Butler – [Myquale]

Myquale is an artist that is based here in Chicago that I am a big fan of, so whenever he drops some new music, it feels like a holiday. Today, Myquale is back with a brand new joint titled “Butler” featuring the wonderful Maceo of The O’My’s + Aaliyah Allah. Up until this point, I have known Myquale as one of the best bar for bar spitters in the city who often impresses with his lyrical ability, but on this one, he clearly switched up to a different style. Myquale found himself on top of an ear-pleasing + groovy instrumental that he created himself (along with Odd Thomas + Stnfxce), and he approached the song with a ton of swagger + charisma in his voice, match that with the excellent vocals from Maceo & Aaliyah, and we have a hit on our hands. I could picture this song playing on the radio for sure, hopefully, the homies at Vocalo 91.1 as well as Power 92.3 get their ears on this song, I will be sending it to them for sure. Check out this brand new offering below!

What If – [Stnfxce]

Chicago-based producer, recording artist, and bass player Stnfxce just released a new single today titled “What If”. On the new record, Stnfxce finds himself yearning for the affection of one that got away, and as he dreams up an alternate reality, he’s backed by moody production that amplifies the rumination of what could’ve been. The multi-dimensional artist plays off of RnB and soul melodies to build up this romantic fantasy, while on the other hand, his vocals croon with apathy—as if chasing after and thinking of this person is starting to get the best of him. The softened production on this track suits his vocals well, peaking with an emotional guitar solo that brings the sense of longing to a passionate end before dissipating into a pool of indiscernible noise. Listen to “What If” by Stnfxce below: