Waltz In – [StayGoldenSwerve]

Coming from the small town of Harrisburg, PA, rapper StayGoldenSwerve has a chip on shoulder. With aspirations of putting his city on the map, the young artist recently released an EP titled, ‘Midnight Vibes.’ The entire project happens to be a vibe with a concise and entertaining sonic landscape, but there is one song that I particularly enjoy called, ‘Waltz In.’ The song permits listeners to turn all the way up or reflect to rougher times in their lives. To quote Swerve, ‘I remember money wasn’t everything.’ Produced by the rapper’s brother, Drew Tyrell, the song has the ability to blast the roof off of your car. After hearing StayGoldenSwerve, I confidently say that the dynamic superstar in the making will be around for years to come. Words by Barry R