Chance the Rapper’s ‘The Big Tour’: A Legendary Moment In Chicago History

Post by Lee Mcintosh “I am so grateful for the love. Thank you Chicago for selling out my first ever show at THE UNITED CENTER” -Chance The Rapper, via Instagram Image via Twitter One of the greatest joys that any fan could have is being part of a city that has major cultural impact. Sports, artists, fashion, architecture and all. In terms of music, there are a handful of cities across the country that have been consistently feeding the culture year after year. LA is responsible for legends like NWA, Dr. Dre, The Game and Kendrick Lamar. New York being the birth of hip-hop brought us legends such as Biggie, Wu-Tang and Dipset. Of course, the south has been providing to a sound that is still dominant today with Trap Music. At last, there is the great city of Chicago providing us with legendary artists like Common, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and none other than–Chance The Rapper. For those who have been fans of Lyrical Lemonade since day one, you would be well aware that we have been covering Chance’s come up for years now. To see him blossom into the star that he is today has been nothing but …

American Reject (White House Freestyle) – [Taylor Bennett] x [Supa Bwe]

Chicago superstars Taylor Bennett and Supa Bwe are two of the OG artists who we have been rocking with here at LL for years now, they have worked together countless times in the past but one of my favorite collab joints they have ever done just got a brand new visual, the intro and title track to Taylor’s fantastic project! Nine months into 2019 when I look back at all of the great new music that has come out of Chicago this year, Taylor Bennett’s The American Reject stands near the very top of the pack, this record here was a fan favorite (me included) on the tape so I was happy to see it great a witty & clever music video to help bring it to life. I loved this visual a ton for many reasons, but mainly because it was extremely unique & creative, you got to see the funny side of both Taylor and Supa and it was just flat out a feel-good watch for me. I could go on and on about this one but I’ll just let you get right into it, watch Supa Bwe transform into The Science Boy and Taylor Bennett do his best …

Q&A: Jay2’s Energy Brightens Zero Fatigue’s Roster

After taking a break from releasing new music, Chicago rapper Jay2 returned last month with a new EP aptly titled ‘4 Tha Wait’. The 7-song project features some of Jay2’s most energetic music yet, taking the same fast-paced flows and animated wordplay that’s remained consistent throughout his work and packaging it in a more melodic way–a natural progression for his already lively, lighthearted style. Jay2’s evolution as an artist has been an ongoing process, beginning when he first started working with engineer Chris Classick. Through Classick, he met Smino and Bari in 2012, and started working with Monte Booker not too long after that. Coming up with a tight circle of collaborators and friends, which later led to the formation of Zero Fatigue, has allowed Jay2 to hone his craft over the years. Now, the 24-year-old artist is gearing up for a headlining show at Schubas this Friday. Read about the upcoming show, his favorite Lil Wayne mixtapes, and his forthcoming album in our latest interview: — MDR: How/when did you get into music? Jay2: When I was maybe 15. I always liked it, and I used to do little freestyles when I was younger on a voice recorder. Then …

Watch Chance The Rapper’s brand new interview with The Breakfast Club

Chance The Rapper has been doing a ton of interviews lately and I have been loving every minute of it, the latest of his stops was The Breakfast Club! Envy, Angela & Charlamagne asked Chance about several things including his first time around at The Breakfast Club and how things have changed since, getting married, how he pieced together The Big Day, some people giving him unguided criticism, spiritual warfare, his thoughts on the NFL, social media, running into fans in real life, mental health, having his second child, Kirk Franklin performing at his wedding, his relationship with God, messaging, his upcoming tour with his brother Taylor Bennett, quitting cigarettes, police brutality, women he respects in the industry and so much more. Watch this brand new conversation below!

Watch Chance The Rapper on Sway In The Morning

Chance The Rapper has been a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade since the beginning but that’s no secret, he recently stopped by Shade 45 & every time he links back up with the legend Sway it’s always a great conversation so I was eager to tune in. Sway and his team asked Chance about plenty of topics including how his life has changed since getting married, Barack Obama, when he hosted SNL, giving back to his community, his records “We Go High” and “5 Year Plan”, dealing with courts, how he deals with negative criticism, The Big Day, the idea of nostalgia, the skits on his tape, getting closer with his brother Taylor Bennett + their collab record “Roo”, his wedding day, important lessons he has learned from his father, being an independent artist, his music videos, his faith, his loyal fan base, his upcoming tour and he spoke in-depth about some of the features on his project! Watch this brand new interview below.

