Out of Service-[Tayo]

Nothing warms my heart more than getting to bring brand new artists onto the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. Most of my writing consists of artists who span from known to having little content on their discography, but there is just something special about getting to highlight up and coming talent that’s just getting started. Today, I get to do just that for an alternative Pop/R&B group called, Tayo. A lot of prominent talent has originated from the Southern California area and the trio of Cheska, Betthia and Annie may very well be the latest. The San Diego natives have all been making music for some time now individually, but just recently, they all decided to team up and create something that wouldn’t be possible without enlisting the help of one another. Despite not being related, the talented filipino singers call themselves a “sister band”, which is nothing more than a testament to their close-knit relationship and chemistry; a chemistry that can be felt all throughout their debut single that just dropped yesterday. If you’re a fan of good and transparent music, Tayo’s new offering “Out of Service” is just for you. From a production standpoint, this song hits different as …

Cold Feet-[Tayo Sound]

It’s truly amazing when certain conversations have the ability to revitalize your passion for something. I had the opportunity to interview and talk with an artist who is making some amazing waves overseas and deserves recognition over on this side as well. If you haven’t heard of Tayo Sound, then sit back and get introduced to a music maker that you need to know. The up and coming singer/songwriter is from Redding, England which is a fairly small area outside of London. When asking what got him into music, Tayo explained that a lot of it was attributed to his upbringing in the church. The church has been and will always be a place that values music and the 18 year old says that this is where it all started. Around nine years old is when he started writing songs, and production began being a point of emphasis a little later while being taught in school. The ambitious artist pretty much knows exactly what he wants to do when it comes to music. One of the biggest points I got from him during our conversation was the fact that he’s true to himself. He explained, “I just want to make …

Worst Day Ever – [Lil Xan] Ft. [$teven Cannon]

Lil Xan is certainly no stranger here at Lyrical Lemonade and tonight he is making his return to our website with the release of his brand new record titled “Worst Day Ever” featuring $teven Cannon. The production that was featured on this record by Tayo Fetti had an extremely addictive quality to it, and the verses on this one complimented the beat perfectly, as they each paid homage to the legend Mac Miller. Stream this brand new offering below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Lil Xan by giving him a follow on Twitter here.

Bitcoin – [$teven Cannon] ft. [Larry June]

Credited to a number of hit songs and cultivating personalities, 2017 marked the rapid explosion of the XANARCHY crew. Today, one of the standout artists in their star-filled roster, $teven Cannon, is back on our pages today with a new hit titled “Bitcoin” featuring none other than San Francisco artist Larry June. This collaboration certainly came as a pleasant surprise to many, but with the waves of success that each of the two artists have seen in their own careers, it makes perfect sense that these two undeniable talents finally joined forces and blessed the world with some new heat. Backed by production from Kinfolk Jon and Tayo Fetti, “Bitcoin” is the perfect anthem for getting to the bag in 2017 whether it be from cryptocurrency or not, so be sure to keep this on repeat as you find success in the new year and let us know what you think about Cannon’s latest offering in the comments below!