Cousin Stizz’s Suffolk County: Identity, Storytelling, & Longevity

As an artist in today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever before to make your music accessible to the world. This empowerment for creators arrives with numerous benefits, but it also operates at the cost of visibility and in the long term, longevity. Now that anyone can put their music online and gain a following at the click of a few buttons, it’s easy for great art to get lost in a sea of mixtapes and loose singles, regardless of quality or sound. Furthermore, even if a given project or upcoming artist does begin to receive their deserved attention, the sheer volume of options that listeners are now presented with makes it difficult to capture an audience’s focus for more than a few moments. With this in mind, how, in the current condition of music, does a project last? Why do people keep listening and what is it about either the music or its positioning that makes them want to stick around? Well, like all things, there’s no black and white answer to provide here. Nevertheless, one reason that we’ve seen in several cases throughout recent years is that of cultural context. If a project can capture and create a moment …

Foreign Exchange – [Jefe Replay]

Roxbury, MA representative Jefe Replay is the kind of artist who commands attention the second he enters the room. Replay’s personality marks him as a showman at heart, and up until this point, his music has engaged in this image with seamless chemistry. Today, listeners see this on display yet again as Jefe Replay joins Lyrical Lemonade with an energetic new cut, “Foreign Exchange”. Acting as an appetizer for the full course — his forthcoming project Proper Finessments — due for release Feburary 1st, this single lets us know that even while he’s been quiet over the past few months, Replay has been busy putting in work in the studio. Between excitable deliveries, woozy melodies, and a knocking instrumental, “Foreign Exchange” proves the MA native to be hungrier than ever, and naturally so, it’s the kind of track that you’re going to want to keep on repeat all weekend long. I could continue ranting on about this song, but I’ll just let you check it out for yourself at the link below. Stream “Foreign Exchange” and be sure to keep an eye out for Proper Finessments due for release at the top of next month! Produced by Tee-WaTT

Reel It In (Remix) – [Aminé] [Gucci Mane]

Ever since the release of Aminé’s incredible new project, ONEPOINTFIVE, I’ve been keeping the Portland representative’s music in heavy rotation. In my eyes, he’s two for two on full-lengths at this point, and with more than enough buzz around his name to keep the success rolling in, Aminé is here today to revisit the standout track, “Reel It In“, blessing it with a feature from none other than the legend himself, Gucci Mane. Just as you may have expected, this remix is a huge moment for Aminé and his fans alike. Hearing Gucci slide over some of the smoothest production of the year courtesy of LDG Beats and Tee-WaTT is a beautiful sight to see as a fan, and it acts as a testament to all of the well-deserved success the ONEPOINTFIVE has seen all year long. Aminé is going to be around for quite a while, so get used to it. Click play on the Gucci Mane-assisted remix of “Reel It In” at the link below!

Strong – [Leano] ft. [Millyz]

In terms of hip-hop, Boston has undeniably been stepping up to the national stage in recent years, and amidst the finest of the city’s musical representatives are two artists by the names of Leano and Millyz. Today, blessing us with a much-needed collaboration, the duo hits our pages with a hard-nosed new offering, “Strong”. Produced by Tee-WaTT, this hustle-minded anthem wards off those who try to stop the shine while committing itself to the Benjamins, one bar after another. Leano and Millyz trade off verses with a flawless sense of chemistry, detailing their own hustles while keeping one eye on their future ambitions. “Strong” is a heater in every sense of the word, and quite frankly, songs like this one are what will show the rest of the country what Boston has been up to lately. Click play at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Codename: Girls Next Door – [Gin Mason] [CHI]

It comes as no surprise by now that Massachusetts is home to an incredible number of rising artists. Amidst the finest of these artists are Gin Mason and CHI: two remarkably gifted talents that are here today to present fans with a 6-track project, Codename: Girls Next Door alongside Boston DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz. For those who have been paying close attention to our pages recently, you may remember the first single from the project, “Girls Night“, released a few weeks back. We heard great promise on this loose release, but now that the final product is finally here, it goes without saying that Mason and CHI have blessed us all with a worthy soundtrack for the good times that arrive with the warm weather. Each song is immaculately placed in a way such that its full effect is felt, and the solo feature from fellow Boston native Michael Christmas only acts a cherry on top to the melodic track and my personal favorite off of the project, “Fronto”. Additionally, we need to acknowledge production credits from LDG, Maka, Tee-WaTT, the SuperSmashBroz, and KorHef, all of which absolutely snapped in their respective roles. The latest collaborative offering from Gin Mason and CHI deserves …

CheeseSteak – [Key] x [Jace]

