Tip Toe – [Roddy Ricch] ft. [A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]

Roddy Ricch has been turning heads and opening ears for some time now, and his newest visual for his song “Tip Toe” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is no different. This is undoubtedly a banger by all definitions of the word, and it is most likely going to be all over the radio within days, if not sooner. Roddy goes to work over this extremely catchy instrumental, detailing some life experiences and struggles he vividly tells so incredibly. A Boogie comes in with dual personalities of sorts, and the camera helps emphasize this point. This is done well through the rapid spinning rotation of the camera as A Boogie takes turns calming down and then lashing out again. Beyond this, some really unique animations can be seen as Ricch’s flooded out Rolls Royce/Roddy Ricch logo chain looks as if it literally transforms into liquid before shapeshifting yet again into an actual Rolls Royce car. This music video has some elements that are reminiscent of every other rap video you might see, but then it utilizes some very cinematic moments that completely elevate it to another level. This is such a spectacular music video to complement an even more perfect …

Out Tha Mud – [Roddy Ricch]

Roddy Ricch is undoubtedly one of the hottest artists in the up and coming scene of hip-hop. The 20-year-old Compton, CA-based rapper has outdone himself yet again, with the down-to-earth single, “Out Tha Mud.” The first I’ve heard of Roddy was after his debut project, Feed Tha Streets I, in which I was astounded to find out that he, who seemed so experienced and confident in his work, was only 18 at the time it released. Since then his career has skyrocketed into a record deal with Atlantic Records, and placements on basically any top chart you can find – along with special appearances on stage with Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle. “Out the Mud” has a sort of pissed-off mentality as Roddy exclaims how as he continues to gain popularity imposters are trying to clone his style, and fake friends are changing up. “A lot of y’all switched up on me, I don’t trust n***as.” His realities of toting both guns and bags of money are proclaimed with polished vocals that have allowed his music to gain the popularity across cultural boundaries and into some of the mainstream. In this piece I implied that Roddy is telling the world he’s not …

Boston George – [LBS Kee’vin]

Historically, Florida has been an absolute hotbed for emerging rap talent stemming out of the sunshine state. Today I’d like to introduce to one of the next names you need to have tabs on with LBS Kee’vin and his infectious single and video for “Boston George.” Like most trends in rap, I feel like myself along with a lot of other rap fans get tired of hearing an oversaturation of certain sounds within the genre. Now it may be easy for you to cast off LBS Kee’vin and box him in the same category as Roddy Ricch or Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA Youngboy), but that shouldn’t dim the light on the hit-making potential he possesses. In addition to that after doing some digging, I stumbled upon some loosies of his like him remixing SZA’s “The Weekend” and snippets on his Instagram that showcase more versatility. Watch the visuals for LBS Kee’vin’s “Boston George” below.

Watch Roddy Ricch on BigBoyTV

Roddy Ricch is undoubtedly one of the biggest new artists in the game, so it’s only right that he stopped by the neighborhood for a conversation with Big Boy and his crew! You will find them speaking about plenty of things including creating his own sound, the passing of Nipsey Hussle, never being heavy on social media, when he first started rapping, doing his first song over a Rick Ross beat, being inspired by Future, his tattoos, west coast music, OT Genasis giving him game early on, his jewelry, what inspired “Die Young”, working with Hit-Boy, touring with Post Malone, people making negative comments and more. Take just over thirty minutes of your time to check out this dope new interview below.

W2Leezy – [Justin Rarri]

Justin Rarri is a name you’ll probably hear a lot more of moving forward, especially with how dope his song and video are for “W2Leezy.” I immediately ran this track back a couple of times the first time I listened to it. When took a look on his Instagram I saw him taking label meetings which kind of confirmed what I thought after listening to “W2Leezy.” That this kid will work his way into a deal sooner than later. He showcases an ability to make catchy anthems that will have listeners crooning their hearts out. With rappers like Roddy Ricch and Calboy taking off with their songs “Die Young” and “Envy Me”; “W2Leezy” just fits the viral hit mold that those other tracks possess. Now I mentioned that he was taking label meetings earlier it should be interesting on how Justin Rarri rides this situation out. Because he might be sitting on gold with “W2Leezy.” Watch Justin Rarri’s “W2Leezy” below.

