Gucci Polo – [Stix] x [Supa Bwe]

Stix and Supa Bwe are two Chicago legends who have been focal pieces in tons of timeless music to come out of the city this decade, and this afternoon they are back with the premiere of their brand new visual for “Gucci Polo”. This record itself was released just a couple months ago as the first (if I am not mistaken) release from Stix as an artist, and it has gained some great traction in recent months, so of course, they had to go above and beyond for the visual! They shot this video on beautiful Lake Michigan in Chicago along with some assistance from video director Todd Barrett, and when you pair that type of visual with these sonically pleasing artists, you simply can’t go wrong. This may be just the beginning for Stix in this new lane but I believe he is going to have much success, and if you need convincing of that point all you have to do is press play below!

Jaguar – [Supa Bwe]

Chicago OG Supa Bwe has been teasing his loyal fan base with his Jaguar EP for a minute now, and just yesterday he blessed us with the final product! This tape contains a total of eight records and a run time just over twenty minutes in length, and Supa packed quite a few different sounds + styles into it, everything from straight headbangers to euphoric sounding cuts. One thing that we know about Supa Bwe is that he is a groundbreaking talent when it comes to experimenting + finding different styles that are often imitated, an he wasn’t shy of giving us a plethora of unique flows on this project. I would go more in-depth with this tape but I am going to save it for our Top 50 Chicago Projects list that’s just around the corner, plus I need to sit with this one more because it’s just that good. Stream this brand new masterpiece via Spotify below! Happy (belated) birthday to Supa Bwe from all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade!

What I’ve Been On, Pt. 2 – [Jaymz V]

On his first project since being locked up for three years, the Chicago artist reunites with close friends and collaborators (Supa Bwe, Mick Jenkins, Qari) for a heartfelt return to form.

American Reject (White House Freestyle) – [Taylor Bennett] x [Supa Bwe]

Chicago superstars Taylor Bennett and Supa Bwe are two of the OG artists who we have been rocking with here at LL for years now, they have worked together countless times in the past but one of my favorite collab joints they have ever done just got a brand new visual, the intro and title track to Taylor’s fantastic project! Nine months into 2019 when I look back at all of the great new music that has come out of Chicago this year, Taylor Bennett’s The American Reject stands near the very top of the pack, this record here was a fan favorite (me included) on the tape so I was happy to see it great a witty & clever music video to help bring it to life. I loved this visual a ton for many reasons, but mainly because it was extremely unique & creative, you got to see the funny side of both Taylor and Supa and it was just flat out a feel-good watch for me. I could go on and on about this one but I’ll just let you get right into it, watch Supa Bwe transform into The Science Boy and Taylor Bennett do his best …

LOOK – [Supa Bwe] Ft. [Qari]

Supa Bwe is only a few days removed from his sensational headliner in Chicago with his homies Qari & Mulatto (& Duffle Bag Buru + Reeseynem), but today the Chicago legend is finding himself back on our platform with the release of his brand new music video for “LOOK” featuring Qari. I can’t even begin to explain just how excited that I have been for this release, any true fan of Supa/Qari knows that them reconnecting about a year ago was a miracle itself, but to see them side by side making music together again damn near brings a tear to my eye. The video director and LL’s own Cole Bennett put it best though, adding: “This one means a lot to me, they (Supa & Qari) were some of the first artists I ever worked with when I started Lyrical Lemonade, I used to be at every one of their shows in Chicago and I always used to dream that we’d do a music video together. & now it’s here!” This is an important release here for us at LL but more importantly this is a big release for the city of Chicago man, let’s be sure to support …

CLASS CLOWN – [Luke Almighty]

It’s become nearly impossible to follow Chicago’s rising hip-hop scene without encountering a beat or two from producer Luke Almighty. Over the past few years, he has proven his knack for putting on new talent and boasts a roster of big voices both from the city and all over (Supa Bwe, Yung Bans, that continues to grow. Now, Almighty calls upon that roster for his own project. With features from many of his longtime collaborators and an appearance from Chicago legend Twista, ‘Class Clown’ gives the most cohesive look at the producer’s talent yet. Almighty put his name in the spotlight last summer with the release of his debut mixtape ‘Deliver Us From Evil’, and while that project offered a deep-dive into a sound he was already known for, ‘Class Clown’ expands upon his skills. Almighty proves he’s still in his bag when balancing hard 808s influenced by Chicago drill production and ambient synths on tracks like “Believe That”; Rappers KOMLA, KILLKAIN, and SANTIAGO trade verses on this song over rolling hi-hats and an eerie melody. While honing this sound, Almighty also experiments with more melodic elements and sampling, with songs like “Brand New” offering an upbeat change of …

Ain’t Shit Changed – [Supa Bwe]

Just about five minutes ago Chicago legend and Lyrical Lemonade favorite Supa Bwe released a brand new record titled “Ain’t Shit Changed” and it’s yet another great musical offering to come from Chicago today. Supa Bwe has always been ahead of the curve sonically and a trendsetter when it comes to using creatives flows + styles, and this new joint is the latest example of just that, he dabbled & experimented with a few different sounds here and I loved every minute of it. I am sure that this is just the start of a good string of music that’s about to be dropped on us by Supa Bwe in 2019, although this is just a loosie, I know he has some real heat tucked away that I am excited for the world to hear. Not only did Supa Bwe bless us with some new music tonight but he also announced that he will be headlining Reggies Rock Club in Chicago on August 9th along side Hurt Everybody + Duffle Bag Buru! You can purchase tickets to the show here!

Rememory – [Supa Bwe] x [Chance The Rapper]

Supa Bwe and Chance The Rapper have been leading Chicago’s hip-hop community for years now, and whenever they hop on a record together it’s great for the city, today they are blessing us with with not a new song, but a brand new music video for their last collab “Rememory”. If you remember the last visual these two released was the animated cut “Fool Wit It Freestyle” a couple of years ago, and they kept the animation theme going on this visual but they stepped it up big time, in large part thanks to director Tristan Zammit. I can’t stress enough how great of a job they all did on this one, I hope to see it in some “Best Music Videos of 2019” lists toward the end of the year, but regardless check it out for yourself below!

Taylor Bennett Speaks on The American Reject, the Cover Art, TBE + more!

Taylor Bennett has been one of the biggest pieces in the puzzle that makes up Chicago’s music community. He has been rapping and creating music for damn near a decade and has become not only one of Chicago’s best rappers, but more importantly one of the brightest business minds that the city has to offer. The growth of his company Taylor Bennett Entertainment has been amazing to watch to say the least: he has built up a still small yet unbelievably talented roster with Bianca Shaw who has blossomed into one of the best talents that the city has to offer, as well as Zxxk who is one of the most talented producers & creatives in the game. When we look back ten years from now, these two will be far along in their careers under the guidance of Taylor & TBE. Next week Taylor is releasing his forthcoming album The American Reject, and when I saw him tease the cover I knew I had to bring him by the Lyrical Lemonade office to pick his brain about the project, the cover and so much more. As we gear up for the project that appears to be Taylor’s biggest and most …

Just Say Thank You – [Supa Bwe]

Ladies and gentleman, the moment that we have been waiting for is finally upon us, as Chicago superstar Supa Bwe just released his highly anticipated project titled “Just Say Thank You”. This is a huge moment for Supa Bwe is his career, he has been building up his name and sound slowly but surely for years now, and it seems as if all of that hard work is really about to paying off in a big way. The features on this project come from the likes of Chance The Rapper, Duffle Bag Buru, Rexx Life Raj and last but certainly not least, Dounia. I enjoyed every single one of the seven tracks that were provided on this tape, but if I had to pick my favorite I would have to say it’s either “Rememory” featuring Chance or “BOOM BOOM BOOM” featuring Duffle Bag Buru. Of course the shining factor of this entire project was Supa himself, he created some of the best music of his entire life and included it on this masterpiece, congratulations on the release to Supa from all of us here at Lyrical Lemonade, we are proud of you. When we look back on the year of 2019 …