In My Zone – [Smiley]

Ever since hearing “Body” via 6ixBuzz (a platform that I highly recommend checking out if you’re looking for an entry point into Toronto’s rap scene), I’ve been hooked on Toronto artist Smiley. In music and on social media, Smiley is a massively compelling personality, offering a brand of individualistic, Toronto-bred style that can’t be imitated. He’s one of a kind in every way, which is highlighted in the rising talent’s latest song and video, “In My Zone.” Structured around a bed of ominous melodies and trunk-rattling drums, “In My Zone” is the kind of in-your-face release that perfectly captures the two-sided appeal of Smiley. On one hand, he matches the aggressive tone of the production with paced flows and memorable songwriting, hard-nosed in an effortless way. On the other hand, he balances this out with typical Smiley style, almost sing-songy in his deliveries and driven by the oddball sense of charisma that made me a fan in the first place. Finding the sweet spot between the two sides, Smiley separates himself from the rest, and brings unapologetic Toronto energy to the table in a massively exciting way, almost reminiscent of what Peewee Longway has been able to do as such …

A Conversation w/ Nils: Working on ‘Legends Never Die’, Upbringing in Germany, Staying Humble and More

When it comes to the pioneers of the vast sea of producers in the states, many of us can name a lot of them without even thinking twice. However, when it comes to producers making a name for themselves overseas, they may not be as openly recognized as they may like. The hurdles in which they have to overcome, and the barriers that they need to break, happen to be a bit tougher than it can be for those who may be born here in the states. The one thing about hip hop, is that it is accepting to all kinds, no matter what. We will accept anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, heritage, native language, anything–as long as that musician respects the culture. Hailing all the way from Hamburg, Germany, record-producer Nils has been making a massive impact in the game, and has been working his way up to becoming a household name in the music industry. The German rap scene, or any foreign rap scene for that matter, is very different than what we may be used to over here in the states. Nils made a name for himself by learning and adapting to music at a very …

Over You – [Smiley]

Viral R&B sensation Smiley recently released a vibrant new music video titled “Over You,” directed by veteran videographer DGainz. The young talented artist frequently incorporates joyful vibes, evident since her 2019 breakout. Smiley’s most popular song, “Unthinkable,” currently has over twenty-seven million views on YouTube, netting two hundred-thousand likes and counting. Since then, she has released her debut EP titled “Teenage Heartbreak.” The music video displays a newer sound of her music, demonstrating her readiness to take it to the next level. Despite “Over You” serving as a break up anthem, the message’s tone is carefree, indifferent to the particular relationship split. Moreover, the production suitably matches the concept of the track, enabling Smiley to appear confident and truthful in her words. Appearing positive while dancing throughout, the message is clear that a breakup no longer signals the end of Smiley’s world. Furthermore, Smiley recognizes her self-worth, implicitly calling for listeners to follow suit. One could interpret that the visual itself represents Smiley stepping out of her feelings, (as presented in other songs off the EP) as she embarks upon prioritization of career growth. Watch “Over You,” the latest visual from Smiley below! Words by Brandon Washington