Poof – [Pi’erre Bourne]

Looking back on all of the incredible projects we’ve received this year, few have captured a real moment as strong as Pi’erre Bourne’s TLOP4. Even before the project, from Sli’merre to the several placements he’s landed throughout the year, Pi’erre’s name has rung true as one of the most prominent in hip-hop right now, with his full album acting as the long-awaited apex. Today, revisiting the first song on the album — “Poof” — Pi’erre Bourne is back in the headlines with an incredible new set of celebratory visuals. That said, before we hop into the video here, it needs to be mentioned that few lines in 2019 have proven to be as iconic as the opening of “Poof,” proclaiming, “No shit, I just quit, blew up quick, whoa.” Simple as these few words may be, they perfectly communicate Pi’erre’s self-assured character, constantly betting on himself before becoming the star that we know and love today. Speaking to this anthemic nature, the visual companion for “Poof” finds the Queens-bred star running around Belize, celebrating life as he enjoys the fruits of his labor so far. Sure, Pi’erre is the hardworking type, but in “Poof,” he takes a step back for a moment, soaking up …

Watch Young Nudy’s New Interview With The FADER

Fresh off the release of one of 2019’s best albums, Sli’merre alongside Pi’erre Bourne, Young Nudy has reached what seems like his full-circle moment. From the new project to the buzz around Nudy’s “Pissy Pamper” snippet with Playboi Carti, the Atlanta representative has become a unique, trend-setting mainstay in the rap world, and today, he’s here to tell us how things are and answer a few questions courtesy of The FADER. Featuring a one-on-one conversation between Nudy and one of my favorite journalists over at The FADER, Ben Dandridge-Lemco, this interview gives fans a chance to see Nudy’s undeniable charisma in a setting a bit more casual than on the mic. Nudy answers questions about “Pissy Pamper,” meeting Pi’erre Bourne, being an underdog, having “two feet in rap,” and so much more, making for my favorite interviews of his to date. Sli’merre brought, and continues to bring, Nudy the attention he’s deserved for several years now, so be sure to lean in and learn a little more about the man behind the magic. Click play on the interview below and if you haven’t already, stream the album here!

Pi’erre Bourne: Magnitude, Influence, & TLOP4

Specifically in the hip-hop world, as is often echoed throughout the endless halls of social media, there is a burgeoning narrative between fans and critics alike that the producers are the trend-setters in hip-hop right now as opposed to the rappers, themselves (with exception, of course). New flows, new cadences, and new vocal structures are constituted from shifts in production, first, and entire subgenres of hip-hop are being formed around the styles of individual producers. Furthermore, in an age where many artists pluck instrumentals from the scarcely-impressive myriad of beats that hit their email, it has become essential to crown those who value developing a rapport with their collaborators, deviating from the run-and-gun, inorganic costs of business in the world of the internet. Perhaps the most prominent of these organic trendsetters is Pi’erre Bourne — an artist just as determined to make his mark behind the boards as he is in front of the microphone. From the iconic “Yo Pi’erre, come out here!” beat tag to his series of The Life of Pi’erre projects chronicling, well, the life of Pi’erre, the South Carolina talent has become ubiquitous in the hip-hop world as of late, providing a soundtrack to the indomitable …

Watch Young Nudy’s New Interview With Complex

Young Nudy has risen to stardom over the past year or so with his wildly distinct voice and rare flows, and has found himself working with legends like Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and J. Cole, just to name a few. His latest project Sli’merre is a joint project with legendary ATL producer Pi’erre Bourne. This interview with Complex becomes quite interesting, because though usually, Nudy is not one of many words, they’re able to get him comfortable in front of the camera and touch on some well-thought and intriguing questions that let the viewer know the hilarious and genuine Young Nudy a little more on his trek to the top. Some interesting questions asked include how he goes about creating concepts in his songs, does he write songs, how he came to work with Pi’erre, why a lot of his songs have food in the title, and what music inspires him to create. Nudy then finishes out the interview talking about his viral leak, “Pissy Pamper/Kid Cudi” that he collaborated with Playboi Carti on. Be sure to watch the interview below!

Sli’merre – [Young Nudy] [Pi’erre Bourne]

Wow. After anxiously waiting for a few weeks, the day has come — Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s highly-anticipated collaborative effort, Sli’merre, was finally released at 12 PM EST earlier today. Considering the excitement behind this project thanks to the two singles, “Mister” alongside 21 Savage and “Extendo” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, I wasn’t sure how well the project would live up to the larger-than-life expectations. However, being that it already received an 8.0 review on Pitchfork and considering the overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans on social media, it’s easy to tell that Nudy and Pi’erre’s long-awaited effort went far above and beyond what anyone could have expected. 12 tracks long and stacked with star-studded features including 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, Megan Thee Stallion, and DaBaby, this project takes Nudy’s chilling street storytelling and brings it into an entirely new world of status and sound. Pi’erre Bourne’s otherworldly production style seamlessly complements the legendary cast of characters on the album, and further, the electrifying presence of Nudy’s oddball vocals and malleable flows makes for a perfect concoction of melodic, transcendent sounds that you can’t help but love. So far, I’m two listens deep into the project, but I can already …