Premiere: Top Speed – [SuperSmashBroz] [Wizz Dakota] [Alejandro Blanco]

Regional identity is key in the music world, but even so, rarely do we see collaborations between artists within the same local scene. Put simply, egos can clash at the cost of working together, but one state that has refused this all-too-often sentiment is Massachusetts and more specifically, Boston. Headed, in a large part, by brotherly DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz, a central reason why Massachusetts music has continuously prospered in recent years is due to the scene’s aptitude toward collaboration. Seemingly every year, fans receive a new song of the summer from a dream team of talents, and for 2019, this offering arrives in the form of “Top Speed” by the SuperSmashBroz in collaboration with Wizz Dakota and Alejandro Blanco. Based around a shared sense of animated energy, this offering perfectly translates the sun-soaked energy of the summer into a song just as easy to ride around to as it is to throw on repeat as a party. Per usual, the SuperSmashBroz have curated just the right talents on just the right song, making “Top Speed” an easy favorite for new summer jams. That said, the music speaks for itself in this case, so sit back, relax, and check out …

Get Your Vibes Right Vol. 7 – [SuperSmashBroz]

The job of DJ means a lot more than throwing a bunch of hit songs into a playlist and running it all the way through. Rather, a DJ dictates the sound and feel of a room, the music they want to break, and the music that they consistently play for listeners to get acclimated with. Needless to say, at the hands of every great function is a carefully-curated sound, and in Boston, the SuperSmashBroz are a brotherly DJ duo who have mastered this craft with their renowned Get Your Vibes Right series of mixes. Today, the SmashBroz are here on Lyrical lemonade to unveil the latest edition of the series, Get Your Vibes Right 7. Holding just over an hour and 15-minute runtime, I can confidently say that this mix led me to search Google for at least a handful of song IDs. Instead of hopping around on the internet to see what people are listening to or talking about, this mix thoughtfully curates songs that will garner a strong reaction in real life, and for that, it deserves some serious appreciation. Especially nowadays, with the wildfire design of social media, there are countless songs that might rack up millions of views but can’t …

Replay Interlude – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Jefe Replay]

For those who have been following Lyrical Lemonade for some time now, you may remember a write up we did on Boston DJs the SuperSmashBroz and their Massachusetts-oriented compilation project, Family Cookout last summer. Well, today, the SmashBroz continue what has been an eventful summer of shows and new releases with a brand new set of visuals for the song “Replay Interlude” off of the project. Featuring none other than Jefe Replay, this music video finds the Boston rapper in a natural atmosphere of women and partying, unleashing a barrage of clever bars with the same effortless style that we know and love him for. The Snapchat-incorporating scenery shows off unforgettable nights of good times, and all in all, this is a dope visual companion to go alongside a hard-hitting song, The SuperSmashBroz aren’t playing around this summer, so check out their latest offering at the link provided below! Shot by M9 Visuals Produced by LDG Beats

Codename: Girls Next Door – [Gin Mason] [CHI]

It comes as no surprise by now that Massachusetts is home to an incredible number of rising artists. Amidst the finest of these artists are Gin Mason and CHI: two remarkably gifted talents that are here today to present fans with a 6-track project, Codename: Girls Next Door alongside Boston DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz. For those who have been paying close attention to our pages recently, you may remember the first single from the project, “Girls Night“, released a few weeks back. We heard great promise on this loose release, but now that the final product is finally here, it goes without saying that Mason and CHI have blessed us all with a worthy soundtrack for the good times that arrive with the warm weather. Each song is immaculately placed in a way such that its full effect is felt, and the solo feature from fellow Boston native Michael Christmas only acts a cherry on top to the melodic track and my personal favorite off of the project, “Fronto”. Additionally, we need to acknowledge production credits from LDG, Maka, Tee-WaTT, the SuperSmashBroz, and KorHef, all of which absolutely snapped in their respective roles. The latest collaborative offering from Gin Mason and CHI deserves …

Girls Night – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Gin Mason] [CHI] [Joan]

Boston DJ duo, the SuperSmashBroz, are professionals at bringing together just the right artists for just the right songs (just look at Family Cookout for proof), and today, they’re here to exhibit this talent with a summer anthem entitled “Girls Night”. Matching up a few of their home city’s best female acts with Gin Mason, CHI, and Joan, the latest from the SmashBroz acts as a fitting soundtrack to a night of dancing and good times. The melodic bounce, coming through production courtesy of KorHef, makes for an intoxicating supply of galvanizing energy, and all in all, this track is an addictive collaboration that showcases what Boston has to bring to the table. Listen to “Girls Night” at the link below and be on the lookout for a full EP from these talents coming soon!

U Thought – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Gio Dee] [Polo $ummers]

Boston has been on a steady ascent towards becoming a full-fledged musical powerhouse within the last few years, and two standout facilitators that have nurtured this growth are none other than DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz. Last August, they blessed the city with a compilation project of all Massachusetts artists entitled Family Cookout, and today, they join our pages with yet another taste of summer, revisiting the song “U Thought” from the project with brand new accompanying visuals. This track has slowly become a fan-favorite off of the tape, and with smooth vocals from frequent collaborators Polo $ummers and Gio Dee to light the way, the music video for this one is a well-deserved display of the effortless sauce that each of the two Boston standouts possesses. Scenes inside the barbershop clash with the electrifying song to make for an impressive release both visually and audibly, and all in all, “U Thought” is a hint as to how hard Boston is coming all summer long. Click play on the video below and let us know what you think in the comments! Shot by: BarhamMedia Directed by: NomaNomz Edited by: Curwyn Henry Prod. Dreaveli x Lil Rich

Grab It – [SuperSmashBroz] ft. [Plad Fine$$e] [Lil Rich] [CHI]

Just this past week, Boston DJ duo the SuperSmashBroz made their Lyrical Lemonade debut with Family Cookout, their coveted debut mixtape featuring over 30 Massachusetts talents and an endless supply of vibes. Today the rising talents are back with their new visuals for “Grab It” featuring Plad Fine$$e, Lil Rich, and CHI (directed by BT Livin). Among ominous scenes of crime that speak to the street life that “Grab It” details, the music video for this one perfectly paints the picture that such illustrative lyricism gives to listeners. It’s a match made in heaven in terms of seamless translations from audio to video, bound to run up the numbers and maintain the rising stock that each artist possesses. Also notable is how well frequent Boston collaborator Tee-WaTT snaps on the production side of things, laying the groundwork for a standout banger to come to fruition. Watch “Grab It” below and be sure not to sleep on some of the most exciting upcoming talents from the Northeast.  

Family Cookout – [SuperSmashBroz]

With Boston’s rap scene on the brink of blowing up, support within the city right now is essential towards making a push for success. One name that first comes to mind when thinking of movers and shakers within the Bean are the SuperSmashBroz, a DJ duo with the main goals of getting your vibes right and putting on for their stomping ground. This past summer, they released a compilation mixtape titled Family Cookout comprised of songs from over 30 different Massachusetts artists, gifting listeners with various dream team collaborations and ultimately letting the world know what Boston has to offer. The diverse collection of personalities and styles has something for everyone, and I don’t hesitate in saying that the SuperSmashBroz seem to have the golden touch when it comes to being facilitators and working to push their city forward with immense energy and positivity. On the day of the tape’s release, the SmashBroz wrote “hard to beat Boston when the city rallies up” on social media. The integral role that the duo plays helps to make moments like this possible, and should you take away anything from listening to Family Cookout, I hope you take away the fact that Boston is ready to take over with an ample supply of …