Kamikaze – [Omar Apollo]

When I first got hooked on watching The Cave with Kenny Beats, I was drawn in by all the incredible rappers he invited to the studio to freestyle over insane instrumentals. Then, when he began inviting unpredictable yet incredible talents like Marc Rebillet and Omar Apollo onto the show, my horizons began to expand, and my mind was completely blown. Their appearances brought a new side out of Kenny, while Kenny was able to challenge them and give them a soundscape that isn’t typically used by these artists. Nonetheless, they rose to the occasion, of course, and went off the rails unlike ever before. I bring this up because Omar Apollo’s episode was my first introduction to the Indiana songbird, and although I definitely need to familiarize myself even more, when I saw he released a brand-new song entitled “Kamikaze”, I had to stop everything I was doing and tune in. To start the beat off on the right foot, producers Omar Velasco and Teo Halm team up to offer up dreamy, mystifying, and resounding synths of some sort paired with an instrument that sounds like a filtered electric guitar. Eventually, a consistently groovy bassline coupled with old school-inspired percussion …


It has been a little while since we last got new material from Atlanta native Raury, but he has not missed a step in his newest joint “NEVERALONE.” Produced by DJ Khalia & Teo Halm, Raury gives us a song with his signature tribal sound to it. If you are in need of some positive vibes, then give this song a listen. Raury delivers so much optimism in this song that it will make anyone feel like they can get through anything so don’t waste anymore time and take a listen below.