B4 Shine – [Jayboe]

Plugg music has been spreading at an almost unprecedented rate in 2021 hearing the sound pop up out of places that nobody would have ever expected like Serane, TTDaFool, and co. in Paris, France or conversely like Alabama artist Jayboe who has been making a name for himself out of Bama for almost three years now and truthfully has been making this style of music longer than most, carefully taking time to craft the sound that you hear today and has released music at quite a prolific rate along the way. He just unveiled a new EP titled B4 Shine that showcases a lot of his personality as well as his versatility vocally and in terms of beat selection, in addition to exhibiting a lot of his growth as a songwriter as well. I am looking forward to hearing more music from Jayboe this year and hope to see more visuals and collaborations with other artists, as it is only a matter of time until his wave spreads far beyond the state of Alabama.

ACTION PARK – [dolphin talk x stephen niday]

The current debate and dialogue I recently have seen all over Twitter is tired judgements on an underground scene that is incredibly misunderstood and perhaps more talent laden than ever which exists on SoundCloud, while the ignorant many continue their 2016-2017 nostalgia craze and ignore the actual leaps and bounds being made by artists who were first inspired by the now defunct scene that is so romanticized and building off of their innovations and learning from their many mistakes. but painfully the massive amounts of attention that were placed on the platform during the earlier years is now gone and these incredible creatives are starved of the popularity that initially birthed the entire “clout” craze but at the same time has led to their fanbases becoming all the more ravenous and close-knit and developing into intricate communities with distinct and often hilarious social orders and whatnot. One trend I have been seeing recently that I love is the increase in third-party project releases where a DJ or promoter or in this case producers recruit their favorite artists to their beats and release a compilation project that never becomes predictable and gives the producers a more extended moment to shine that is all too …

Spend – [Serane] x [CashCache!]

French rapper Serane has had a particularly viral week on twitter, stemming simultaneously from both a video that went viral in America of one of his recent snippets where he was quickly labeled as the “French Goonew” in what was many people outside of the current underground scene in America’s initial exposure to him where he was met with a lot of love and some hostility, as many were upset at the appropriation of the DMV flow reaching as far as Europe while equally many were flattered that foreigners are showing such immense love to a criminally underrated style. And also, if we had to keep up with every rapper who bites off of Goonew we honestly wouldn’t have many left. Serane also had a polarizing week in the French music blog world, at least from what I could gather from the “translate tweet” button, but it is certainly clear that he is the unquestionable king of French SoundCloud which is a fascinating and quickly growing scene that is bringing plugg-music to Europe. Serane has been working extensively now with Atlanta producer CashCache who has been the sonic backbone in the plugg music renaissance that is building on last decade’s …

I Love Cashcache 2 – [CashCache!]

Atlanta’s Cashcache! has been one of the foremost breakout producers in the entire underground rap world that is clearly derived from the plugg-sounds of Mexikodro and StupidXool that first captivated SoundCloud in 2015-16 but never quite had the true mainstream moment most fans thought it deserved, despite numerous big songs that helped forge their almost god-like cult-followings in the producer community and greater rap world. Nonetheless a new crop of artists are popping up on SoundCloud almost daily looking to revive or build off of this classic internet sound and Cashcache has led the charge as far as working to further expand the sonic possibilities of the sub-genre, making at times stripped back and minimal plugg beats that are almost borderline jazz rap or futuristic and warped ideations that push plugg music further onto the razor sharp tip of hip-hop’s cutting edge. Cashcache’s new mixtape I Love CashCache 2 builds on the sonic achievements that he has found this year most notably with 10kDunkin, Tony Shhnow, and BoofPaxkMooky but also introduces and co-signs a host of new artists as well making noise in the current underground realm. “Deacon Tony” has been one of my favorite Cash and Tony Shhnow collaborations since I …


Atlanta producer CashCache has quietly become the most influential and notable of the inumerable beatmakers in the plugg/post-SoundCloud space, creating a jazzy luster around one of the most recognizable sounds in 2010’s rap production. His collaborations with Tony Shhnow, BoofPaxkMooky, and 10kDunkin recently have started to let him receive some of the flowers from his trailblazing contributions but the craziest aspect of CashCache’s rise are his new collaborations with French rapper Serane who floats over Cash’s sanguine instrumentals in a sing-songy but vocally reserved flow, matching the lethargic energy of Cash’s percussion. The language barrier is an unfortunate block to fully appreciating Serane’s music but you can always catch familiar phrases in his songs like “trap jumping,” “smoking pressure,” or any other tropes of the like. Stanko recently brought his track “Pressure” to life for Serane which was the perfect introduction to the French artist if you are not yet familiar. I am really looking forward to hearing more of Serane’s music going forwards and hopefully he will be only the beginning of elevating the French rap scene and spreading the plugg style.