A Conversation With Ausar

I have been closely covering the Chicago music scene for just about six years now, and I have had the pleasure of meeting plenty of amazing creatives over the years, but someone who I have been following for a handful of years now is Ausar. The first time that I interviewed Ausar was way back in the fall of 2016, and watching him grow as a person + as an artist since that point has been amazing, to say the least. I wanted to bring Ausar through the new LL office to catch up & record our second interview nearly four years later, so back in June he came by, and today I am ecstatic to finally be releasing the interview! We spoke about several topics such as his upcoming music releases, to performing on Rhythm + Flow, and everything between now & our last conversation. You can read/watch the new interview below, and while you’re at it, listen to some of his music on Spotify! Follow Ausar on Twitter here!   — EM: Last time I interviewed you was 2016, at that time you were pursuing a degree in chemistry. Since then you’ve graduated, how did that college experience …

Let It Be – [Shawnee Dez]

Shawnee Dez is one of the many gems that the city of Chicago has to offer, and today she is back on our website with the release of her brand new music video for “Let It Be”. Since the first time I heard Shawnee’s music, I knew instantly that she had a ton of talent + potential, one of the first things I noticed is that she sings with a certain type of charisma that you just don’t see every day, and the wild part is, since then she has improved mightly as an artist. This music video here found a dancer, Camryn Taylor, delivering an awesome piece to the track provided by Shawnee, and it was all pieced together by the great video director Addison Wright. Take a few minutes out of your Wednesday to watch this brand new visual below, and if you like Shawnee’s music then keep up with her future releases by giving her a follow on Instagram here!

Friend Sex – [Charles Lauste]

Chicago is a hub of talent whether that be artists, emcees, producers, fashion influencers + more, and producer Charles Lauste has been making his name known in the city for a minute now, but today he is back with his soothing new track titled “Friend Sex”. I can’t even begin to explain just how good that this instrumental that Charles cooked up is, it has a soulful loop that drives it & has some perfect tempo drums to match. When you think of the Chicago scene, you can’t help but think of Femdot, and he kicks off this track with an astronomical verse that set the tone for the other great artists to follow. Cassius Tae is one of the best spitters in the city and he followed up fem with a complimentary contribution where he spits some clever bars, one of my favorite being the play of words when referencing the NBA’s 2004 Pacers + Pistons brawl better known as the Mallace At The Palace. This one finishes off in the best way that it possibly could, with the always amazing songstress Shawnee Dez, who delivered a beautiful + heavenly addition that put the cherry on top of this all-around …

The Talents To Come Out Of Homewood Flossmoor High School

Over the past five years of covering the Chicago music scene, interviewing artists, and making relationships with these creatives, I have noticed something that I believe is super intriguing: there have been so many talented individuals who went to Homewood Flossmoor High School at (or around) the same time. It’s not too often that you see this many extraordinary creatives come out of the same place at once — at least I have never heard of something like this before — but even more so, I think it’s a rarity for to have this type of talent come out of the same school especially in the same field. I believe that a big part of this should be credited to the opportunities that Homewood Flossmoor provides to their students, in all avenues, but especially in the music field. The school has engaged students in music industry classes, Jazz orchestra courses, holding rap contests (and giving out prizes to the winners), shooting music videos for their senior students at times, giving them their own radio show to practice freestyling + DJ’ing, and they even take their bands on extraordinary trips to places like Japan. It’s crazy to think about what can …

White Skies – [Shawnee Dez]

Chicago songbird Shawnee Dez has been making a name for herself over the past couple of years, she continues to get better and better with each release, and this afternoon she is back with a beautiful new offering titled “White Skies”. I have been a big fan of Shawnee for awhile now and am very familiar with her talents, and this is by far her best release to date in my opinion, the way her smooth vocals melted with the ear pleasing production was flawless. I would be expecting to hear some more new material from Shawnee in the near future as she continues to rise, keep a close eye on her because I believe she is just a year or two away from being one of the leaders in Chicago’s music community. Stream Shawnee’s brand new release below and if you enjoy it then go ahead and follow her on Twitter here! Produced by Eddie Burns

Your Love – [Femdot]

On the one year anniversary of his well received project Delacreme 2, Chicago’s own Femdot decided to bless his growing fan base with a short music video for his record off of that tape titled “Your Love”. This one is only a minute in length but he and the director Eman Henry managed to make it a touching & well put together visual regardless, and if I had to guess I would say to be expecting to see this artist / director combo more in the future. Watch this brand new visual below and if you like it then make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel and give him a follow on Twitter here! featuring Shawnee Dez & Sherren Olivia photo by Nick Moczalla

Happy December – [Femdot]

There isn’t many Chicago artists that have had a better year than recently DePaul graduate Femdot, and he is putting the cherry on top of 2018 this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “Happy December” featuring Shawnee Dez! If you have been following Femdot’s career up to this point you know that this is common for Fem to drop these type of loosies, as he dropped “happyoctober” last year and “happynovember” a couple years back, but this new joint is my favorite of the three by far. Femdot has been one of the best story tellers & lyricists coming out of the city for a minute now and this new song furthermore backs that statement, he glided over the soulful Charles Lauste production as he reflected on how he got to this point. It’s been amazing to watch Femdot grow as an artist but he’s just getting started, take a few minutes to listen to this new record below! If you’re in Chicago grab tix to see Femdot @ Lincoln Hall here!

CMYH – [L.A. VanGogh]

L.A. VanGogh has been on a roll of releasing quality music, and tonight he is back with his latest offering titled “Coughing Makes You Higher” or simply  “CMYH” for short. I have really enjoyed his last few releases but this new record is my favorite of them all, the melody that he created on this song is undeniably catchy, the way he complimented the sensational vocals was nothing less than impressive, this is my favorite song from him to date. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new jam below, and if you’re in Chicago by a ticket to see L.A. VanGogh perform at Lincoln Hall on December 21st with Femdot and Shawnee Dez here.

Cause – [L.A. VanGogh]

L.A. VanGogh has been releasing a good amount of music lately, and today he is back with his brand new release titled “Cause”! L.A. VanGogh is one of the most interesting new acts out in my opinion, I wasn’t too familiar with him not too long ago but I have taken some time to take a good look at his catalog and he definitely has some potential, and this new joint just be my favorite of the bunch. It sounds kind of weird as I type it but the tone of his voice has a very unique & addictive quality about it, plus this man understands how to structure a song, this one is an overall solid listen. Check it out for yourself by pressing play below! If you’re in Chicago come see L.A. VanGogh live at Lincoln Hall on December 21st with Shawnee Dez & Femdot, purchase tickets here!

Femdot live at Lincoln Hall December 21st!

Chicago native Femdot is a favorite here at Lyrical Lemonade, and to cap off his stellar 2018 he recently announced that he will be headlining Lincoln Hall (Chicago) on December 21st along side L.A. VanGogh and Shawnee Dez! You can purchase tickets to attend the event here but don’t wait too long, as the early bird tickets are moving fast! wow. welcome to #delacremelive with my friends. lincoln hall. december 21st. limited $7 early bird tickets. got cool surprises planned. i wanna see you there. — femdot. (@femdotdotcom) November 1, 2018