Ever since dropping his “The Race” remix in 2017 TeamLilStraw has been the centerpoint of a burgeoning underground scene coming out of Nashville, Tennessee that represented a changing of the guard of sorts in the city as the artists who first pushed the Nashville underground in the early-2000’s passed the torch to the next generation, who was coming whether they liked it or not. Lil Straw led the way as countless other teens in the city hopped in the studio and worked together to push Nashville forwards and show the world how life really is in one of America’s fastest growing cities that is marketed for tourists but has a growing underbelly that natives know has always been there. As the city erases culture and razes neighborhoods in the name of profit and making California housing investors feeling comfortable, the music scene in Nashville has been the only thing to protect against the permanent erasure of the culture and vibrant history that has happened here. Despite dropping arguably the defining song for the last decade, or at least the latter end, with his self-produced track “Extra” which has eclipsed well over one-million streams and for back-to-back summers could be heard …

They Got Hate – [RP3]

Nashville, Tennessee’s RP3 has been working hard to put himself on the map this year, releasing several videos along with his frequent collaborators like Lul Sparq and teasing upcoming music with TeamLilStraw, who himself still remains one of the hottest rappers in the city without dropping any solo music in over a year. His latest visual for his track “They Gon’ Hate” was produced by Nashville producer TMP Dizzle who has been instrumental in helping the Music City’s new wave of artists record their music. RP3’s delivery is animated and exciting and he lyrically he blends confrontational bars with more reflective lines about those who prey upon his downfall. ShotByMooch brought the visual to life and I look forward to seeing what RP3 does next.

GO – [TeamLilStraw] [SKE Glizzy]

Of all of the raw talent in my hometown of Nashville, TeamLilStraw has been one of my very favorite rising underground artists in the state of Tennessee, bursting onto the scene in 2017 with his “The Race” remix that first established him as an artist and shortly after following it up with his self-produced hit “Extra” that lit the city on fire and stands as one of the most successful songs to come from the city in the entirety of the 2010’s. The closest thing we have gotten to a project yet from TeamLilStraw was his six-track EP “Cautious” that honed Straw’s unbridled energy and rabid delivery and since he has been stingy with releasing his songs but keeping his name hot nonetheless with well over a dozen trillers that go locally viral every time they drop. His newest video “GO” features Ske Glizzy f.k.a. Iszy who has been immensely consistent in his own right since getting out of jail late last year and went straight to flooding the city with his music shortly thereafter, my favorite releasing being “Just Kame Home” where he floats over the downtrodden production, giving insight to his mental state after being released, dealing with …

Pressure – [CEO Youngin]

I’ve talked a lot about how Nashville, TN’s rap scene is coming into form after years and years of artists trying their hands at putting the city on the country’s radar as a place known for developing rap talent and over the past three years with the emergence of artists like Fredo Ruthless, Trapperman Dale, TeamLilStraw, Ganz & Lil Queze and obviously several more, many people have been forced to turn their heads to the exciting things happening in Tennessee’s biggest city. Nashville’s sound draws in parts from Memphis’s iconic and trunk-rattling sound but also interestingly has taken a great deal of influence from Detroit music as well, thanks to producers like LoadMeUpIV, DJ Chill, and FullyLoadedTana. 42 Dugg recently signed a Nashville artist by the name of CEO Youngin to his new “Young & Turnt” imprint and I frankly wasn’t all too surprised to see Dugg choose and artist from Nashville after his lyric from his last project “Why move to the A? It’s closer to the Nash’” that surmised many of Detroit’s connections to the area both musical and not. On CEO Youngin’s newest visual for “Pressure” he and IVBeats give perhaps the best example we’ve heard yet …

Headlights – [TeamLilStraw]

Nashville rapper TeamLilStraw has been an underground phenomenon in his city since his freestyle video to Tay K’s iconic track “The Race” gave him his first taste of viral success, albeit only in his city. The string of videos that followed a year or so later immediately stamped him as one of the top artists in the city as many of them climbed to view counts larger than many other rappers in Nashville struggle to reach for entire mixtapes. Lil Straw’s output has slowed recently but he is looking like he is picking up the pace again with his confrontational new video for his track “Love & Hate” dropping a little over a week ago and now with his new single “Headlights” which is one of the most wickedly exciting releases from him yet, trading in some of the slower or bouncier beats he’s hopped on in the past for a much more up-tempo and maniacal instrumental in this case. TeamLilStraw talks his shit without backing down, ever, and is adamant about sticking to the code, if you will and for this reason paired with the unabashedness of the delivery of these lyrics makes me and the rest of Nashville …

Long Live Money Man – [Lul Sparq]

