Think Good Thoughts – [Isaac Zale] x [Chuuwee]

Isaac Zale and Chuuwee have teamed up for a collaborative project filled with amplifying beats and energizing bars. The nine-track collaboration, Think Good Thoughts, highlights both artists in the best way, exemplifying Isaac Zale’s uncanny ability at constructing hooks, as well as verses, and leaving open room for Chuuwee to do his thing on the rhyming side of things; lyrical precision at its finest. Together the pair compose a project filled with intangibles and special moments; from the previously released but still hard-hitting opener “Ziploc” to more b-side cuts like “Plastic Nation” and “Earth Sign” the project relishes in its surging highs and proves intimacy on its slower jams. As far as tandems are concerned, the joined forces of Isaac Zale and Chuuwee is something to take stock in; as a pair that not only makes great music together but appear to have a natural camaraderie that is clear when listening to them throughout the project. With as many heavy-weight releases as we’ve experienced this Friday, make sure to add growing juggernauts like Isaac Zale and Chuuwee into your weekend rotation as well.  Listen to Think Good Thoughts by Isaac Zale and Chuuwee below.

Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma – [Topaz Jones]

Topaz Jones is back and evolved. The 27-year-old artist had not released an album since the spark-inducing release of Arcade back in 2016, although he did satiate fans with the sporadic single and sparsely shared two-pack. The result of those years of refinement leads us to now, and the release of his 13-track visual album, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Mama. Released both as an album and as a 35-minute short film, which won a Sundance award, Topaz Jones tells a compelling and narrative-driven story that explores the complex questions that swirled around his upbringing and adult life as an artist.  Built around a commitment to introspection, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Mama remains steadfast in its mission to dissect intimate questions about love, destiny, racism, artistic expression, and finally, an unwavering optimism. Texturized by a lush soundscape comprised of layered elements of funk, jazz, r&b, hip hop, and left-of-center alternative, Topaz Jones excels in his ability to mold all facets of these genres to create a melting pot where they not only co-exist but thrive. These aforementioned styles create fertile ground for Topaz Jones to weave in-and-out of soulful crooning to poignant raps that vividly depict adult-realizations on childhood memories. The 70s inspired sounds …

Get Refreshed: Roxas Hits A Hat Trick, The Unstoppable d1v, and Sam Thraxx’s Definitive Guide To Making It In The Music Industry

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Brixton Yorker dark0: “shining star” I am not quite sure who would’ve ever had the following belief, but for anyone who thought London-based club producer dark0 had anything less to prove up to this point in his career, they would be coming from a place of sheer ignorance, plain and simple. The outstanding outpouring of content from this digitally-incentivized production force has been nothing short of brilliant in all regards, and the mass amount of times this notion has been proven as such should be enough to cement their status as among the greatest modern figures within his craft.  And yet, he’s nowhere close to being finished — not in the slightest. Exemplified by the Year0001-hosted single entitled “shining star,” the first off of their long-awaited debut album experience Eternity, his potential has yet to be fully revealed, which is truly saying something for us outside onlookers who have considered his past work in a near-perfect light.  But with this track being paired with the corresponding reveal of the forthcoming album’s fantasy video game concept – driven by …

Old Baby – [Fake Dad]

Brooklyn, New York-based indie-pop duo, Fake Dad, has that warming quality to their music that not only sticks but leaves its mark. The pair made up of Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, have released their new EP Old Baby and are making a compelling case for their place as an exciting indie group. Comprised of lush indie-pop production, Fake Dad creates a soulful sonic world that adds colorful expression to the duos dream-like lyricism. With glittery performances on “Jesus Chain,” “Listen” and “Breakfast in New York,” Fake Dad revel in hypnotizing sonics while delving into more jazz-leaning pop-infused R&B on the EP’s remaining songs, “Pretty/Ugly,” “Summer Hill,” and “Knight Sweater.” In all the six-track EP is a wholesome bit of indie-pop, shining a light on the continued sound development of Fake Dad as a rising duo in the space.  Listen to the Old Baby EP by Fake Dad below.

Get Refreshed: The Bloodhounds Say Goodbye

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Main Cover by Brixton Yorker // Special Cover by ddertbag Editor’s Note I feel as though it’s important that I acknowledge why this week’s column is slightly different. This is a special edition of “Get Refreshed” where – aside from the below trio of notable releases I intended on highlighting before the present news hit – I take a backseat and let the people whose voices are most important to the week’s online music discourse be focused on and listened to as they deservingly should.  Those voices come in the form of past and present members of the integral, impactful, and illustrious online music collective called Bloodhounds — the aforementioned news surrounding the group being the sudden and shocking announcement of its conclusion this past Wednesday. As one will see by the end of this piece, the amount of space I’ve reserved for reflecting on and chronicling the legacy of the digicore-purveying collective is entirely appropriate given just how remarkable their legacy has been and forever will be in regards to the continuing era of online music.  Below these few …

