boring song structure and production tropes continually. Atlanta in particular has been a hotbed for this rise of creativity and innovation within the ‘trap’ and ‘SoundCloud’ spaces that have given both artists and producers a blank canvas to essentially riff on the sounds and flows pulled off by their peers. It is innately collaborative and frankly beautiful to watch and while people may immediately point to artists like 645AR, whose squeaky-voiced flow has already enchanted millions this year, or even Kenny Mason who is beginning to work metal and shoegaze production tendencies into his music in a completely new way, unlike the tired and drab ‘rap-rock’ of previous years. However, neither of these …

The Life of Lenny: A Night at the Carnival

The Life of Lenny: A Night at the Carnival (Ep. 2)

Wedding Day- [SAINt JHN]

When you think of Brooklyn, New York, SAINt JHN’s style and overall aesthetic is probably the last thing that comes to mind. You don’t get much of the gritty, from the streets attitude or style from any of his music, and that’s partially why he is somewhat of an anomaly. He’s making music not only unlike anyone from that borough, but he’s making music pretty much unlike anyone in the entire Hip-Hop industry today. His voice is strong and unwavering, and he possesses a personality to match his style, which doesn’t try to conform to anyone’s expectations of him because his individualism is what has brought him so much of his success. If you haven’t heard last year’s album Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs by now, you need to stop what you’re doing and get in tune as soon as possible. It’s full of fantastic ballads and incredible artistry, leading to one of my personal favorite albums of the year. JHN decided to release a visual for one of the hits off of the album called “Wedding Day”, which was a very pleasant surprise. I won’t go into detail about the song because most everyone has probably heard it by now …