TLE Cinco talks his new album “Self-Conscious,” unique sound, and the current climate of Alabama rap

Thanks much in part to rap’s new national prominence many new regional destinations have emerged as notable hip-hop strongholds and, to me, one of the most intriguing areas that have surfaced is Birmingham, and there is one artist, in particular, that seems to encapsulate the 205 more than his large group of rap counterparts. TLE Cinco hails from Bessemer, AL, which is a city to Birmingham’s southwest that has been known to the world as a football factory rather than a major outpost for rap talent, but that seems subject-to-change as Truck Load Entertainment begins to unite Bessemer under their banner. The regional nature of rap has always been one of my favorite aspects to the genre and one of the great things that an art form as open and devoid of limitations like hip-hop is the consequential localization of trends, words, styles, and even sounds have become inextricably linked to different regions and neighborhoods because of different sonic metonymies brought about by that particular area’s local artists who help craft an identity for the place they’re from and broadcast it to the world through their music. For years music has been an outlet for expression that has allowed artists …

Fix The Mic – [TLE Cinco]

Alabama rapper TLE Cinco has risen to the forefront of a densely packed and truly talented southern rap scene, but while his home state may induce many negative connotations TLE Cinco has proven himself to be not only one of the most unique rappers out, but also one of the most willing to experiment. The south as a whole has always been synonymous with being behind the curve as far as what is en vogue and historically has always adapted to culture rather than influencing it, and this precedent is what makes TLE Cinco’s movement so potent to me. Armed with BarryAutoo and his brother Barnotez, Cinco easily has two of the most experimental producers at his side and their instrumentals are only rivaled by a very slim number of others. Their beats are stripped back and disjointed, for example, BarryAutoo and Barnotez produced Cinco’s biggest hit to date, “Check Dis” which featured an eerie melody that was simultaneously futuristic and electronic and is easily one of my favorite songs of the entire year. “Scratch That” is an even more avant-garde example and it is one of the more scattered and asymmetrical beats that I have heard regardless of geography …

Vixen – [TLE Cinco]

Birmingham is becoming an increasingly relevant rap stronghold, led presently by the likes of TLE Cinco and Luh Soldier after an initial boost provided by the YBN movement over the past few years, and after first blowing up for his confrontational and braggadocious lyrics coupled with cosmic and thumping production TLE Cinco has slowly made himself a household name in the south. He is steadily growing a bigger and bigger audience in his city and the region beyond and the success of his local hits like “Check Dis” and “Scratch That” are beginning to impress themselves on the greater rap community. His new visual for his track “Vixen” is a prime example of his ability and charisma that have endeared him so intimately to his city and the entire state of Alabama for that matter. “Vixen” was shot by Krispy Kam and the song is set over a beat bolstered by an upbeat piano melody with traditional trap percussion and Cinco approaches the instrumental with his standard poise and unique flows and Southern drawl. TLE Cinco continually matches his own personal talent and unmistakable confidence with a gifted creative team and a terrifically versatile group of producers and the end …

Cash Out – [Casper]

Casper is a fitting name for this LL newcomer because I can’t find a god damn trace of this ghost anywhere. No Instagram, no Twitter, no other songs…Nothing. That being said, “Cash Out” slaps, so here we are. Best guess, though, Casper is the alter-ego of the track’s producer Farri. The producer, whose production was previously featured on Offset’s 2017 cut “Cinco De Mayo”, returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages armed with a potent beat that centers around a tropical chiming tucked into some cutting snares. Casper (who, again, may also be Farri, but I have no way of proving it, so don’t hold me to it) skates on the beat with an effortless flow used to spit some boastful, gwop-centric bars. To be honest, not really sure what’s going on with Farri/Casper but this one goes, so I hope there’s more coming soon!

Cinco De Mayo – [Offset] Ft. [Young Nudy]

Migos member Offset and newcomer Young Nudy recently joined forces for a new slapper titled “Cinco De Mayo,” and there’s a good chance you may have heard it already. If you happened to check out Nudy’s latest project “Nudy Land” this past week, the 7th track on the album titled “Cancer Stick No Pressure” was actually this new song by Offset which was quickly corrected, and Atlanta producer Farri has now unleashed the fiery record. Backed by a nightmarish instrumental, both Offset & Nudy traded off with their drippy lyricism on taking your girl, cashing out at the bank and carrying a pocket-rocket. In my opinion, these guys go back-and-forth very naturally with their similiar styles, and I can only hope this isn’t the last time we see the ruthless duo link up for a heater. This is also the second release off the Quality Control compilation tape, so on that note, give “Cinco De Mayo” a listen below and peep the first release from Migos titled “Too Hotty” right here.