Humbled – [Restless Modern] x [Nick Anthony]

“Humbled” is a song about not taking credit for things that were never really in my control.  It’s about giving up a feeling of power in order to move in a better direction” – Restless Modern Shortly after releasing “Mercy,” Restless Modern is back with another excellent single titled “Humbled.” Maintaining his streak of releasing a new track every other Wednesday, Modern’s latest offering was jointly produced by himself and Nick Anthony. Openly admitting past faults of incessant drinking and “maybe” cheating, Modern finds solace in projecting his flaws and egoistic tendencies: “I don’t want the world like how I used to / And I feel convicted but I’ve never been so happy to know I’m wrong.” Despite the world’s newly acquired knowledge of his own faults, a massive weight of guilt and anxiety has been lifted off his chest, as Modern details previously relying on fading medication to repress internal confrontation. Written, performed, & engineered by Modern himself, sonically the record employs silky-smooth mellow production that bolds well with his refreshingly honest vocals. Stream “Humbled” by Restless Modern below!

Mercy – [Restless Modern]

“Mercy” is a song about retaliation and its relative moral position.  It’s about thinking differently in a world where being wronged becomes justification for wronging others – violence begetting violence in a very broad sense” – Restless Modern As a writer, I’ll never stop accepting submissions because there are countless incredibly talented artists that I’d never discover if not for them. The latest example is Restless Modern, who is a 24 year-old artist, songwriter & producer. Modern is not only an independent artist, but also a self-engineer & DIY creator of his own records and visuals. In 2020, he’s impressively committed to releasing one song every other Wednesday, with full intention to replicate such consistency in 2021. Modern’s persistence and versatility has allowed himself to net a loyal fanbase that relates to him on a personal level. With 21+ million streams across popular platforms, the numbers still don’t reflect the quality of his artistry. Restless Modern’s latest offering is a new single titled “Mercy,” which was written, performed and engineered all by himself. The beat alone is as epic as Modern’s vocals, which creates a spine-chilling track that’s suitable for a box office hit movie. The synthetic instrumentation and daunting …

Haze-[Restless Modern]

“Haze” is just the latest track making it onto our pages from the promising newcomer, Reckless Modern. The rising artist made his LL debut for the release of his song, “Montage” and today his latest is bound to turn heads in all of the best ways. “Montage” was an excessively impressive offering, so when I heard he was dropping a track right after, pure excitement settled as I’ve been looking forward to seeing how he’d follow up with this new one. The great news is, Restless Modern doesn’t disappoint, but rather delivers in every way. “Haze” might be my favorite piece on his discography thus far. The production is truly mind-blowing, while the vocals are nothing shy of top tier. It really seems like Restless Modern is coming into his own as an artist and it’s extremely refreshing to see. “Haze” exudes an energy  that is spectacular and I’m so honored to be able to share it with you guys today. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and give us your thoughts!

Montage – [Restless Modern]

Restless Modern is an artist who is forming into a Star right before our eyes. The 24 year old singer/producer has popped up on my socials from time to time and after taking some extensive time to dive into his music, it’s apparent that he’s sitting on some next level stuff. The Milwaukee based artist has been dropping new music each Wednesday and today, the up and comer is making it onto our pages for the release of his latest song entitled, “Montage”. The sonically impressive track might just be my favorite piece of art by Restless Modern. From a vocal standpoint all the way down to the production style, “Montage” is a vibe that will fill your space with the most amazing ambience. The reflective offering will make time slow down wherever you are. Restless Modern is a talent who’s just hitting his stride. I expect a lot of people around the world to be singing his songs in the next year! I’ve attached “Montage” down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Really excited about this one! Enjoy!