By Any Means – [Pink Siifu] ft. [Maxo]

In my eyes, longevity is a fairly easy aspect of an artist to judge, as you can tell when someone is trend-following versus when they’re innovating so as to make a splash in the long run. In the case of Pink Siifu, innovation and creativity are at the forefront of the music, constantly challenging one another to take the next step forward. Today, in a perfect display of this, Siifu is back on Lyrical Lemonade with a vivid new set of visuals for the song “By Any Means” featuring Maxo. Concocted with soul-stricken vocals and a breezy set of guitar riffs, this track thrives in its ability to illustrate a picture in the listener’s mind. Siifu’s slow-burning style is almost overwhelming in just how much it commands attention, and only adding fuel to the fire are aesthetically-pleasing visuals that refuse to back down from the deeply reflective nature of “By Any Means”. Sonically, this track watches as problems of life grab at each of the two artists, and visually, this is translated seamlessly to the screen. I could go on about this one all day, but the fact of the matter is that Pink Siifu just dropped off one his …

Paradise In Hell – [Rob Hicks]

Rob Hicks is quickly emerging as the next upcoming artist out of Wisconsin, and recently, he dropped his debut EP laced with 8 tracks titled “Paradise In Hell.” Instead of your typical, banger-infused tape, Hicks new project is more-or-less a story of his lovelife, his relationships and some of the tragedies in his past-experience. On top of that, the EP features 4 notable names (Ted Park, BoodahDARR, Trapo & Olita) including impressive instrumentals throughout which came from a number of producers including Larkin/ Seym, KRS, Nate Maelz and Mike Regal who cheffed up the bouncy production for “Siracha” which is easily my favorite record on the project. With only two songs released on his SoundCloud prior to the tape, it’s pretty clear that Hicks career is just getting started; and with comparisons to Kendrick Lamar amongst others, there’s no telling what’s in store for him. Be sure to let the “Paradise In Hell” EP kick off your weekend and stay posted for more from Rob Hicks very soon.  

Perception – [Rob Hicks]

With his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Rob Hicks brings us a unique single “Perception.” If you’re not familiar with Rob, let this track serve as an introduction. Rob has a super unique style that collaborates wonderfully with the producer on this track, Seym. Seym killed the production side of things with a variety of styles separated by smooth beat switch-ups. Rob Hicks is preparing to release his debut EP very soon with a couple of big-name contributions, so make sure to keep an eye out. Until then, check out the latest from Rob Hicks down below.