10:45 – [TalibanZan]

The Greensboro, NC duo named TalibanZan comprised of artists Zander and Taliban T, who supplement each others’ rhymes and vocals in a perfect mesh. Their latest single, released in mid-June titled “10:45” is one of many that the group has released, and this one might be their best product. The track talks about a relationship of lust, with conversations of money and late night visits. “Pull up at 10:45, droptop the roof see the sky.” Deep autotune and omniscient flows provide for a smooth, wavy track that leaves the listener vibing. As TalibanZan’s library and following both continue to expand, watch for them on radar’s across the south and further into hip-hop listeners’ libraries everywhere. They’ve got work on the way as well, with a new single titled, “Slide” coming soon. Stream “10:45” below!