Two Three – [SoloSam]

Chicago rapper SoloSam released his ‘Plated’ EP a few months ago, and now he’s given one of the project’s standout tracks a worthy visual to accompany it. “Two Three” pays tribute to Chicago legend Michael Jordan, idolizing him for his hustle and iconic status, and the music video follows the same pattern by recreating some of the most memorable pop culture moments of Jordan’s career. SoloSam has built a reputation for conceptual videos that pair well with the themes in his songs, and he’s found success working with Chicago-based directors Stripmall Productions in the past. Sam and Stripmall continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship on “Two Three”, really playing into Jordan’s larger-than-life influence and integrating it into the video through Stripmall’s signature visual effects. “Two Three” adds a fun visual accompaniment to an already energetic track, making it all the more enjoyable to listen to and watch.

Plated – [SoloSam]

Above all, SoloSam is a man of his crafts. The Chicago rapper is no doubt dedicated to his mastery of the pen, and it wouldn’t take that deep of a dive into his discography to realize that. But with the release of his latest project ‘Plated’, Sam’s tying his love for rap with his equally strong passion for the culinary arts. How many rappers do you know that released their new EP with an accompanying cookbook? Until this moment, I would venture to guess the answer was zero. Over the past few years, SoloSam has made himself known in the Chicago hip-hop scene as an artist with the ability to move crowds just off his raps alone. ’Plated’ the EP offers a heaping supply of SoloSam’s bread and butter, straight bars packed with a healthy mix of substance and boasts finished with guttural conviction that can’t be questioned. Sam’s gravelly voice rumbles with a power that commands whatever beat he hops on, setting the pace with the plethora of flows he keeps at the ready. He’s laser-focused all throughout, consistently coming through with verses that cut with the precision of a chef’s knife. His skill becomes most apparent in the …

Hubris – [SoloSam]

If you’ve been tapped into Chicago’s underground hip-hop community over the past three years, you might have come upon SoloSam’s name at least once or twice. The independent rapper’s hustle has made him hard to ignore, whether he’s taking stages all over the city with his relentless energy or dropping a consistent streak of new music that seems to get better with each release. Today, this streak continues with SoloSam’s new song, “Hubris”. Over a beat he produced himself, “Hubris” personifies Sam at his most untouchable as he turns his personal philosophies of life into boastful bars. It’s tough to deny the Chicago rapper’s confidence on this track when he’s putting so much emphasis behind each word he says. He has a lot to brag about on this song—his 2019 single “Highly Favored” and EP “Safe Keeping” have been two of his highest streamed releases yet, and it wouldn’t be surprising if “Hubris” followed suit. With this recent success adding fuel to the fire, SoloSam sounds ready to breakthrough to a wider national audience. And if this single is any indication, his music will only level up with him.

Pluto – [Ajani Jones]

Is it just me or does this man Ajani Jones keep outdoing himself? I’m not complaining though, in fact I am applauding at what he accomplished up to this point, and the Chicago kid is back today with his new offering titled “Pluto”. When I first fell in love with Ajani’s music a few years back on his Eternal Bliss tape it was because of his extraordinary song crafting abilities & his on point story telling skills, and in a weird way this record made me reflect on just how far he has come musically in just a couple of dozen months, it’s like he’s the same grounded individual but his talent has blossomed immensely. This is the first record off of Ajani’s forthcoming full length project titled Dragonfly that is set to drop on July 16th, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Don’t sleep on this one, press play below. produced by BanksTheGenius Additional Vocals provided by: Anna Agosta Additional Production provided by: Quinn Cochran & Solosam

Breezin & Coolin – [SoloSam]

