Come Alive – [Taylor Bennett] ft. [TheHxliday]

Over the past handful of years, few artists in Chicago have remained at the top of their game as Taylor Bennett has. While many people might’ve come for his music because they had to hear what Chance’s little brother sounded like, they stayed for years and years because it was clear that talent was a common theme in the Bennett family and Taylor was giving Chance a run for his money more often than not. Just before the weekend, Taylor dropped off an unexpected yet much-appreciated collaboration with Baltimore native TheHxliday called “Come Alive”, and while I never really thought of these two talents sharing a record together, they did an absolutely remarkable job. Although I was bumping the track all weekend, when I saw that they decided to team up with Goood Dylan to direct a music video in the city that Taylor and I both call home, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. Although Goood Dylan is a relatively new director and editor on my radar, I have realized that he uses lots of specific, unique animations that are somewhat similar to fellow videographer Lonewolf, yet Dylan puts his own spin on these intriguing edits. After …

Taylor Bennett: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Chicago native Taylor Bennett has been a close friend of ours here at Lyrical Lemonade ever since the beginning days of LL, it’s been an honor to watch him grow as an artist + person over the years, and at this point, he is making the best music of his career. I have interviewed Taylor Bennett a handful of times over the years, and a couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to interview him once again, this time on camera for our new segment, The Lemonade Stand. Taylor & I had a great conversation about everything he has been up to such as fatherhood, his new music, the current state of Taylor Bennett Entertainment, his recent new role on Chance’s management team and so much more. Take some time out of your Monday to watch this brand new interview below!

Be Yourself Pt. 2 – [Taylor Bennett]

You can’t talk about the Chicago hip-hop community without mentioning Taylor Bennett both as an artist and as a businessman, he has been doing it all over the last several years, and this morning he is back on our website with the premiere of his brand new offering titled “Be Yourself Pt. 2” (Sunset Falls). I have been a fan of Taylor’s music since damn near 2012/2013, I’ve followed his career up until this point + am very familiar with his catalog, but it’s clear to me that he’s just now starting to make the best music of his career. This new joint is undeniably infectious, it’s a feel-good anthem that only a talent like Taylor can create, and it’s something that I know his cult-like fanbase will appreciate to the fullest. Listen to this brand new song via Spotify below and if you are a longtime or new Taylor Bennett fan, make sure you keep checking our website these next couple of weeks because we have a new interview with him coming out soon! Photo by Mike Del Rosario • Produced by Dwayne Verner, Dexter Coleman, Tony Taylor & ZXXK

Lemonade (Remix) – [Internet Money] feat. [Don Toliver] & [Roddy Ricch]

By now, we have all been familiarized with the earth-shattering single “Lemonade” provided by the Internet Money collective. The original video shot by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett has already racked up over 22 million views on Youtube, and is going crazy on all U.S. and International charts. As the crept up on us, “Lemonade” is easily a top contender for Song of the Summer as well, despite us not being able to feel this songs energy out in the clubs and functions. That being said, it was already destined for success in the long run. Don Toliver was having nothing short of an amazing run this year, Nav received amazing praise from all over, and Gunna has been consistently over achieving as Young Thug’s protégée. The cohesiveness that exists amongst Don Toliver, Nav & Gunna on this record was like no other, and it truly shows with just how well this song has been performing thus far. Taz Taylor, Nick Mira and the Internet Money team have been going crazy ever since the release of their album B4 the Storm in late August, so it was no surprise that they would come back adding more gasoline to the fire. As if …

Love Goes – [Bianca Shaw]

Bianca Shaw has been somewhat of a staple in Chicago over the last few years, and anyone who is familiar with the community will surely agree with that statement. She has been featured on some of the best songs to come from the city, she has performed live on major platforms, she has put out a memorable EP, and not to mention she has been at the forefront of Taylor Bennett’s TBE label. Today, Bianca Shaw is back on our website with her brand new song titled “Love Goes”, which is one of her most versatile tracks to date. She seemed to have the perfect fusion of Alternative rock and hip-hop on this joint, she sung melodically at points and then switched up & rapped with some serious ferociousness, giving us an ode about the struggles that you will deal with in love sometimes. I definitely want to interview Bianca sometime after this quarantine ends, but for the time being, do yourself a favor and check out this new song from Bianca below!

