The Parables – [Cordae]

The always jaw-dropping Cordae returned with a surprise single on Tuesday titled The Parables. In recent years, Cordae has slowly grown into one of the rap game’s most incredible wordsmiths, someone who is truly poise with a pen. The track is littered with short stories that exemplify Cordae’s ability to tell a story while preserving his unique sound. Cordae’s cadence is also incredibly smooth and really allows him to flow seamlessly from bar to bar. The song is incredibly mixed and produced, with drops being perfectly matched with changes from hooks to verses. His quick-witted rhymes demonstrate why he’s one of the most respected artists right now and will grow to be one of the biggest names. Kick back and stream the new record down below or watch the incredibly shot music video. Produced by Nami and Cardiak  

Karma – [Juno]

The seemingly limitless amount of intersections that the rising state of pop music holds moving into the future is truly one of, if not its most fascinating aspect. We are moving into a new era that is forging a convention-less status for itself, while utilizing tried and true conventions from the worlds of dance, hip-hop, and so many other genres as its tools to do so. But if that notion is not the most incredible facet that this scene has in store, then perhaps its youthful cast of talents making some of the most expertly-crafted and fine-tuned pop offerings throughout the entire music world, regardless of age, will do it instead. The pure sense of pop-prowess that these acts hold in their own artistry has been reserved in the past for only the most esteemed and experienced figures in the genre, but the fact that they are doing so with as much ease as they are just goes to show how unprecedented this group really is in our modern times. For perhaps one of the absolute most clear-cut examples of both concepts put into motion, look no further than the latest single from 15-year-old Juno entitled “Karma” — easily among …

Fifty-Three Clouds – [Reserv]

Few artists – regardless of their level of fame, prominence, and/or relevance – have truly been able to turn the unfathomable into reality in a musical sense. For as experimental and off-the-beaten-path so many acts have come to be known as, music today has essentially become limitless in its expansiveness, but there does exist a telling difference between tapping into the unknown from a purely sonic perspective compared to one of pure emotional artistry. That latter description is where an act like Reserv differentiates himself from practically every single artist who has ever graced this planet throughout its entire existence. Whether one notices this through his unmistakably rich image via his cover art and its indescribable aura, or simply through the untapped sense of musicality that exudes through his emotion-packed, sentiment-driven, and blatantly otherworldly approach to his sound, there could absolutely be no comparisons to such a by himself figure like he is in these manners. In a catalog that has yet to detract from these previous notions throughout his entire career, one would be remiss to think that such a prolific figure like Reserv would fail to succeed at adding on to this exceptional status time and time again. …

Hunny – [Nate Traveller]

Nate Traveller has always been impressive. The prolific artist carries an emotional delivery and an incredibly difficult to ignore charisma that follows each of his songs, whether through heart mending melodies or poignant rap deliveries. His recently released project, Hunny, is a significant step forward in his sound and a shining example his artistic growth. Coming in at a total of 21-minutes for a total of eight songs, Nate Traveller’s reentrance into the space since sharing his three-track release Alone back in 2018. His new album finds an exceptional growth both in production as well as with features. Assisted on the production side by fellow rising artist, BabyJake, and featuring verses from Wes Period, ripmattblack, AKTHESAVIOR, and Mills, Nate Traveller creates mellow energy that not only sounds good but matches the fall season. Standout songs like “Solace,” “Low Blow,” and “Same Number” all hold intoxicating components that make this project special. Nate Traveller said the below about his new album and the overall feel he hopes his music brings, saying, “Nature and harmony are key aspects not just to my brand but to my personal identity. I want my music to help people find peace.” Listen to Hunny by Nate Traveller below.

Alter Ego – [CEO Trayle]

A few months ago I was driving and accidentally dropped my phone underneath my seat, I probably had another fifteen minutes in the car before I got to where I was going and couldn’t reach under and grab it because it had slid all the way under. I was pissed. I didn’t really like the song I was listening to at the time and I knew I was doomed to get shuffled around until I reached my destination, but about two songs in I could have not been more ecstatic that this happened because of the song that was randomly played next from CEO Trayle entitled “Ok Cool” which is the ultimate breakup rap song but is not corny in the slightest and is rather incredibly heartfelt and well-written while building this intriguing persona that is CEO Trayle. He makes it known is a gangster first and foremost but is also hilarious and highly observant which are in many ways the perfect elements to creating a prototypical rapper. This song has definitely served as his breakout track to this point in his career but is definitely not even close to reaching its peak yet, but last week Trayle dropped his …


