Opp Pack – [Skiito]

If there’s one person with their ear to the ground in terms of rap right now, it has to be Jake Caramanno. Seemingly every day, he’s putting me onto new artists, just as he did with New York rapper Skiito; a must-listen talent, and someone who could very well have New York on fire in the months to come. Today, Skiito is here to make a grand entrance to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his latest release, “Opp Pack.” Produced by Ojaybeats, “Opp Pack” is a frantic, fast-paced release that proves two things. One, Skiito can really, really rap, and two, he has the charisma to keep audiences entertained from the first second to the last. Switching flows on the drop of a dime, he’s never short of breath and he never gets dull, making sure to attack the beat in every which way. Add that to a hard-hitting instrumental and a strong music video to match, and you have something well worth a listen. The attention is shifting back to New York right now, and Skiito might just be one of the premier faces to watch. Peep “Opp Pack” below!