Watch Chance The Rapper’s brand new interview with Hot 97

Chicago superstar Chance The Rapper has had a sensational past couple of months doing everything from dropping his debut album The Big Day to performing on major platforms such as Good Morning America, and this morning we got blessed with a brand new Hot 97 interview featuring Chance! I remember way back early in his career it seemed like one of Chance’s first big interviews was on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenberg, so whenever I see him go back on this platform it’s always just like watching old friends catch up. You will find the four of them speaking on plenty of things such as his album having both hip-hop & pop records, his wife being from Houston, having such a loyal fan base, embracing Cardi B early on in her career, being a father + his family life, some of the features on his album, his relationship with Gucci Mane, the role that his father plays in his career, his new child being born next week, his brother Taylor Bennett, dealing with passings in his family and he even roasted Ebro about his Top 50 rappers list from a couple weeks ago! Do yourself a favor and watch this …

The Big Day – [Chance The Rapper]

Just over two years and a couple months after his last project Coloring Book first debuted, Chicago superstar Chance The Rapper just blessed the world with his highly anticipated new album titled The Big Day. If you are a true Lyrical Lemonade fan who has been supporting since the beginning, then you know that we are all huge fans of Chance The Rapper, he inspired all of us here as well as millions of others around the globe, so you can only picture just how excited I was when I first pressed play on this new album. I was very pleased when I saw the track list had twenty two songs (with a few skits) on it, I took about two and a half hours out of my morning to listen to this a couple of times before I wrote this article, and where should I begin? My initial thoughts were that Chance made it a point to do something different with this project, which I would say he has done with every project, but this project was a little more left field than I expected it would be. That’s a positive thing though, Chance mixed it up and really …

Tobi Lou: Chicago’s Rising Superhero

Tobi Lou is a lot of things: he is a unbelievably talented artist, a trend setter, a Chicagoan, a unique individual and a self proclaimed superhero. I don’t believe that’s far fetched either: the way that Tobi has built his career to this point, the positive + contagious energy he puts out, his extraordinary charisma, it’s something like a superhero. About a month or so ago I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Tobi Lou after his sensational set at Governors Ball in New York, and after being a huge fan & rooting for Tobi over the past couple of years, I had a bunch of questions I wanted to ask him! I have spoke to hundreds of artists in the past but this conversation that I had with Tobi Lou is one of my favorites for sure, he has a great energy & aura around him, he is undeniably himself and it’s only a matter of time before he is one of the biggest artists in the world. Take some time out of your day to learn about Tobi Lou below, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter & Instagram! Visit Tobi Lou’s website here!   EM: …

Watch Taylor Bennett and Femdot perform on Jimmy Kimmel

Taylor Bennett simply put is just having a better year than a great majority of his competition, I don’t have to go into all of the great things he has already done right this second though, because this man just PERFORMED ON JIMMY KIMMEL! Talk about a way to make a good year even better, but what else can you expect from Taylor, this man has outdone himself time and time again as well as prove that he is a true businessman. Taylor’s project that he dropped earlier this year titled The American Reject had eight amazing records on it’s track list, but a fan favorite on the tape was “Singing The Blues” with fellow Chicagoan Femdot, and that’s exactly the track that Taylor decide to play on this colossal stage! Check out the interview we did with Taylor earlier this year here!  

Happy December (Sofar Chicago) – [Femdot]

Femdot has been having an extremely busy past few days, traveling across the country to perform live on Jimmy Kimmel tonight with Taylor Bennett, but during all of this Sofar just blessed us with a new live performance from the Chicago creative! Femdot performed his fan favorite record called “Happy December” that he dropped back in 2018, and the always great Sofar Chicago audience was loving it! Femdot was joined by his right hand homies Charles Lauste and 5th Of Hen who made sure he was sounding crispy, and they did a fantastic job, while Femdot’s terrific stage presence & crowd control was on display! I am sure it won’t be too long before you see Femdot included in another Sofar Chicago show, but for now press play below!