Good Guy – [Taylor Bennett]

Taylor Bennett is never shy to get experimental with his music, he has made memorable records that could classify in many different genres, and today he is back with his latest experimental cut titled “Good Guy”. This song starts off with some Rock n Roll type of vibes, and Taylor matched that with what I would consider some alternative + hip-hop styles to compliment it, but no matter how you categorize it we can all agree that the song came out perfect. Taylor Bennett had a terrific year last year but I believe he will take it to the next level in 2020, his track record shows that he only gets better every year so I’d say that’s a safe bet. Check out this new offering via Soundcloud below and if you are rocking with this song then go ahead and give Taylor Bennett a follow on Twitter here!

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019

Turning the page into the next decade, our fourth edition of the “Top 50 Chicago Projects of the Year” list marks a special occasion. From the first list until now, four years means more than just four years of picks. It tracks four years of growth from some of our favorite artists, and a chance to watch last year’s entries rise up the ranks and improve, one year after the next. This year, we’re welcoming several Chicago mainstays as well as a plethora of new faces. The constant between every pick? A strong representation of the talent in Chicago, solidifying the city as a front runner in the trend-setting landscape of hip-hop. If there’s any city presenting some of music’s premier faces, both old and new, it’s Chicago, just as we aim to capture on this list. That said, below is Lyrical Lemonade’s top 50 Chicago projects of 2019. Thank you to all of the artists working so hard to provide us with music, and here’s to a promising decade to come for Chicago music. From 2019 ’til infinity. Honorable Mentions: Chanelle Truvillion, Kiraly Payne — 50) Josi Green & Ausar – The Good & The Bad EP Josi Green …

Watch Chance The Rapper & Taylor Bennett Perform “Roo” on James Corden

Chicago brother tag-team Chance and Taylor Bennett have no shortage of memorable collaborations together in their music, and one of the most powerful meetings of the brothers’ minds surfaced this summer on the track “Roo”. The emotional cut off Chance The Rapper’s ‘The Big Day’ speaks to the unique bond between the two brothers, cemented by two of the most poignant verses on the entire album. Yesterday, Chance and Taylor brought “Roo” to the Late Late Show stage, offering up a reinvigorated live rendition of the song. In front of clips from old home movies and sitting under streams of white flowers, both artists command the stage with their conviction behind the mic. The already-powerful track gets an even more uplifting treatment in this performance, thanks to a new arrangement of horns and live instrumentation to escalate the song’s most dramatic moments. Altogether, Chance the Rapper and Taylor Bennett execute a performance that thrives off of homegrown energy, making for yet another shared memorable moment in music between them.

Watch Chance The Rapper on Hot Ones

Chance The Rapper is a Chicago legend and a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade, and he recently stopped by one of my favorite shows Hot Ones for a brand new episode. The terrific host Sean Evans asked Chance about plenty of questions about things such as his Netflix show Rhythm + Flow, the importance of Reggies and Harold Washington Libary, the connection between rap and comedy, the White Sox, Kanye West + his new album, his brother Taylor Bennett, his favorite Chicago food stop, working with Lil Wayne, his Christmas album with Jeremih, Chance The Snapper, The Big Day, his upcoming tour and he even got Chance to explain some deep dive pictures on his IG. This was a hilarious interview as it usually is, so I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself below!

The Talents To Come Out Of Homewood Flossmoor High School

Over the past five years of covering the Chicago music scene, interviewing artists, and making relationships with these creatives, I have noticed something that I believe is super intriguing: there have been so many talented individuals who went to Homewood Flossmoor High School at (or around) the same time. It’s not too often that you see this many extraordinary creatives come out of the same place at once — at least I have never heard of something like this before — but even more so, I think it’s a rarity for to have this type of talent come out of the same school especially in the same field. I believe that a big part of this should be credited to the opportunities that Homewood Flossmoor provides to their students, in all avenues, but especially in the music field. The school has engaged students in music industry classes, Jazz orchestra courses, holding rap contests (and giving out prizes to the winners), shooting music videos for their senior students at times, giving them their own radio show to practice freestyling + DJ’ing, and they even take their bands on extraordinary trips to places like Japan. It’s crazy to think about what can …