AP Watch – [Asoh Black]

Asoh Black is a gifted artist out of New York who has been perfecting his craft since I have first came in contact with him, and today he is back on our website with his brand new offering titled “AP Watch”. It’s been a pleasure to watch Asoh Black grow as a creative over the years, he never gets stagnant and he excels are being able to provide literally any type of sound, and this track here is based around the idea of how Asoh is going to be living once he officially “pops”. This is the second single of off Asoh’s forthcoming debut project that should be dropping in the near future, so get in tune with the new song below and keep an eye out for the upcoming project as well! Produced by Sndwn

Watch Torey Lanez new interview with Joe Budden

Torey Lanez is fresh off of the release of his well-received new Chixtape 5 project, and just before the release he sat down with Joe Budden on his amazing Pull Up platform, and we just got blessed with the final product! These two chopped it up like old friends speaking on several subjects such as his amazing new project Chixtape 5, his relationship with Drake, being compared to Bryson Tiller, his situation with his record label, certain artists inflating their stream counts, social media, having a super strong fan base, his mixtapes vs his albums, the process of clearing samples, working with the GOAT T-Pain, Ashanti, the king of R&B, the importance of having good management, wanting to work more with Kelly Rowland, his old beefs, Travis Scott, working with Mariah The Scientist, how he built his team and so much more. This was a great conversation and I highly suggest that you check it out for yourself below!

Somebody – [ No1 | NOAH ]

No1 and his signature vocals are back with a brand new, wavy piece titled “Somebody.” No1 has been around the music industry for over half a decade, and has amassed an impressive following across platforms. His common themes of troubled relationships and inner demons cause for listeners to be consumed by the raw emotion of every track. No1 has stuck to what he knows best, which is a modern-day R&B flow that is taking over the hip-hop music scene. However, No1 also has profound lyricism in his music, which only broadens his spectrum of listeners and allows his music to cross genre boundaries that are already so blurred in hip-hop today. “Hey, its N-O, the one you always say is sentimental, talkin’ ’bout the women that played him, ‘talkin ’bout the bitches that slayed him.” You can’t help but get emotionally attached by the pureness and honesty of this track. This masterpiece released yesterday on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and the Soundcloud release has already gained 6,000 plays in that short time. “Somebody” will be a track to hold over the avid listeners of No1 until a project releases in the future. Stream “Somebody” below!

Shrimp at Phillipes – [ElCamino] ft. [Benny the Butcher]

I know, another Griselda write-up. At this point, it’s probably best to accept that if the crew keeps pumping out quality tracks like these, I’ll never stop covering them. This time, it’s the collective’s newest member, ElCamino, with a new track featuring Benny the Butcher, titled “Shrimp at Phillipes”. These two already lost it on the recent clipping. album. Both of these guys were featured on the same track, titled La Mala Ordina, and I’ve been obsessed with it since release. They both dropped great verses on unlikely production, and proved they could hold their own no matter the backdrop. ElCamino’s verse specifically stuck with me, with some hard-nosed and memorable lines that had me wanting more from the youngest Griselda shooter. I loved his cadence as well, it’s a nice contrast to the other members and allows everyone to shine in their own respective manner when on a track together. This new track featuring Benny is a must-listen, with a beautiful sample loop that complements the buttery smooth flows both emcees bring to the track. You know only to expect greatness from Griselda at this point, check out this track for yourself on all streaming services now and pre-order ElCamnino’s …

Prada – [Tommy Ice] ft. [Bernard Jabs]

Tommy Ice’s consistency is unrivaled. Between his impressive creative output and knack for catchy, infectious melodies; the Atlanta-based artist is poised for success. On his latest release, Tommy connects with Bernard Jabs for “Prada,” a heartfelt track mixed with the subtle flex of rockin’ designer shades. Pretty Boy Ron and Good Kid Larry assist Tommy Ice with the instrumental, crafting the perfect soundscape for an unforgettable two-minute track. Bernard Jabs blesses the cut with a standout verse as Tommy handles the hook with ease, offering a perfect blend from two of Atlanta’s finest. It’s always fun to hear two of the best emerging artists on a track together, so don’t miss your chance. Stream “Prada” from Tommy Ice featuring Bernard Jabs below.

Don’t Do That – [Gucci $antana]

Gucci $antana is a name that has been appearing more and more on our lemon filled website, and for good reason too, he has been making some stellar music + tonight he is returning with his brand new music video for “Don’t Do That”. From the instant you press play be prepared to be greeted with a bass knocking instrumental before Gucci $antana compliments the beat with witty flows and at time aggressive lyrics, it’s one of those songs that once it ends you just can’t help but run it back another two or three times. Take a few minutes of your Friday to check out this brand new music video below, and if you enjoy it then make sure you hit that thumbs up button on YouTube!

Watch Curren$y’s brand new interview with Drink Champs

Curren$y is one of my favorite rappers out and an OG in the music community, so I always tend to watch his new interviews, but his new interview with Drink Champs might be his best interview to date. NORE & DJ EFN asked Curren$y about plenty of topics including his Jet Life label, how he created his own strain of marijuana, the new generation of rappers, New Orleans, No Limit Records, Kanye West, Cash Money Records, Dame Dash, his cult-like fan base, independent versus working with major label, when he first met Smoke DZA, starting a podcast of his own, YBN Cordae & Shoreline Mafia, New Orleans, owning a burger restaurant, psychedelics, his friendship with Wiz Khalifa, funny stories from Jamaica and so much more. Watch this awesome new interview below!    

GMYL – [Jams TFC]

Jams TFC is a Chicago based talent who I have been listening to for over a year now since I saw him open for Femdot in Wicker Park sometime last year, he makes some great music + a great energy to him, and tonight he is back on our website with his brand new music video for “GMYL”. You might recall me posting the audio of this song when it dropped some weeks back, but this new visual takes the track to another level, in large parts thanks to the direction from Pat Banahan from Lost TV! I have enjoyed the content that Jams TFC has been giving us all of 2019, and I don’t expect this to be the last release from him of the year, so you might as well subscribe to his YouTube channel to continue to follow him after you watch this video below! Along with the release of this feel-good videos, Jams left us with some words saying: I love how this video represents Chicago. I love the diversity – this video shows a side of Chicago the media doesn’t acknowledge. We call “summertime chi” the best place in the world for a reason. People from all …

Flex Season – [SEANTHOMMONEY] ft. [TisaKorean]

If you’re looking for a bright way to start this cold weekend, look no further than Awful Records newest melodic star SEANTHOMMONEY. The Maryland-Native has always been a creative force to be reckoned with. After dropping out of college his first semester, SEANTHOMMONEY took a bet on himself and moved to Atlanta to focus on his art full time. His first few releases caught the attention of Awful Records, who signed SEAN after inking a partnership with RCA Records. He has dropped some impressive party-ready hits r, but none more so than his most recent single “Flex Season” alongside certified club rocker TisaKorean. Their energies combine perfectly and it immediately feels like the pair have been creating music for some time. SEANTHOMMONEY’s melodic talents are outstanding on this single, never really giving his flow a break and almost coming off as an Atlanta equivalent to Lancey Foux. The visuals for this record match the bubbly nature of the song, rolling out to a party and breaking necks with how they flex. Tisa has been involved with multiple members of the Awful Records family lately, it’d be amazing to see more collaborations between them in the future. Its records like these …

Laughed To Myself – [Velow]

Last week a new artist from Toronto immediately caught my attention with a hard-hitting single that is perfect as the cold city begins to get colder. Artist’s name is Velow one of the best to come out of Scarborough in recent memory, his deep baritone voice pairs well with his ability to be incredibly versatile from bar to bar in terms of his delivery. Throughout the narrative of his latest single “Laughed To Myself”, Velow plays though all sorts of situations where people doubted him or wrote him off. If this song and video are an indicator, all of those haters will soon be silenced as he is looking to make his mark on a global scale. What makes this song shine is returning to the same lyric “Ha Ha” in between his intricate bars that come at a quick pace to keep the energy moving the entire time. Both this song and video are relentlessly Toronto in nature, yet another talented artist to project the story of a sometimes confusing city to the masses. Watch the video for “Laughed To Myself” below!