Draco – [HVN]

Entering the rap conversation with his 2020 project Welcome to Heaven, Houston artist HVN has been on the rise for a little over a year now. In the past 8 or so months alone, he’s received cosigned from names including Virgil Abloh, Taco Bennett, Zack Bia, Kevin Abstract, and more, while Taco actually appeared in HVN’s fall 2020 music video for “Demon.” Day by day, the momentum surrounding the Houston native has only increased, which leads us to his latest act – a brand new song and video by the name of “Draco.” Complete with an A$AP Nast skit and directed by Trey Lyons – who also did the “Demon” music video – the one-two, song-and-video punch of “Draco” makes it a head-turning release, rallying around the seemingly endless supply of energy injected into the song. Houston producer Broadday sets the backdrop with fast-paced, thunderous production, and HVN ties the song together with breezy flows and a number of quotable lines, all building on the world that his catalog has created thus far. It’s still early on for HVN, but with “Draco” out now and a new project on the way in the coming months, it’s starting to feel like Houston’s own …

Demon – [HVN]

A new frontier of talent has been quietly growing out of Houston over the past few years. It’s selling out shows across the city, making noise all over Texas, and more recently, has begun to cross state boundaries, reaching national audiences and beyond. This scene has birthed several burgeoning names as of late – Fade Em All and BBY Kodie, to name a few – but not until this year did it get its latest star in the making: HVN. Back in February, HVN released his debut project, Welcome to Heaven, after being known as a behind-the-scenes figure in Houston. He ran, and currently runs, a brand called Don’t Die which threw a large part of the shows in the city, to the point where he and his brand had become a fixture in the scene, acting as a focal point for Houston music and fashion. In the months following his debut, cosigns began to roll in from Virgil Abloh, Kevin Abstract, and Taco Bennett, among others. Houston had another must-watch name on its hands, and earlier this week, HVN proved himself worthy of the hype, delivering a brand new song and video entitled “Demon.” Arriving with a masterful video …

Jakobe – [Roy French]

Chicago rapper Roy French has been constantly dropping heat this year and shows no signs of slowing down. Today, Lyrical Lemonade is proud to present a wild new video for French’s track “Jakobe” shot in the streets of Chi-town by LL’s own Cole Bennett. Roy French delivers a unique auto-tune flow with a catchy chorus that sounds like it could be inspired by the child-hood rhyme, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” while also being backed by a wavy, bass-charged beat from local producer BrentRambo. In the video, French is seen running around the streets of Chicago, sipping out of a coffee cup and even dancing in front of a local Taco Bell with trippy visuals that compliment the tracks upbeat, psychedelic vibe. Peep the new video below, leave us your thoughts and be sure to check out more from Roy French on his SoundCloud here.