If you have become even remotely familiar with my writing over these past three years then you will know that it is no secret that I really, really love Nashville rap in all forms, but the latest wave of young, mainly teenage, rappers blowing up from the streets of Nashville and spreading out even into the suburbs is where I personally think the ‘real’ Nashville rap scene lies, at least in my opinion. Since Fredo Ruthless’s “100 Shots” video dropped a few summers ago there has been a changing of the guard in the Nashville rap scene as far as the leaders and main characters are concerned and the scene’s roots lie unquestionably with Nashville’s rich and distinct culture that has sadly been torn away by gentrification in just about every aspect except for these young rappers who continue to push Nashville’s culture from slang to music and a whole lot of other things that are a whole lot deeper than the music on the surface. Since Fredo Ruthless was arrested in February of 2019 there was a power vacuum left in Nashville and the city still is awaiting for one artist to break through and put the city on …

Klout Chasing – [Lil Queze] x [Ganz]

In the past year Nashville, Tennessee’s rap scene has sprung from anonymity and a sparse local scene into a new formidable outpost for hip-hop fan’s across the southeast, and much of this can be accredited to the youth’s movement, pioneered by Fredo Ruthless, Ganz, TeamLilStraw, and Lil Queze, and while Fredo Ruthless may currently be incarcerated, the rest of the city has picked up the slack. Most recently Ganz and Lil Queze of Street Konnected Everywhere (or SKE for short) teamed up with 615 Films for an incredibly well-edited new visual for their DJ Cash, Smokey Hendrix & DJ Chill produced track “Klout Chasing.” Lil Queze continues to lead the SKE charge with his unabashed confidence that remains unchanged, even after local police deleted his Instagram ahead of this release. Ganz also is proving himself to be quite the lyricist, but this is not the first time these two have collaborated to make magic. I am very excited to see what each of these artists is capable of next and I would highly recommend tuning into the rap revolution happening in Nashville.

Cautious – [TeamLilStraw]

Nashville rapper TeamLilStraw is aiming for longevity with his six-track debut EP entitled Cautious that begins to explain the life of and enter the psyche behind a teenager growing up in a rapidly expanding and increasingly violent city. Straw represents a massive body of disenfranchised youth that have all been abandoned by city leaders, business people, and their own government and he has been able to quickly amass a sizable fanbase because of how relatable his message and demeanor is. This project features three new tracks as well as three familiar ones to fans of his, delivering his beloved tracks “Extra” and “John Wick” finally to all streaming platforms. The tracks “Reason” and “Fuck the Fame” were both standouts to me because of their raw and genuine nature and it is clear that Straw has a gift for eloquently expressing his emotions. TeamLilStraw has been picking up more steam with each release and seems poised to make the leap from local celebrity to mainstream staple soon. I was really, really pleased with the turnout of Cautious and I am beyond eager to see what TeamLilStraw is capable of next.

50/50 – [TeamLilStraw]

Nashville rapper TeamLilStraw is back with new music and the teenage artist is picking up right where he left off after he set his city on fire with his massive hit “Extra” dropped this summer and after this original success he followed it with a string of singles, including “John Wick” and “Misunderstood,” but his latest track “50/50” is a triumphant statement that Lil Straw is here to stay and that Nashville belongs to him. Produced by the trio of TnTXD, TahjMoney, and TJ Produced it, “50/50” is an up-tempo banger that features a multitude of grimy bars and interesting flows from a rapper who simply oozes natural ability. BJ Productions handled the direction and editing of this video and per usual he showed exactly why he has become Nashville’s premier videographer. TeamLilStraw fearlessly talks his shit and is shaping up to be the next big rapper to break from the Music City.

Load Up – [Lil Queze]

Since the summer of 2017, Nashville, Tennessee has transformed itself from an almost totally irrelevant rap destination to one of the foremost hotbeds of underground talent in not only the southeast but also the entire nation. Led by the closest thing to a star the city has, Fredo Ruthless, who set the streets on fire with his undeniable hit “Drug Addict” that established him as the de-facto leader of the hip-hop revival, at least within the city’s dedicated teenage following. Unfortunately, this past August Fredo was arrested on numerous charges, including murder, but his unreleased music still dominates playtime from many and a few of these mp3 files are still traded as if they were currency amongst many of the city’s youth. The Music City is one of the fastest-growing cities in the whole country with over two-hundred people moving there daily and with this massive boom in population and industry gentrification has begun to eat the city’s core and this was paired with a massive spike in gun violence and armed robbery made Nashville an increasingly dangerous place to call home. Local rappers began to personify the city in different ways and are beloved by the youth, varying from …