Advance Money – [Heron Celly] [SPRK]

Detroit videographer Logan Richardson or SPRK is throwing his hat into the newly saturated live-performance space on YouTube which features an artist delivering a live rendition of their song outside in their element. He recently teamed up with Heron Celly who certainly isn’t as far along in his career as some of his Whitehouse Studio peers but still has all the talent necessary to launch a big career on his own, but is just missing the consistency at this point. His performance for “Advance Money” was definitely memorable and his charisma shows through in the intimate setting of the performance. I am looking forward to more Heron Celly music and look forward to see how else Logan Richardson can bolster the Detroit scene through his visual content.

DRACOINTHEPARTY – [Tony Shhnow] [Carlo Anthony]

Tony Shhnow recently linked up with Michigan videographer Logan Richardson or SPRK and producer WhoTheHellIsCarlo for a new song and visual titled “DRACOINTHEPARTY,” showing love to Detroit’s unstoppable scene right now as both SPRK and Carlo have been integral in making sure the artists in the Dirty Glove are supported with the best possible visuals and instrumentals, but in this case Tony didn’t even hop on a Detroit beat, which honestly I was happy about because the borrowing of Detroit’s style now is becoming largely gratuitous. Carlo’s instrumental instead leaned more towards the futuristic side while still having his unmistakable percussion patterns and blistering fast tempo. Tony proves yet again that he can literally rap on anything, skating over the ominous synths and trunk-rattling drums that are sure to shake your car. Tony’s bag of flows and vocabulary is incredibly deep to begin with but only gets deeper and deeper with each new tape, EP, or video he gives us, as he has quite possibly the very most prolific artist out for over a year now. I don’t know what Tony is going to do next but I am sure that he is going to keep putting this music in …