Mood Swings – [Swam Lewis]

LA based artist Swam Lewis returns to Lyrical Lemonade with “Mood Swings,” a brand new song and accompanying visual shot by Soluscon. Produced by Rott & Noir1070, the track contains a somber yet memorable guitar-laced melody floated over modern, drum-led percussion. Conceptually Lewis weaves through his emotional state and provides a gloomy perspective into his search for contentment. Once more unafraid to share his vulnerabilities, Swam courageously puts his conflicted vices and virtues in full-view for his audience. Overall, “Mood Swings” is a mature record which fantastically captures the essence of Swam Lewis’ uncensored artistry. Peep the official music video below!

Gone – [Swam Lewis] x [Nick Heal] x [Madlix]

Michigan native Swam Lewis, aka your favorite rock star’s favorite rocks star, returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a captivating visual for his song “Gone.” Featuring fellow local Nick Heal, the track is off Lewis’s fantastic new album “Immortality,” which dabbles with fresh sounds of post-rock, alternative, dark pop, and hip-hop. With chilled somber production from Madlix, the accompanying visual illustrates Swam’s soft spot for ‘heartbreak’ narratives and the raw emotions that follow. As Lewis and Heal wander through the desert, their actions broadly detail collective efforts to escape the dramatic anguish from a breakup. Moreover, the video consists of several cinematic yet fascinatingly simplistic shots of the beautiful landscapes surrounding Southern California. Although the majority of the video is filmed in California, the thematic scenes featuring the woman (in the broken relationship) are shot in Michigan. In summation, the record conceptually covers how easy it is to repress our conflicts, rather than confronting them for the benefit of everyone involved. Check out the visual for Swam Lewis’s “Gone,” which was directed & filmed by Soluscon below!

Dead Battery [Swam Lewis] x [JOYAGAINSTEVIL]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Swam Lewis is a Michigan based artist with a unique sound palette. Ranging from post-rock, alternative, and hip-hop, the only box that Lewis fits is the genre bender. I found Swam Lewis’s catalog to be Convolk esque, although Lewis’s work gives off a more chilled sensation. The latest single from Swam Lewis titled “Dead Battery”  is a dark alternative pop offering. Detailing the contrast between highs and lows, the record is about prevailing when circumstances seem bleak. The production from JOYAGAINSTEVIL applies an ominously somber bassline, while the palatial drum soundscape allows Lewis to open up on his experience(s) with depression. “Dead Battery” is the second single from Swam‘s upcoming project Immortality, which is currently set for a late autumn release. In a seamlessly atmospheric fashion, the chorus and bridge are addictive enough to make the listener press repeat. Although “Dead Battery” evokes a numb connotation, the lyrical transparency makes the song relatable and appreciative to others suffering from similar struggles. Check out the official music video for the track below, which was shot by Brandon Weiss.