Feelings Hurt – [Rockie Fresh] x [Casey Veggies] x [24hrs]

Lasy year Rockie Fresh dropped a dope new album titled Destination that was a favorite of mine and even landed on our Top 50 Chicago Projects Of The Year article at the end of the year, and this afternoon the Chicago native is back with a brand new music video for a fan favorite off of that album, with “Feelings Hurt” featuring Casey Veggies & 24hrs. This feel-good song needed a dope visual to match it, and that’s exactly what we got in large part thanks to music video director Nem Perez, he brought Rockie’s vision to life as they created a concept based all-around a kickback with his homies. Watch this brand new music video below and if you like it, make sure you hit the like button on YouTube to help it circulate & grow!

A Conversation With Kye Colors: Kansas City’s Potential Superstar

Kye Colors is a creative out of Kansas City, Missouri who I have been familiar with for almost three years now, I am a big fan of his material so when he was recently in Chicago for a performance, I invited him to the Lyrical Lemonade headquarters for a brand new visual/written interview for our website! Kye Colors is just barely out of his teenage years but you wouldn’t be able to tell with how good that his music is, he sounds like a seasoned veteran in the game but he’s truly just getting started. Kye Colors has the perfect mix of rapping skills & singing abilities within his style, not to mention that he produces all of his own instrumentals, this kid is a talent that you need to keep an eye on. Take some of your time to read/watch our new interview with Kye Colors, and if you enjoy his sound & style then follow him on socials below! Follow Kye Colors on Twitter and Instagram! *interview by Elliot Montanez + Mike Del Ro* — EM: What made you want to start rapping? Kye: — EM: What’s your usual process like when you are making songs? Kye: I …

New World Order – [First Class Bee] feat. [Rockie Fresh]

One thing that goes without saying is that Chicago seems to be delivering new talent every single day. Being one of the cities best known for its innovation, creativity, and fresh new ideas, we can always count on an artist to emerge from the city and shake up the game. That being said, Chicago native First Class Beemakes his official Lyrical Lemonade debut with his latest single “New World Order” featuring fellow Chicagoan Rockie Fresh. The visual for the DJ O-Zone produced cut finds the Windy City natives flexing iced out chains, designer coats, and some luxury vehicles while trading bars detailing their lavish lifestyle. Despite living the flash lifestyle, FCB still remains humble and is well aware that the grind has just begun. “I gotta get to this money, I take it one day at a time” he raps, well aware that this lifestyle can be over at any time, so he keeps that hunger and that lionhearted mentality when it comes to remaining successful in the realm of the rap game. It’s always an amazing thing when two Chicago natives can come together and collaborate on a track and match each other’s energy with such ease. When asked about the creative process …

Maria – [Rockie Fresh]

Rockie Fresh has been keeping the content coming in 2020, and I certainly have no complaints about that, today the Chicago native is back with his brand new music video for “Maria”. This song was off of Rockie Fresh’s 2019 album Destination that was well received & even featured on our Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019 piece, it was a fan favorite off of the twelve song tracklist so it felt right to see it get the proper music video that it deserved. Just like that previously mentioned project was, this music video was pieced together perfectly, it finds Rockie Fresh traveling around the beautiful city of Chicago with a love interest. This was a solid release in my book but that’s all you can expect from Rockie Fresh at this point, and I am sure it won’t be too long before he blesses us with more great content, watch this new visual below. Produced by Bizness Boi • video by Yakob

Take A Second – [Rockie Fresh]

Rockie Fresh had one of the best years of his entire career in 2019 and that’s saying something considering all that he has accomplished over the past decade, once you listen to his latest album Destination you can just tell that he’s on a new level, and today he is back with a music video premiere for one of the best songs off of that project, “Take A Second”. This record itself was really a reflective type of joint where Rockie ponders about everything he has been through & the blessing he has received during his career, celebrating what he has done up to this point but also reminding himself that he has way more to go. This music video follows Rockie Fresh around some familiar places & people that some of you may recognize, following him from the studio to the club as he travels in some of the top tier vehicles on the streets, simply living his life. I am positive that Rockie Fresh will be following up his fantastic year with an even better one moving forward in 2020, but don’t take my word for it because that’s for you to judge, so take some time to …