Atlanta producer CashCache has quietly become the most influential and notable of the inumerable beatmakers in the plugg/post-SoundCloud space, creating a jazzy luster around one of the most recognizable sounds in 2010’s rap production. His collaborations with Tony Shhnow, BoofPaxkMooky, and 10kDunkin recently have started to let him receive some of the flowers from his trailblazing contributions but the craziest aspect of CashCache’s rise are his new collaborations with French rapper Serane who floats over Cash’s sanguine instrumentals in a sing-songy but vocally reserved flow, matching the lethargic energy of Cash’s percussion. The language barrier is an unfortunate block to fully appreciating Serane’s music but you can always catch familiar phrases in his songs like “trap jumping,” “smoking pressure,” or any other tropes of the like. Stanko recently brought his track “Pressure” to life for Serane which was the perfect introduction to the French artist if you are not yet familiar. I am really looking forward to hearing more of Serane’s music going forwards and hopefully he will be only the beginning of elevating the French rap scene and spreading the plugg style.

Ash Ketchum – [THE MXXNLIGHT] x [Sledgren]

THEMXXNLIGHT connects with super-producer Sledgren for a melodic play on Pokémon’s signature phrase, “gotta catch them all.” Opened by a subtle electric guitar solo, THEMXXNLIGHT, made up of brothers Akash and Krish Chandani, delivery a wavy melodic performance that taps into an unapologetic braggadocios energy. The combination of THEMXXNLIGHT’s style alongside Taylor Gang producer Sledgren combine for a drill inspired song that uses synths, lively percussion, and an overwhelming bass line, effectively creating a club-ready anthem. Although clubs are not operating as they were, THEMXXNLIGHT appears to be eager to restore a celebratory and party-like feeling amidst everything going on. This is THEMXXNLIGHT’s first solo release since sharing their five-track Mashallah EP in July.  Listen to “Ash Ketchum” by THEMXXNLIGHT below.

Breakfast in New York – [Fake Dad]

There’s no denying a song’s ability to make you feel good. This is the story of my introduction to Fake Dad and their new single, “Breakfast in New York.” The glittery electronic indie-pop production, delivered by Brooklyn natives Josh Ford and Andrea de Varona, immediately drew me in, reminding me of similar electronic pop-infused acts like Flock of Dimes, and Sylvan Esso. Fake Dad’s distinction, compared to the previously mentioned acts, lies with their ability to paint such vivid pictures with their music. Capturing the anxiety-driven, quick-footed pace that embodies New York City, Fake Dad’s new single makes you feel like you’re sitting outside on crisp New York morning with a bacon egg and cheese in-hand watching the world in full swing. Don’t be surprised if Fake Dad’s new single has you checking flight prices in contemplation of a quick trip to the Big Apple.  Listen to “Breakfast in New York” by Fake Dad below.

Water, Water Everywhere – [Reserv]

Artists working today in this online-centric age have been blessed with the benefit of being able to gain exposure even with their traditionally unprovoked or untapped artistry being present. Seeing one’s music being appreciated on what can be described as an “adequate” level does not live and die off of how “by the numbers” a certain approach is; if anything else, the exact opposite is becoming the case day in and day out. To truly do your own thing as a working creative from each angle you tackle is not a rising norm, it is a necessary one. And so many acts have taken advantage of this concept as we progress towards what will end up being such a bright future once this very concept is fully cemented. In saying all of this, it is no wonder at all why an act like Reserv has the components to make the extraordinarily incomparable art that he does.  Resev is, without question, an act all to his own in every single manner imaginable — his sincere, heartfelt, and incredibly resounding vocal tones are completely of their own by themselves, but once they are combined with his strikingly imaginative and world-building sense of …

Terry Crews – [Lo Village]

Lo Village returns with their newly released and incredibly timely single, “Terry Crews.” The recently shared single from the talented trio embodies a message of thoughtfulness and prioritization of human issues over trivial wants and desires, such as money and fame. The group’s decision to delve deeper into more political and social themes comes to no surprise as Lo Village has always sprinkled moments of introspection into their music. Produced by frequent collaborator Frankie Scoca, the Gaithersburg based collective each share introspective verses on the importance of staying down to earth while dodging the inevitable pull of celebrity. “Terry Crews” is the first single from the group’s forthcoming Lost In America EP and understandable deeper dive into content that tackles the shifting world around them.  Cover Art: Daeun Suk Listen to “Terry Crews” by Lo Village below.