Already Dead – [Juice WRLD]

It’s never easy for even a second losing a loved one, and when one of your favorite artists in the entire world passes away so suddenly, it can truly affect you for years and years. While I know people have differing opinions about posthumous releases considering the talent themself isn’t here to give their final stamp of approval, I for one am okay with it because when they put their all into their music as Juice WRLD did, you know that it’s always something that should be available for fans to witness and learn from. Juice was the definition of an absolute superstar, and if that wasn’t obvious during his time here on Earth, it should be now after seeing the massive success his projects have seen, an entire HBO documentary, and simply the unforgettable legacy he built as well as the mark he left on every single one of his fans. Juice was one of a kind, obviously, and when his team released his album Fighting Demons which boasted 18 songs lasting almost 55 minutes long and features from other talents like Justin Bieber, Polo G, Trippie Redd, and more. It’s sad knowing that we won’t get too much …

My Favorite Projects of 2021

2021 has very much been an up and down year for most, but it’s undeniably been a phenomenal year for music. In fact, I enjoyed listening to so many releases that I’d forgotten some even released this year. Not only has there been plenty of stylistic/genre variety, but also artists of all types (small, emerging, mainstream) actively releasing their art. To showcase my appreciation, I decided to put together a list of my favorite projects; (in no particular order) all of which remain in my rotation heading into the new year. I hope you discover an album, EP or mixtape that you might have missed! Last but not least, this list is also a token of gratitude to each and every person that has read a Lyrical Lemonade piece of mine. I wish you a happy and fulfilling New Year. – – – – – Issa Gold: Tempus (album) Genres: Introspective hip-hop, Conscious rap Favorite track: Cold Summer   Amaria – Bittersweet (EP) Genres: R&B Favorite track: Lose Control   Richie Quake – Voyager (EP) Genres: R&B, Indie Favorite Track: Sensitive   Jean Deaux – Most Wanted (EP) Genres: Hip-Hop, Modern R&B, Electro-Trap Favorite track: Stay Down Marlon Craft – How We Intended (album) Genres: Hip-Hop, Jazz …

Not Sober – [The Kid LAROI] ft. [Polo G] & [Stunna Gambino]

The Kid LAROI is a star in every sense of the word, and that has been abundantly apparent for years, at this point. Despite his young age, he has overcome any odds that were placed in front of him, turning into one of the biggest names in music currently, and I couldn’t be happier for him. Just last night, he finally released the 3rd edition of his Fuck Love series entitled Over You, and while I have quite had a chance to give it a thorough listen, I was beyond happy with all of the singles thus far, and that’s not surprising to me at all. Luckily, in order to celebrate the project’s release, LAROI decided to team up with Polo G, Stunna Gambino, and director Steve Cannon to shoot a music video for their amazing song “Not Sober”, so I couldn’t help but share it with you all. LAROI makes this a family affair, bringing out the entire hood no matter where in the country he seems to be. Opening up, he and Stunna are joined by a massive hoard of fans and friends outside of a tall building. As the hook plays and LAROI sings about smoking and …

i wanna slam my head against the wall – [glaive]

Although I’m relatively new to the world of Hyperpop, it has pretty much ruled my world for the past couple of months. My brother put me onto some unbelievably talented artists, to begin with, and I’ve kind of diverged onto my own path where I’ve come across some of the most wildly underrated artists in the entire music scene. Out of all these talents, glaive is an artist that I legitimately haven’t heard a bad song from. In fact, I don’t think he could put out a bad song if he tried, and this has turned him into not only one of my favorite acts in Hyperpop but one of my favorite artists in the entire music landscape. Earlier today, he decided to release a track entitled “i wanna slam my head against the wall”, which he had previously teased in a snippet on Instagram and I couldn’t be more excited. Produced by a slew of talented hitmakers including Glasear, Kid Icarus, cashheart, Whethan, and youngkimj, they incorporate a variety of sounds lead by a heartfelt guitar melody, some crisp hats and claps, and some smooth bass drums that are taken to new levels throughout the hook as Hyperpop tracks …