The steady success of SoloSam’s ‘ITIS’ EP has been well-deserved for the independent Chicago rapper, and his come-up thus far has thrived solely on the quality of his music. His style is grounded in straightforwardness, leaving nothing to distract from his sheer rap skills and abilities as an artist. In his latest video for “Breezin & Coolin”, a standout track off ITIS, Sam reminds us of this fact with a visual that packs a punch behind the laidback single. He embodies the song’s title in multiple ways: riding around on a scooter, playing tennis with a giant robot, and turning into a centaur for some reason, he appears to give zero fucks as he delivers some of his strongest bars to date. Directed by Chicago brother-duo Stripmall and premiered via HotNewHipHop, “Breezin & Coolin” marks an exciting new development in SoloSam’s already successful year. Watch the music video below:

ITIS – [SoloSam]

After dropping the heist-themed video for his single “FAST” late last year, SoloSam returns to our page today with his new project, “ITIS”. Entirely self-produced, the Chicago rapper delivers his most polished, cohesive work to date on these seven tracks. Sam packs his lyrics in steady, concentrated flows, wasting no time for weak bars or watered down thoughts. Instead, the Chicago native moves with intention, often using his own hustle and ambition as lyrical fuel. On the standout track “Dogs Go 2 Heaven” he raps, “that boy gon’ blow from the same city that Ye did; I be talking that crazy shit—that same shit that Ye did”, prophesying his come-up while paying homage to his city. It’s cunning lines like these that make up the project’s most memorable moments, showcasing Sam’s raw rap abilities with nothing but unbridled 808s as the backdrop—not to mention his baritone conviction makes everything sound 10 times harder. Sam also ventures into the deeply introspective on cuts like “Self Inflicting”. As he lets down the walls of his psyche, he admits to the pressure he puts on himself to constantly be in control of his surroundings; he walks a line between confessional and motivational, allowing …

The Come Up – [SoloSam]

With the recent release of his music video “Fast,” rapper SoloSam has begun to make waves in the Chicago rap scene on a whole new level. So, it’s befitting that his latest offering is titled “The Come Up.” Clocking in at under 2-minutes, this track hits more like a freestyle than a polished song. At the same time though, SoloSam packs a whole lot of content into a short amount of time. He raps with urgency, professing his goals of rap-domination over one extended verse. Constantly switching up flows and rhyme schemes, he sounds laser-focussed with no time for bullshit. He’s going into 2018 with a recharged sense of ambition, and “The Come Up” shows he’s got the skills to get him where he wants to be. Listen below:

Fast – [SoloSam]

Underground Chicago rapper SoloSam’s name has been on my radar ever since I saw him perform live for the first time at Subterranean this October. The man was fearless and relentless, literally hopping off stage and into the crowd, getting up close and personal as he rapped along with audience members. I wasn’t very familiar with him before that night, but afterward, the performance had been permanently imprinted in my memory. Today, SoloSam impresses once again with a new video for his track “Fast.” Dropping fiery bars aimed at his competition, he absolutely kills this self-produced beat. His gravelly, deep tone also sets him apart, bearing a feeling of battle-hardened wisdom as he speaks his truth through his lyrics. The accompanying visuals, which were premiered over at These Days, elevate the volatility of this song, leading with a clip from Muhammed Ali and following Sam and his crew on a heist mission. Reminiscent of scenes from the Oceans movies and Baby Driver, the visuals that brothers Ian and Sean Mallers (StripMall Productions) have cooked-up fit perfectly with “Fast.” Peep the video for “Fast” now, and stay tuned for SoloSam’s forthcoming ITIS project.

Made Me – [Solosam]

Tonight we are glad to bring you a brand new track by Solosam titled “Made Me.” He connected with producer 10A to make this one happen, and together they whipped up one of the best songs I have heard this week. The hook on this one is undenaibly catchy, I assure you that once you listen to the song, you will not be able to get it out of your head. Click play below to peep the new joint, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Engineered by BanksTheGenius @ Glass Tree Collective

Happily Alone – [Solosam]

One of Chicago’s most underrated artist Solosam releases this incredible track “Happily Alone.” Solosam is really a one man army as he is also in charge of the unique production on this one. Mostly known for his melodic sounds, Solo takes it one verse at a time showing off his true bars followed by a powerful hook. Solosam is one who has been heavily slept on, however this track is certain to wake people up. Take a listen for yourself below.