Down Below – [Roddy Ricch]

Compton’s new star Roddy Ricch returns with visuals for one of his most popular songs “Down Below.” Outside of Blueface, Roddy Ricch has to be the next biggest newcomer out of California that’s getting the most press and buzz right now. Roddy just has it, he has an ear for melodies and hooks that are perfect to dominate and to craft street anthems in today’s music. In a recent interview, he had cited the late Speaker Knockerz as an inspiration in how he goes about making music. With his versatility and flow, Roddy has shown that he can cross over and hop on beats that may seem foreign to some emcees. Listen to his hit “Project Dreams” with EDM producer Marshmello and use that as a reference to see how Roddy can weave in and out of different lanes in music. Watch Roddy Ricch hit the streets in his new visuals for “Down Below.”

Opps – [Toosii]

Raleigh, North Carolina recording artist Toosii continues to flood the streets with releases and his latest offering “Opps” is a melodic banger. North Carolina is hot right now and it looks like they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. The tar heel state’s talent is on display with artists like J.Cole at who is at the forefront of hip-hop right now and becoming an icon in his own right. On the other side of the spectrum, there are emcees like DaBaby and his artist Stunna4Vegas who are taking off and are some of the hottest risers in rap right now. Toosii may very well be the next name to emerge from the state with the kind of potential and drive he has. At a young age of 19, he has an early grasp in creating catchy street anthems which remind me of popular newcomers like Roddy Ricch. Similar to Roddy, just because Toosii has melodic hooks he doesn’t mean he lacks creative lyricism or witty wordplay. Stream his track for “Opps” below!

Project Dreams – [Marshmello] [Roddy Ricch]

Roddy Ricch is one of hip-hop’s most exciting up-and-comers, and, well, Marshmello is Marshmello — a well-established star who is clearly no stranger to making hits. Today, we get to see these two incredible talents come together with a stellar new single entitled “Project Dreams”. Quick-paced and clean, this track brings the punch without any friction. Marshmello has been known to pursue high-profile (and successful) collaborations, and, while Roddy is perhaps the lesser known of the partners, he still makes a dream team here, proving why he’s on the rise to stardom, himself, at the moment. “Project Dreams” will get you pumped up, and you’re sure to hear it on the radio soon, so stream this one below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Every Season – [Roddy Ricch]

Roddy Ricch is the newest member of Dream Chasers. After receiving a diamond-encrusted Dream Chaser’s necklace, West coast MC, Roddy Ricch performed for a massive crowd attending the latest Meek Mill show.  This performance marked the official start to the young talents signing deal with Dream Chasers and his official admittance to the roster. The official signing also brought along the first single to Roddy Ricch’s upcoming sequel mixtape, Feed Tha Streets II. Releasing a new single and accompanying video titled, “Every Season” the day after his performance Ricch looks to build buzz around his highly anticipated follow up mixtape. The video defines the homegrown charisma Ricch brings to his music. Accompanied by the people he grew up with, Ricch keeps it mildly-modest by recording the video inside of an apartment complex casually singing and rapping in front of a Bentley. Watch the new video and stream it on all DSP’s now. Tell us what you think of Roddy Ricch in the comment section!

Die Young – [Roddy Ricch]

An artist that goes by the name of Roddy Ricch is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut this morning with his brand new record titled “Die Young”. If you are anything like me the first thing you probably noticed on this one was the insane production that was provided by London On Da Track, who blessed Roddy with a steady beat that he picked apart perfectly, leaving plenty of memorable bars along the way. Stream this brand new offering below and if you’re rocking with it be sure to keep up with Roddy by giving him a follow on soundcloud here!