String – [Ryan Laetari]

This past weekend in Boston, it hit 60 degrees. In January! Naturally, with the entire city outside and moods as good as can be, I had to find the right soundtrack for the weekend. Thankfully, Saturday morning, I stumbled on “String” from an artist named Ryan Laetari, and found the perfect accommodation for the warm weather. Set to the tune of an enthusiastic guitar riff, “String” operates around a bed of cohesive instrumentation, swarming Laetari’s vocals with enough excitement to make every moment of the nearly 2 and a half minutes enjoyable. While the weather in Boston this weekend certainly didn’t hold, it was a peek into the spring, and a perfect shadow of what music can do; take us to the warm weather, even if just for a few minutes. Because even though Boston has a few months of winter left, “String” is always there to remind me what’s ahead. Ryan Laetari came through with an infectious listen in “String,” so be sure to check this one out on SoundCloud below!