Two Three – [SoloSam]

Chicago rapper SoloSam released his ‘Plated’ EP a few months ago, and now he’s given one of the project’s standout tracks a worthy visual to accompany it. “Two Three” pays tribute to Chicago legend Michael Jordan, idolizing him for his hustle and iconic status, and the music video follows the same pattern by recreating some of the most memorable pop culture moments of Jordan’s career. SoloSam has built a reputation for conceptual videos that pair well with the themes in his songs, and he’s found success working with Chicago-based directors Stripmall Productions in the past. Sam and Stripmall continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship on “Two Three”, really playing into Jordan’s larger-than-life influence and integrating it into the video through Stripmall’s signature visual effects. “Two Three” adds a fun visual accompaniment to an already energetic track, making it all the more enjoyable to listen to and watch.

Bloom – [Ajani Jones]

One of my favorite upcoming artists in the city right now is Ajani Jones, who is finding himself back on our platform tonight with the premiere of his brand new visual for “Bloom”! He connected with Stripmall Productions who was the man behind the camera for this one, and it doesn’t take much more than one watch through to see that he clearly picked the right man for the job. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like it be sure to follow Ajani on Twitter here! produced by Sherpa Music & Sebastian Kamae

Fast – [SoloSam]

Underground Chicago rapper SoloSam’s name has been on my radar ever since I saw him perform live for the first time at Subterranean this October. The man was fearless and relentless, literally hopping off stage and into the crowd, getting up close and personal as he rapped along with audience members. I wasn’t very familiar with him before that night, but afterward, the performance had been permanently imprinted in my memory. Today, SoloSam impresses once again with a new video for his track “Fast.” Dropping fiery bars aimed at his competition, he absolutely kills this self-produced beat. His gravelly, deep tone also sets him apart, bearing a feeling of battle-hardened wisdom as he speaks his truth through his lyrics. The accompanying visuals, which were premiered over at These Days, elevate the volatility of this song, leading with a clip from Muhammed Ali and following Sam and his crew on a heist mission. Reminiscent of scenes from the Oceans movies and Baby Driver, the visuals that brothers Ian and Sean Mallers (StripMall Productions) have cooked-up fit perfectly with “Fast.” Peep the video for “Fast” now, and stay tuned for SoloSam’s forthcoming ITIS project.

XXII – [Charles Lauste] ft. [Femdot]

Shot by Stripmall Productions Earlier this year, Chicago producer Charles Lauste released his Charles XII EP, which carried a stacked lineup of Chicago bred artist. Now the producer brings second wind to the windy city, releasing the highly anticipated visuals for his intro track “XXII” featuring the buzzing Femdot. There’s no doubt Femdot is one of, if not, the hottest emcee in the city’s prospering music scene, with his efforts in this track being a direct reflection of his staggering musical capability. The visuals capture Femdot through an array of colorful new clips and animations, as the candid emcee deliveres forthright verses of poetry for the entire two minutes. If you have acquainted yourself with Femdot’s work up until this point, you may want to real soon, as 2017 is already looking to be a promising one for one of the city’s most promising artist. Checkout the vibrant new visuals below! Also, stay tuned for more new music from Fem in the future.