NORF FACE – [Seafood Sam] feat. [Huey Briss]

Two of my favorite up-and-coming rappers, Seafood Sam and Huey Briss, have collided once again for a new visual for Seafood Sam’s song, “NORF FACE.” The Long Beach-based rap artists first caught my attention for their prolific lyricism and sheer presence on every record they release. Although the new joint visual is not their first time connecting, it is another prime example of two artists who know they have “it.” The Gerald-shot visual follows Sam and Briss through what feels like a hybrid combination of b-roll and behind-the-scenes footage of both rappers on the set of a music video in a spacious, white-colored warehouse. The attitude is laidback, much like the style of the MelloMatt featured production that leans on melodic piano keys, creating that signature West Coast sound. Both rappers deliver their verses to the camera with ease, navigating the warehouse with comfortability and confidence. Watch the “NORF FACE” visual by Seafood Sam featuring Huey Briss below.

Elroy – [Seafood Sam]

Northside Longbeach’s Seafood Sam is an artist I check on consistently. His talent is undeniable, and his newly released five-track Elroy EP just further builds a rock-solid case about the talented West Coast rapper. My gravitation towards Seafood Sam’s music not only came from his laid-back approach that almost downplays his lyrical prowess – in short, he makes it sound easy to rap but my true fascination and admiration steam from his choice in production. Never one to remain grounded in one sound, Seafood Sam can not only keep your attention among harder production but also on piano sample lead West Coast infused production. Song’s like the EP’s opening track, “Hood Vogue,” exudes the LA sunshine and texturizes the glimmering ecosystem Seafood Sam creates. Although each song varies in delivery, they remain cohesive and utterly elegant. Listen to Elroy EP by Seafood Sam below.

Bitch, I’m Ghetto – [Seafood Sam]

Northside Long Beach has yet another polarizing and incredibly exciting new talent on its hands. Although he has been releasing music for over six years, mainly on SoundCloud, Seafood Sam has an undeniable veteran presence that speaks volumes from a sonic and visual perspective. His latest release, a new video for his song “Bitch, I’m Ghetto,” is a cut from his most recently released 12-track project, Dior Velour. It will only take you one look and one verse to completely buy-in to what Seafood Sam has got going on. The 16mm and super8 shot, Nick Green-directed, home movie is visually compelling, to say the least. The grainy essence and texture of the new visual not only echoes the song’s cinematic style but captures a barrage of shots of Seafood Sam and his counterparts as they roam the streets of their neighborhood with complete confidence. The Long Beach-based artist is nothing if not compelling whether it be through his music or his music videos. This exceptional sonic-visual complementary combination is not only regularly praised, by artists who successfully do it, but a necessity for artists looking to stand out amongst the noise. It is abundantly clear that Seafood Sam and company …