Although they may not receive all the credit they deserve, the artists coming out the Two-9 camp are some of the most influential in today’s scene, acting as leading trendsetters right before our eyes. Today, two of these influential figures, Key! and Jace, join Lyrical Lemonade with their latest offering, “CheeseSteak”. Produced by a dream team of Ducko Mcfli, FranchsieDidIt, and Tee-WaTT, this track’s gritty energy and deeply-cut, hard-hitting production make for a highly-entertaining banger overall. Additionally, with the way that Key! and Jace are able to complement each other’s flows so seamlessly and bounce off of one another with lyrical acrobatics, “CheeseSteak” is able to establish itself as a hell of a single to continue the wave of success that they’re riding right now. Be sure to check out the Ducko Mcfli-directed visuals below and let us know what you think about this one in the comments.

Check Out HotNewHipHop’s ‘Between The Lines’ Segment With Cousin Stizz

Cousin Stizz recently sat down with HotNewHipHop to dissect the lyrics from Switch Places, a Tee-WaTT produced record that outshined a handful of songs off of his summer-tape One Night Only. Being one of the more lyrically-talented Boston spitters in recent memory, it is crucial for Stizz to sit-down once in a while and let us in on the thought-process behind the mesmerizing bars that have separated him from the masses since his emergence. From explaining the concept behind people ‘switching places’ to his side, Stizz also spoke on the wild backstory of the track where he originally had Kendrick Lamar’s Levitate beat and had to ultimately remake the track. It would’ve been crazy to hear Stizz body the Levitate instrumental, but then again, we wouldn’t have gotten the absolute flames throughout Switch Places that is undoubtedly a favorite Stizz-track of mine in recent memory. Make sure to check out HNHH and their ‘Between The Lines’ segment with Cousin Stizz below and stay posted for more videos very soon. Via: HOTNEWHIPHOP 

Hennythings Possible – [Vintage Lee]

Simply put, 2017 was a monumental year for Boston native Vintage Lee, releasing her debut mixtape, P.I.M.P., to widespread acclaim along with locking in a well-deserved spot on the NBA 2K18 soundtrack with her Tee-WaTT produced anthem “Hennythings Possible”. Today, Lee is back on our pages to debut the visuals for this fan-favorite track. Directed by A_Ciggs & Lauren Brimeyer, this music video finds the pimp herself walking around her neighborhood in a flex-worthy fashion, bumping the triumphant, ambitious banger in the background. This song definitely turned the rap world’s heads towards Lee’s corner, and now that the attention is on her, I feel confident in saying that she’s about to have a huge year in 2018 with this video to kick things off on the right note. Be sure to watch “Hennythings Possible” below and give Lee’s 2017 debut a listen here.

Packula – [Big Leano]

Between touring alongside Cousin Stizz and gaining the reputation as an undoubted hit factory, Boston-bred artist Big Leano is here to let the world know that he has something to say. Dropping an 8-track mixtape Packula just yesterday, the rising talent is back on our pages with anthem after anthem of street wisdom and hustler’s mentality, complete with clever wordplay and charismatic deliveries to top things off. I can proudly say that I’ve kept this tape on repeat since its release, but featuring ambitious production from names including Qreamy Beats, LoLoTheGod, Twayne The Kidd, Tee-WaTT, and LDG Beats, who wouldn’t? Packula cements the fact that Big Leano is an entertainer by nature, ready to spread his wings and put on for Boston all over the world, and I won’t be surprised to watch his stock rise as this one continues to reach listeners everywhere. At face value, the tape is a collection of bangers that any listener can rock with, but further, it’s a captivating account of the life that the rising star has lived to tell the tale. Get hip to one of the most exciting artists out of Boston by clicking play below. Also, check out Packula on Spotify and Apple Music.

SPiCE UP – [Vintage Lee]

Producing a number of must-watch talents throughout the past few years, Boston is quickly gaining a reputation as the scene to keep an eye on right now. Within the Bean’s bubbling success is Vintage Lee, a charismatic figure dedicated to her craft, never lacking in energy or replay value. Today the rising artist is here with a new single titled “SPiCE UP”. With frequent collaborators Tee-WaTT and M. Ali on the boards, Lee finds herself telling tales of the streets that raised her under the displays of sharp lyricism and charming personality on this one, complementing the production with seamless chemistry. The single is hypnotic in its sound and aggressive in its subject matter, fusing together to provide perfect support for the fact that Vintage Lee has the sauce. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and the fans, myself included, are loving every moment of it. If you weren’t hip already, you need to make sure you are now by clicking play on the flex-filled single “SPiCE UP” below.