ME & U – [Rhomar Jessy] ft. [Sarah Juers] [TROSSTHEGIANT]

For all of you homies out there who need a dope Valentine’s Day song to play for your significant other, look no further. Lyrical Lemonade first timer, Rhomar Jessy has decided to bless us with a groovy jam entitled “ME & U” that you’ll be bumping all night long!  This new piece produced by Enzo Gran and Philip Bowles is definitely a love song, but all in all, it’s truly just a breath of fresh air that needs to be heard by a lot of people. The East Coast rapper will instantly have you hooked as soon as you hear his smooth flow and enticing bars, but to add onto an already impressive track, Rhomar has enlisted help from TROSSTHEGIANT to add his own spin on this instant classic. Rounding it out, the amazing Sarah Juers lends her magnificent vocal talents to take this thing to unreachable height, solidifying this song as a fantastic collaboration between three must-watch talents. I’ve attached the spotify link below for your listening pleasure! Make sure to check it out and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

BigStuff Music Video-[TROSSTHEGIANT]

TROSSTHEGIANT made his Lyrical Lemonade debut after an impressive music video; Now the LL frequent flyer is back with another visual that is just as stunning as the first. A couple of weeks ago TROSS dropped his latest single, ‘BigStuff”. In a short period of time, the song has already racked up nearly 150,000 streams on spotify, much thanks to being featured on the highly coveted New Music Friday Playlist. To add to the hype of this upbeat anthem, TROSSTHEGIANT just recently dropped a music video to go along with it and it’s nothing short of spectacular. Directed by Zach Sperrazzo, the BigStuff music video perfectly highlights what makes TROSS a rising star in this industry. The care free and fun nature of this project makes it very easy for you to connect with the content. After watching this video, there’s no doubt in my mind that there is “BiggerStuff” in store for TROSS this year! I’ve attached the youtube link below, so make sure to check out the visual and let us know what you think. If you’re a fan of TROSS, don’t hesitate to follow him on his social media accounts here and here.


Last month, TROSSTHEGIANT made his well deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut and today, it is my pleasure to let y’all know that the talented San Diego rapper is back with his brand new single, ‘BigStuff’. After covering his Potato Salad Remix that dropped on YouTube, I was really excited for TROSS to drop some new heat in 2019, and he certainly does not disappoint with his latest release.    This time around, The Southern California Native has teamed up with talented producer, Enzo Gran, to bring forth a new school spin on the Jean Knight classic that everyone knows and loves. As soon as this track gets started, it definitely doesn’t slow down by any means. The up tempo beat and old school groove makes this one an instant vibe that won’t allow you to sit still while listening. The most refreshing part about this new offering is TROSSTHEGIANT’s effortless lyrical flow that gets increasingly better as the song goes on.    I predicted that 2019 was going to be a big year for TROSS, and after hearing ‘Big Stuff’, I’m convinced that he’ll prove me right. This song is a fun one to listen to, so click the link below …

Potato Salad (Remix) – [TROSSTHEGIANT]

Today, I’m excited to introduce you all to TROSSTHEGIANT. Tanner Ross, AKA “TROSSTHEGIANT” is an up and coming rapper from Oceanside, California who everyone should keep a close eye out for. The Southern California native has only been rapping for the past two years, but has quickly put together a respectable following that is expected to grow more and more as he releases new projects. When I first saw a video of TROSS rapping, his unassuming stature did not scream “Future Hip-Hop Star”, but once he opened his mouth, it was very easy to see the potential he has to create an illustrious career in this industry. Just recently he released a one take video set to Tyler The Creator’s “Potato Salad” beat (directed by Zach Sperazzo), and it’s nothing you’ll want to sleep on. Right off the bat, TROSS displays his quick wit, clever lyrical mastery, and unique flow, all while proving that rolling around the suburbs in a minivan can actually make for a pretty dope rap video. If this isn’t enough to pull you into the TROSS fan club, he has a lot more music on all streaming platforms, so give him a closer look. Be on the …