Get Refreshed: Twikipedia and SEBii’s Trip To Eagleland, A Year Since Exeter, and Saturn’s Guide to SoundCloud

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Brixton Yorker Twikipedia + SEBii: “hotel” Occasions like these remind me that nothing ever truly grows “stale” in music, no matter what the hardcore skeptics and critics of the world may think otherwise. Both the art and the craft of basing entire hip-hop tracks around video games – while always being present and developing – have taken on prominent and exciting new forms over the past decade. MCs and producers alike from scenes that stretch from South Florida to the Kanto Region ushered in this wholly entertaining era as the 2010s entered its waning years, and though this particular approach had its moment for quite some time, it certainly isn’t at the level of supply that it once was.  Now if anyone from today’s crop of superstars-in-the-making were to give this approach a welcomed return-to-form, could we have chosen a more obvious pairing than Twikipedia and SEBii? I seriously believe there could have been no one better to take up this task than these two given their track record of video game-centric bars and aesthetics alike; the shared …

love u lately – [Laica]

The euphorically rich style of Laica returns to the digital pages of Lyrical Lemonade today for her new music video, “love u lately.” Capturing a romantic infatuation that leads to love potions, sleep darts, and a kidnapping, the Cooper Leith-directed video paints a humorous narrative that echoes the song’s love-spell story.  Brought to life by synth layered R&B production, Laica intimately details the difficult world of dating and how sometimes falling for someone and expressing that feeling is the hardest thing to do. Laica describes this grey area with precision, explaining the unrequited back-and-forth felt when trying to feel out a romantic situation. The new single and video come off of the impending release of Laica’s upcoming album, i’m so fine at being alone, set to release in June. Read what Laica had to say about her new song and video below, saying,  “‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you” Watch the new video for “love u lately” by Laica below.

BRA-LESS – [Iamdoechii]

Many of you by now have undoubtedly heard of Iamdoechii. The Tampa, Florida-raised rapper’s song, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” is making its way across social media and is absolutely deserving of all the attention coming its way. My introduction to the burgeoning rap artist was through her song, “Spookie Coochie,” and from the onset, you could tell Iamdoechii had an indescribable charisma about her that found its way into her raps. With the current success of her previously released single, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,” Iamdoechii’s music is being propelled into more ears than ever before, leading her to release a new five-track EP titled, BRA-LESS, that is re-emphasizing her charismatic style. Her calculated effort in putting together a collection of songs that exemplify the kind of production, delivery, and sound that lingers around our favorite mixtapes, makes Iamdoechii’s latest release so special. From her cinematic opener, “BRA-LESS,” to the braggadocios nature of “PMS,” the utter freestyle atmosphere created on “TRUTH,” the energized bounce of “SHIT” and finally, Iamdoechii concludes her project with her previously released R&B single, “GIRLS.” In totality, Iamdoechii embodies all the elements of an artist whose prowess as a rapper combined with her silk-lined vocal ability as a singer culminate …

Get Refreshed | Fishmonger Season, The Aj-Umru Connection, and EPs For Everyone

“Get Refreshed” is a weekly column by Billy Bugara covering all things digital in the music world. Refresh yourself here.  Cover by Bernard Vernon fishmonger, Or, How To Be Today’s Perfect Album For Yesterday What do you call an album that sets out to do everything, and then does more than everything? I think I’d refer to an album like this as “one in a million,” but fishmonger also works just as well. We were promised quite an impactful project given the anticipation that came from underscores’ long-awaited solo return, yet none of us could have predicted the sheer ambition, flawless sonic balance, and masterfully-constructed songwriting that this album ended up exhibiting — all under the mantle of numerous sounds, styles, and overall creative dynamism within this 34-minute journey.  This is the first album to fully, and I mean fully, encompass what the decade of the 2000s means to those who grew up in it; it goes above and beyond what even the likes of 100 Gecs have been able to do inside that same arena. Everything is here, and it’s here en masse: the brightest points of pop’s teen-centric era, the emotionally-profound soundscapes of alt-rock and emo that laid …

Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming – [Jacob Sigman]

Detroit-based singer-songwriter and all-around jack of all trades musician Jacob Sigman returns with his dreamy new single, “Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming.” Although some of you may recognize him from his work as a member of Hard Car Kids, Jacob Sigman has consistently paved a road constructed by elegant lyricism, encompassing vocals, lush production, and an overall feeling that is reassuring and euphoric in its delivery. I’ve been a fan of the indie R&B multi-instrumentalist for quite some time, and it’s incredible to hear him step into another gear as both a musician and storyteller. His newest release combines everything I admire about his sound – it’s a step into another world that is calmer, brighter, and filled with looming magic that is stitched into every verse and note. As time continues to pass, be assured that Jacob Sigman will keep delivering in every way.  Listen to “Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming” by Jacob Sigman below.