Silhouette – [Sky McCreery]

As much as I love getting to throw artists onto our pages, there’s nothing better than getting to do it a second time. Whenever someone makes it onto our pages more than once, it’s always a key indication that there’s much promise surrounding what they’re doing. The artist making it onto Lyrical Lemonade once again is none other than Sky McCreery. I wrote about the up and comer a couple of weeks back and today he’s making a much deserved appearance for the reales of his brand new song entitled, “Silhouette”. Sky’s voice is unmatched in every way. The young star has an old soul that permeates through every single melody. His soothing presence is something that you don’t just find in every single song maker, but it’s what makes him such a player in the industry right now. The relaxing ambience that’s created through the production is just the cherry on top of this emotion filled track. Sky is amazing and I can’t stress it enough. He continues to impress time and time again, so be sure to expect seeing him on our pages more and more in the weeks to come! I’ve attached “Silhouette” down below. Give it …

Redo – [Sky McCreery]

Sky McCreery is quickly becoming a regular for us on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade for all of the great reasons. The young up and comer has been consistently putting out some impressive songs that add to his campaign as one of the industry’s most coveted. The singer/songwriter/producer/story-teller is operating at a level that many artists his age aren’t even coming close to touching.  Today, Sky released a brand new track entitled, “Redo” and its worth all of your attention on this fine Wednesday. The 2 minute and 15 second offering gives us a glimpse as to why Sky is such a special artist right now. The moment you turn this one on you’ll be intensely encapsulated by his mesmerizing vocals. The simple production creates an ambience that cannot be matched. This ballad is one that you’ll be playing on repeat for some time now as I’ve been hooked on it ever since listening. I’m a huge fan of Sky and his team. If you want to stream “Redo”, I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!

With You – [Sky McCreery]

Music promotion has taken a very different form in the past few years, artists feel that the only way to really build a fanbase is to be in front of everybody’s face at all times and never lose their attention. If we’re being honest, this strategy can often burn artists out before they even begin. Today we have soulful new cut titled “With You” from LA’s Sky McCreery, who has spent the past 7 months incredibly quiet loading up this next release. The wait was worth it. Being elusive and mysterious are both qualities than many seem to overlook in their social strategy but it has begun to pay its dividends to Sky. His voice is incredibly powerful for such a young artist, bringing a certain level of raw emotion that will surely connect with fans across the globe. Any artist that can bring an authentic version of themselves to a release is sure to be received well with the public, the time Sky took off was clearly to focus on what’s important to him and its definitely showing with his latest release. Listen to “With You” on all platforms here!

10:45 – [Sky McCreery]

It’s always a special day when we’re able to shine light onto artists that make amazing music and have the desire and drive to succeed. Sky McCreery, a young 18 year-old writer, producer, and vocalist, has been releasing music since 2018 and released his most recent collection in July of this year. The two songs, collectively known as 10:45, exemplify Sky’s melodic and lyrical abilities as he soothingly runs over his appealing production. Both tracks are very relatable as Sky reflected on a “previous relationship that had a lot of conflict over what we wanted from each other.” He added that “there was almost a loneliness in her that I couldn’t keep company and 10:45 is the time that I find myself sitting with my thoughts and reflecting on what I believed was love.” For McCreery, this is only the beginning as he plans to release one or two more singles before his next body of work. Follow Sky McCreery on Instagram to stay updated with release dates and announcements and get familiar with Sky by streaming 10:45 below!