Seal777- [2kthagoon]

For years and years at this point, I have slowly but surely accumulated a very vast collection of underground artists who I have to pay attention to every single time they drop new music. At the very top of this list is undoubtedly 2kthagoon for so many different reasons. Back when I first found out about him, he was putting out so much music that I felt as if I could blink and miss a new drop, so that work ethic was something I admired and respected. Even if not every single song topped his previous release, the fact that he kept trying out different styles and experimenting made me eager to return for more new music to see just what kind of style he was trying out each time. More recently, his experimentations continue but his releases are a bit more spaced out. With this being the case, however, you can tell the quality and pure effort that goes into each and every release is so much more thought out and professional, which is definitely necessary to get to the next level in his career. I personally think 2k is making some of the best music of his life …

Messed Up – [Hish]

Florida-based vocalist Hish is a new face on Lyrical Lemonade and today, we are proud to premiere his sparkling new release titled, Messed Up. Having only a few songs on SoundCloud dating back to last year, it came to my attention that the newcomer has been ready for the spotlight for some time with even his earliest tracks in Sober Thoughts & Come Around both produced by Jakobe Bryant. Obviously, his sound has dramatically evolved in a very short amount of time as the new Soldado & Ghetto Guitar-produced offering was the ultimate Summer vibe with Hish blessing the standout instrumental with his mesmerizing lyrics that will make you a fan in the first few seconds of listening. After checking this one out you can expect to see Hish on this side of the web more often but until his next drop, take-in Messed Up below and find out more about the Florida artist on his socials here: Twitter: @Hishmuh  

Pre-Rolleds – [Wiz Khalifa]

Well I wasn’t expecting this at all, Wiz Khalifa dropped a brand new project yesterday titled “Pre-Rolleds” and it’s straight flames. If you know anything about Wiz Khalifa, then you surely know about the relationship he has with producer Sledgro, who produced this whole EP, along with a little assitance from TayMasterChef, Prezident Jeff and Soldado. I consider myself a huge and long time Wiz Khalifa fan, and I believe that I speak for all fans when I say that he really came through with some solid music this time around. Don’t sleep on the brand new music, check it out below!

Upgrade – [Lil Citgo]

Out of Louisiana, Lil Citgo is back with a new track titled “Upgrade.” This song is a preview of what is to come from Citgo’s forthcoming project called “2.0 EP.” Soldado, the producer of this song, brings a creative sound to assist this very catchy track. In case you aren’t familiar with Citgo, he’s apart of 3200 Records alongside Warhol.SS, Kevin Pollari, and more. Until there’s word on “2.0 EP,” check out the latest from Lil Citgo down below.