Coming Back – [frankslastday] [FISH]

Orlando, Florida artist frankslastday is certainly not a new face to many of SoundCloud and ‘pluggnb’ music’s fans after his past affiliations with some of the top artists in the underground today, and his unique and quickly recognizable vocals are being taken to a new level with the assistance of creative shepherd FISH who has been behind several of the SoundCloud scene’s, for lack of a better characterization, artists who are most quick to develop and leave their initial style behind for a more holistic, multi-genre approach all thanks to FISH and his innate knack to know how an artist will sound best on a track. If you aren’t familiar with these two yet, I am certain that will be changing in the near future and I am very much looking forward to hearing more and more of their collaborations down the road.

First of Many – [Shepherd] feat. [George.Rose]

If there’s two things in this culture that go hand-in-hand, it would be sports and hip hop. There are tons of athletes who are close friends with rappers, executive produces albums for rappers, and some athletes even rap themselves. Just as much as athletes love rap, rappers love the sports that back them as well. The long awaited sequel to Space Jam released this summer, titled Space Jam: A New Legacy, and it featured music from tons of high profile artists, as well as a few underdogs. One of those artists being Shepherd—a Florida-native who has a pure love for the game, and it shows. Today, he is appearing on our platform for the releasee of his video and singe “First of Many”. For those unfamiliar with Shepherd, he is someone who was once in love with sports. Becoming a football player turned rapper, Shepherd turned his love on the court and made it a love on the stage, and this video is the representation of that. The visual takes place at a family and friends viewing of the Space Jam sequel, as he celebrates having his song “Gametime” featured in the film. “First of Many” showcases one of his major wins in …