Top 50 Chicago Projects of 2019

Turning the page into the next decade, our fourth edition of the “Top 50 Chicago Projects of the Year” list marks a special occasion. From the first list until now, four years means more than just four years of picks. It tracks four years of growth from some of our favorite artists, and a chance to watch last year’s entries rise up the ranks and improve, one year after the next. This year, we’re welcoming several Chicago mainstays as well as a plethora of new faces. The constant between every pick? A strong representation of the talent in Chicago, solidifying the city as a front runner in the trend-setting landscape of hip-hop. If there’s any city presenting some of music’s premier faces, both old and new, it’s Chicago, just as we aim to capture on this list. That said, below is Lyrical Lemonade’s top 50 Chicago projects of 2019. Thank you to all of the artists working so hard to provide us with music, and here’s to a promising decade to come for Chicago music. From 2019 ’til infinity. Honorable Mentions: Chanelle Truvillion, Kiraly Payne — 50) Josi Green & Ausar – The Good & The Bad EP Josi Green …

Destination – [Rockie Fresh]

One release that I have been looking forward to all year just got released, as Chicago native Rockie Fresh just put out his brand new album titled “Destination”, his first album since 2016. Rockie Fresh has been one of my favorite artists in the city’s music community for years now and I have been patiently waiting for this release because due to the singles + rollout, I’ve been thinking that this could potentially be one of his best if not his best project to date, and after listening to the final product multiple times through it’s safe to say that is the case here. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the tracks provided on this album but my favorite one is probably the intro record “King’s Back” because of the energy & emphasis that Rockie put into that song, although a close second has to be the melodic jam that is “2 Late”. Stream this brand new album below to get in tune with one of the most talented Chicago OG’s below, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Round Here – [Rockie Fresh]

Rockie Fresh is a Chicago legend that we have been huge fans over here at LL for nearly a decade now, and just a couple days ago he dropped a brand new music video for his track titled “Round Here”. I have been loving all of the content that Rockie Fresh has been providing thus far into 2019, and I don’t see him slowing down in the least, he’s going to continue to finish strong. Rumor has it that Rockie Fresh is gearing up to release a new project before the year’s end, and with the backing with the good people at Rostrum Records, I predict that it will be Rockie’s best body of work to date. Watch this brand new music video on YouTube below!

The Talents To Come Out Of Homewood Flossmoor High School

Over the past five years of covering the Chicago music scene, interviewing artists, and making relationships with these creatives, I have noticed something that I believe is super intriguing: there have been so many talented individuals who went to Homewood Flossmoor High School at (or around) the same time. It’s not too often that you see this many extraordinary creatives come out of the same place at once — at least I have never heard of something like this before — but even more so, I think it’s a rarity for to have this type of talent come out of the same school especially in the same field. I believe that a big part of this should be credited to the opportunities that Homewood Flossmoor provides to their students, in all avenues, but especially in the music field. The school has engaged students in music industry classes, Jazz orchestra courses, holding rap contests (and giving out prizes to the winners), shooting music videos for their senior students at times, giving them their own radio show to practice freestyling + DJ’ing, and they even take their bands on extraordinary trips to places like Japan. It’s crazy to think about what can …

Watch Femdot on the NoOneCares Podcast

I apologize because I am admittedly a few weeks late to this article, but while he was in Denver on tour with Tobi Lou, Chicago native femdot chopped it up with the NoOneCares podcast for an interview & the final product was amazing! The amazing host Devin asked femdot about a ton of topics such as how tour life has been going for him, his new project 94 Camry Music, being a storyteller, the Myspace days, his ‘brick by brick’ mentality, the idea of college, graduating from DePaul + what he wants to do with his degree, the importance of individuals like Power 92’s DJ HotRod, his hip-hop influences, what it was like working with Rockie Fresh, wanting to be a professor in the future, Tobi Lou, the talent coming out of Chicago, speaking things into existence, giving out scholarships at his alma mater and so much more. This is one of the best interviews femdot has ever done, so any true fan of him would be crazy to not check this one out, press play below!