Back On That Juice – [Sean Deaux]

Sean Deaux dropped his ‘Vice City 3’ project a month ago, and with it, the versatile artist cemented himself with a style that’s marked by melodic late-night hip-hop. This past week, Deaux shared a visual accompaniment to one of the project’s more sentimental cuts, “Back On That Juice”. Deaux’s sound thrives off simplicity, and he sounds the most unique when he’s in full control of the song. “Back On That Juice” exemplifies this control, as Deaux delivers steady, smooth flows and a hook that’s readymade to be sung along with. The video for “Back On That Juice” matches the sentimental mood of the track, with a mix of Deaux driving around late at night or secluded in a house full of the same vices he raps about. Watch the video for “Back On That Juice” by Sean Deaux and shot by RNR Films below:

Q&A: Jay2’s Energy Brightens Zero Fatigue’s Roster

After taking a break from releasing new music, Chicago rapper Jay2 returned last month with a new EP aptly titled ‘4 Tha Wait’. The 7-song project features some of Jay2’s most energetic music yet, taking the same fast-paced flows and animated wordplay that’s remained consistent throughout his work and packaging it in a more melodic way–a natural progression for his already lively, lighthearted style. Jay2’s evolution as an artist has been an ongoing process, beginning when he first started working with engineer Chris Classick. Through Classick, he met Smino and Bari in 2012, and started working with Monte Booker not too long after that. Coming up with a tight circle of collaborators and friends, which later led to the formation of Zero Fatigue, has allowed Jay2 to hone his craft over the years. Now, the 24-year-old artist is gearing up for a headlining show at Schubas this Friday. Read about the upcoming show, his favorite Lil Wayne mixtapes, and his forthcoming album in our latest interview: — MDR: How/when did you get into music? Jay2: When I was maybe 15. I always liked it, and I used to do little freestyles when I was younger on a voice recorder. Then …

Vice City 3 – [Sean Deaux]

It’s been a minute since we have featured Sean Deaux on our platform, but with the release of his brand new project titled “Vice City 3”, now seems like the perfect time! Sean Deaux is one of the talented emcees that is apart of the growing scene in St. Louis, he’s no stranger to us but when the homie Von sent me this new tape and I got the chance to listen my jaw damn near hit the floor. Sean Deaux has improved a ton since the last time I have listened to him, and you would be crazy to not acknowledge this ten track project as the piece of art that it is. The St. Louis native is continuing to thrive and I don’t think it will be too long before he gets to where he aims to be, I see him being a force and a leader in his community for many years to come. Stream this brand new project via Spotify below! features from Qari, Kahrion, theMIND, Xone White

Person – [Sean Deaux] feat. [Qari]

St. Louis-native and Chicago transplant, Sean Deaux is back on our pages today to unveil a new single titled “Persona” featuring none other than Qari. The two budding talents mirror each other in delivering low register raps that resonate the tracks dark, smokey, bass-driven production, all the while capturing the sensual energy of a relaxed late night at the club. This is Sean Deaux’s first release of the new year following his seven-track album, Vice City 2, released in late December of last year, and if not anything else, it should act as a warning of just how much success he’s ready to see this year. The THEMpeople member is clearly looking to build on the momentum he built in 2018 with his new single, with “Persona” a clear indication that we have a lot to look forward to from Deaux in 2019. Listen to the new song below and make sure to show love by following the singer-songwriter and producer on Twitter and Instagram.

Memoirs of You And I – [nocloud]

We first introduced Chicago artist nocloud to our pages last March with the Valee-assisted single, “Pineapple Juice”, and ever since then, the growth has been undeniable. Today, nocloud is back on Lyrical Lemonade with more than just a single. The Chicago-based artist has released his debut album, Memoirs of You And I, creating his own, uniquely acidic blend of alternative R&B.  My personal favorite on NoCloud’s newest has to be one of the standout tracks from the 32-minute album, “Glow”. Featuring elite production from Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Sean Deaux, this track is entrancing from the moment it starts. Nocloud’s vocals combine with the instrumentation masterfully, creating an ominous blend of conversational and storytelling writing that listeners can’t help but love. Stream the new album, Memoirs of You And I, below and make sure to leave a comment below telling us what you think!