Always Do – [The Kid LAROI]

If you didn’t know by now that The Kid LAROI is a superstar, you must be intentionally avoiding his music. When he released Fuck Love this past summer, this fact was solidified even more than it was before, and even after some major guest verses with other artists, he hasn’t slowed down in the slightest. Luckily, he decided to gift fans with a deluxe version of this project which he entitled Savage, making it appear as if it’s a brand-new separate project in and of itself, and I can’t wait to run through it more than the singular time I already have. One of the new songs that he delivered on this addition is called “Always Do”, a record that’s as catchy as it is emotional, yet LAROI seems to never fully finish revealing the heartbreaking relationships he gets into, with this record adding to the sorrow yet again. A slew of talented producers came together to bring the instrumental to life, using moving acoustic guitar licks, snaps, tapping hats, and clean, subdued drums that come together for a somewhat minimal beat that LAROI truly shines on, allowing his passion to take the brunt of the work. On the hook, …

Block Hot Freestyle – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is an artist that we have got to know pretty well over the years, and tonight he is finding himself back on our lemon filled pages with his brand new music video for “Block Hot Freestyle”. One of my favorite aspects about this two-minute video aside from the great production & even better raps is the concept behind the video, the shoots were Steven is walking around while his homies + other thins show in the background are entertaining to say the least. $teven Cannon has come a long way so far in his career and he is showing no signs of slowing down in the least bit, if anything, he is only getting better & better while he reaches his full potential. I am sure it won’t be long before $teven Cannon is back on tour + in a city near you, so you might as well get in tune with his new material below!

No Time – [$teven Cannon] x [Sonny Digital]

$teven Cannon is an artist that we have covered here on LL plenty of times in the past so the odds are you are already familiar with him, but if you aren’t then the perfect place to start is his brand new record titled “No Time” featuring the legend Sonny Digital. The production on this joint provided by Austin Powerz was addicting to say the least, and once these two skilled emcees jumped over the beat with their contributions it was clear that this isn’t just your average release, this is a hit! From the time that I first starting listening to Steven’s music to now he has improved a tremendous amount, in my opinion this is one of his most sonically pleasing & well put together releases yet. Stream this brand new record via YouTube and if you like it make sure you hit that thumbs up button.

Lowkey – [Steven Cannon]

Steven Cannon is a veteran here on our lemon filled pages, and this afternoon I am extremely honored to bring you the premiere of his brand new album titled “Lowkey”. Steven was teasing his massive fan base on social media the past week or so with this release, and after running through this ten track effort a couple of times I was stunned at the final product. I have always enjoyed Steven Cannon’s music since I first got put onto him by my LL homies a couple of years back, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this tape is by far my favorite material from him to date. Stream this brand new album via Spotify below and if you like what you hear be sure to share it with a friend or a loved one. Features from Lil Xan, Arin Ray and Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Everyday – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is a regular on our platform and a few days back he unleashed an awesome new music video for his record called “Everyday”. $teven Cannon has the uncanny ability to whip up sonically pleasing melodies at what seems like the snap of a finger, and this new joint is certainly no different. He joined forces with music video director waterwippinevan who was the brilliant mind behind the camera for this one, and I believe I speak for a majority of his fans when I say that I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Check out this brand new visual below and if you like what you hear be sure to give $teven Cannon a follow on Twitter here. produced by dilip & dj yung vamp

Look @ This – [$teven Cannon]

$teven Cannon is certainly no stranger to our lemon filled pages, and today he is back with his brand new record titled “Look @ This”.  He jumped over some addictive production that was handled by ShoNuff, and together the two of them created arguably my favorite track from the Xanarchy affiliate so far in his young career. Steven picked the pocket of the beat perfectly and rode it out for damn near three minutes straight, leaving plenty of catchy bars along the way. Check out this brand new offering below and be sure to let me know what you think about it in the comments section!