Kanye – [RonSoCold]

A few days back Charlotte artist RonSoCold dropped a new offering titled “Kanye” and it’s certainly not anything you want to miss out on. Ron is a special creative because he makes some of the most addicting + ear pleasing music out, he can mesh together with seemingly any instrumental you put in front of him, this time around the knocking beat was provided by 10fifty & the result was more of the same! It’s only a matter of time before RonSoCold works himself into becoming one of the leading artists in his lane, but until we get to that point check out his brand new jam below!

Slimes On The Way – [Menoh] Ft. [RonSoCold]

Menoh is without a doubt one of the most talented producers in the entire world, he has changed lives with his production and he has been cooking up a project for a minute now, and this evening we received the first single titled “Slimes On The Way” featuring fellow LL favorite RonSoCold. Menoh provided some astounding production on this one, blessing us with easily the hottest beat I have heard this week, and RonSoCold just floated over this beat for two minutes straight on their way to making an all around pleasing tune. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new joint below and if you like what you hear be sure to stay tuned with Menoh by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Racks On Me – [RonSoCold] x [YoungJordan]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite RonSoCold has been releasing a bunch of hit music lately, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new track called “Racks On Me” featuring Young Jordan. One that that always impresses me about RonSoCold is that this man has an excellent ear for great production, you will never find him rapping over an instrumental that isn’t stellar, and this beat that was provided here by Jetsonmade + 1stclass was certainly up to par. I wasn’t too familiar with Young Jordan before coming across this track but once I heard the feature from him on the back end of this one I was sold, I had to rewind this track a few times through because it was so good. Take a few minutes of your time to check out this brand new track below! prod. jetsonmade + 1stclass

Emotional – [RonSoCold] x [Kodie Shane]

RonSoCold and Kodie Shane are two familiar names here on our website, and they recently connected for a brand new jam titled “Emotional”. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good these two sounded on a record together, they blended their harmonies perfectly and provided a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Everything about this song was good but my favorite part was by far Ron’s stellar verse that I had to rewind several times to hear it again, hopefully we get to see these two artists work again in the future. Stream this brand new joint via Soundcloud below and if you like it be sure to give it a repost! Produced by Vision4k

Life Is A Joke – [Brent Rambo]

Lyrical Lemonade favorite and Chicago front runner Brent Rambo released a brand new EP late last night titled “Life Is A Joke (MEME Part 1). There is a total of fifteen records on this EP and several different skits that make it feel more like a movie rather than a project, I don’t think it’s a reach to say that this EP is Brent’s best work to date. We all know Brent Rambo is one of the best producers that the city has to offer, but for this EP he brought in a few friends to help him on that side of things including Uglyfriend, Kvshtheo, Oscar100, Nine9, z3ta and last but not least, Ginseng. There’s only a few features on this project from the likes of fellow LL favorites Duffle Bag Buru, RonSoCold as well as Nolanberollin, and each of them provided a solid contribution. We will see what the rest of 2019 has in store for Brent Rambo, but if I had to guess I would say be expecting to see this tape on our top 50 Chicago projects list at the end of the year!

Nachos – [Ronsocold] x [Slime Dollaz]

Lyrical Lemonade favorites Ronsocold and Slime Dollaz recently connected for a brand new record titled “Nachos”. Each one of these artist have their own signature traits & styles to them, match that with the brilliant minds of producers Brent Rambo & CaptainCrunch and we have a hit on our hands! The instrumental that was provided here did a great job at capturing my attention from the start and not letting go until the very end, Ron & Slime blessed the beat with some memorable verses and a catchy hook. All in all I really enjoyed this record and I know that you will too, stream it below! produced by brentrambo and captain crunch art work by @cloutconseiller

Unfinished and Undone – [TheGoodPerry]

TheGoodPerry is fresh off of the release of his collab project with RonSoCold titled “Better Off Alone” that dropped a few weeks ago, and this afternoon he is back with a brand new project he released via Soundcloud titled “Unfinished and Undone”. As you can tell from title of this tape it’s far from finished, but it’s a dope collection of right different songs and ideas that he has been working on, and honestly there is some solid music provided here. There’s bouncy trap bangers featured on here but there is also records where you will find Perry slowing it down and getting a bit more introspective on records like “You”, you will find him speaking about life in a beautiful way that I am sure will resonate with listeners. Stream this brand new tape below and if you enjoy it be sure to share it with a friend!

Better Off Alone – [The Good Perry] x [Ronsocold]

Both Ronsocold and The Good Perry are friends of our here at Lyrical Lemonade and they both individually put out solid music, but they recently connected for a brand new collab project titled “Better Off Alone”. It’s a pretty quick listen coming in at just seven tracks in length but there is some pretty solid music provided here, you will find the both of them bouncing back and forth off of each other with melodies on top of melodies, there’s a handful of records that you simply can’t deny on this tape. I liked this project and I have a good feeling that you will too, give it a spin via Spotify below and if you like it be sure to share it with a friend.

Count It Up – [RonSoCold] x [The Good Perry]

Lyrical Lemonade favorites RonSoCold and The Good Perry are making their way back on our platform tonight with the premiere of their brand new offering titled “Run It Up. RonSoCold has been a favorite of mine due to his ability to seemingly create hit records at the snap of the finger, when it comes to gracefully floating over bouncy instrumentals Ron is unmatched, and this new joint only furthermore proves that point. The feature on the back end of this one from Atlanta native The Good Perry made this track that much better, he complimented both Ron and the beat very well & I believe I speak for all of their fans when I say that I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Listen to this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to keep up with RonSoCold by giving him a follow on Twitter here.

Geek At Night – [RonSoCold] x [Candy Paint]

Lyrical Lemonade native RonSoCold released a new collab record a couple of weeks ago titled “Geek At Night” featuring Candy Paint and once I listened to it I knew I had to share with our readers. The two of them joined forces with super producer captaincrunch who provided them with this marvelous instrumental and they each went crazy with solid contributions and verses, each of these artists thrive at creating addictive melodies and that’s exactly what they did here. Take a few minutes of your time below to listen to this new tune and if you like it be sure to follow RonSoCold on Twitter here to keep up with his movement.