Hookey – [Ambi Lyrics] Ft. [Sean Deaux]

This afternoon I am very happy to bring our readers the premiere of St. Louis native Ambi Lyrics brand new music video for “Hookey” featuring fellow Lou representative Sean Deaux. This is one of the more interesting music videos that I have watched in the past several weeks, I really liked the overall sound of this song before the drop & was eager to see the final product of this one, Ambi & Sean both possess an insane amount of talent & potential. Ambi Lyrics & Sean Deaux joined forces with up & coming video director Stripmall to help bring this record to life, and it doesn’t take more than one watch through to see that they clearly picked the right man for the job. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it be sure to give Ambi a follow on Twitter here!

Iceberg Slim – [Sean Deaux] x [Jayairewoods]

We have yet another impressive record for our readers this afternoon, this time around coming in the form of “Iceberg Slim” by Sean Deaux & Jayaire Woods. If you’re anything like me, the first thing you will notice on this record is the slow & steady yet hard knocking production that was provided by ThemPeople, who paved the way for these two to do their thing. Sean Deaux set the pace with a catchy hook as well as a memorable verse, before QC’s own Jayaire Woods elevated this track to the next level with his stellar verse filled with energy toward the back end of this one. Peep this brand new offering below and let me know if you like it in the comments section!

or more; the frustration – [Mick Jenkins]

Back in November, Chicago emcee Mick Jenkins released the first installment in the ‘or more’ collection titled or more; the anxious, and today, we have been given the second chapter in the sought-after series. In the 8-track follow-up titled or more; the frustration, Mick Jenkins takes us in a totally different direction from the previous record with a grittier, more in-your-face delivery while verbalizing a range of emotions. Once again, the 26-year-old left us with a message giving his take on the EP, which he further states: “#ormore is a project series involving musical ideas and concepts that are currently inspiring the album’s creation process. Carving out the better version of the good thing you have before you is an understated part of that process, chocked full of its own setbacks and speed bumps. I highlight these frustrations as an exhibit, or exploration, of some of the smaller waves in my pool of thoughts.” With production from ThemPeople, HNIC, ENG Creation & MisterMojo, the lone feature came from Sean Deaux on the close-out joint Blessed Assurance which was one of several highlights throughout. All in all, there are so many layers to these projects, so it’s probably best to listen-in for yourself. …

Nympho – [Sean Deaux] Ft. [Jay 2]

St. Louis native Sean Deaux has made an appearance or two on our pages before with features he has done for others & his work with THEMpeople, but tonight he his making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his own song titled “Nympho” featuring Jay2. It doesn’t take much thought to find out what this one is all about, but the guys put together a record for the ladies in the most sonically pleasing way. This single is a result of a late night studio session with rising producer Monte Booker, Sean said it best by adding: “Yea Monte made the beat in front of me. The session was engineered by L-Boogie of Thempeople. We road to Kennedy’s on 72nd after we made it at like 2 AM. Monte played that bitch in the whip like 30 times. I was like this shit kinda raw, he was like ” Kinda?? This shit smoke!” I asked who would make a dope feature and he instantly said Jay2. He literally made like 5 beats, I was like chill Bruh I’m tryna write lol”. Both Sean and Jay2 complimented the wavy Monte Booker production perfectly, making for an all around good listen & one of the …

Off The Clock – [Jayaire Woods] ft. [Sean Deaux]

Fresh off the success of his “FREETHEFALL” EP last year, Chicago product Jayaire Woods has just dropped his first offering of 2017 titled “Off The Clock” featuring Sean Deaux. It sounds as if Jayaire has really stuck to his roots on this one, as the Kid Ocean-produced track rides a smooth piano-laced beat for the duo to deliver their astounding lyricism and vocals on working 9-to-5 and taking time off for their women. On top of that, I wasn’t too familiar with Jayaire’s music beforehand, but he really caught my attention with this one as he showcased his jazzy flow & charismatic vocals that make him so unique. It should be no surprise to anyone that you can find his project on our Top 50 from last year. Nonetheless, be sure to give “Off The Clock” a spin and check out Jayaire Woods “FREETHEFALL” EP streaming on SoundCloud here.