Only Built For Luxury ‚Äď [Stunna Cold]

Lawrenceville, GA artist Stunna Cold is delivering his best piece of work yet with his newest project ONLY BUILT 4 LUXURY. After a long-hiatus from releasing music started in mid-2021 in order to lock in and focus on creating music; he finally is ready to release his fourth ever project. Stunna moved to Los Angeles during this hiatus with his label Strapped Entertainment; he is the only artist currently on their roster. During this time the project was carefully crafted by Stunna & Strapped to deliver what they think is his best work yet. The project consists of 14 tracks with one feature from Atlanta artist known as 10kdunkin; who is a frequent collaborator with Strapped. While Stunna usually delivers a wide variety of sounds/genres on his previous solo projects; he sticks to a harder/grimy plugg production on this project where he shows off his rap skills. During this project Stunna mainly raps about his daily hustle and motivation to make money and live a luxurious lifestyle; aswell as his fair share of flexing and stunting. The project has a very uplifting and motivational vibe that can be related to by many. He also throws in some melodic carefree tracks such as Going Places, …

Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 ‚Äď [STRAPPED!]

I was thrilled when STRAPPED! dropped their first official project last year as they have been an invaluable asset to the underground community for years both as a blog and SoundCloud hosting services, giving us our first listen to more links and snippets than I could count, as well as giving emerging artists a greater platform to expose their songs to. Their latest release, Stay Strapped, Vol. 2 follows their debut last year but have reloaded in terms of the artists they featured, even with a few repeat appearances. The twenty track project encapsulates almost every notable sound in underground rap today, ranging from the endless bars of Tony Shhnow, to the melodic plugg-stylings of BoofPaxkMooky, or the autotuned crooning of Pollari, with a number of flavors in between, truly giving a comprehensive sample of what is coming out of SoundCloud today. The tape features: Tony Shhnow, Draft Day, 10kdunkin, Stunna Cold, ATL Smook, Lil Xelly, BBKnight, Texako, BoofPaxkMooky, IceBirds, DC2Trill, FLEE, 1600j, MDMA, Destroy Lonely, Lil Candypaint, Thouxanbanfauni, Lil Yen, Bear1Boss, and Pollari. I am looking forwards to Volume 3 and cannot wait to see which new faces are selected for that project, as well as hearing how much the …

Stay Strapped, Vol. 1 ‚Äď [STRAPPED!]

If you‚Äôve been active on SoundCloud over the past few years, chances are at some point you have liked a song from the prolific supplier of underground music STRAPPED! which has faithfully been delivering music to the platform from the SoundCloud scene‚Äôs most popular artists to breaking lesser known talent often, giving them a platform full thousands of eager listeners. They recently unveiled their debut mixtape Stay Strapped, Vol. 1 which comprises a great deal of underground favorites as well as some relatively new names a chance to shine and effectively gives a great sampling of the scene, ranging from the glistening melodic atmosphere‚Äôs created by BIGBABYGUCCI, to the lyrically dense plugg stylings of Tony Shhnow who is most likely your favorite rapper‚Äôs favorite rapper right now, and even down the distorted ‚Äėhyperpop‚Äô side of things that has been surging both on SoundCloud and Tik-Tok for months and even introduces artists who are able to blend these aforementioned genre‚Äôs together in a collision of styles which has me very excited for the future of the genre. The project features a number of artists including BIGBABYGUCCI, Stunna Cold, Kcardie, Tony Shhnow, Texako, Destroy Lonely, 10kdunkin, K.Trill, BBKnight, BoofPaxkMooky, and Lil Xelly. ‚Ķ